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December 12, 2018

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December 12, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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November 6, 2018
My heartfelt thanks to all who have left their condolences and kind words. We will miss having Janis in our lives. I wish she were still here but I take comfort in knowing she touched so many lives with kindness and love and her soul can now rest in the comfort of the Lord.
November 5, 2018
I first met Janis casually 50 years ago at the Bel Air High School, she was a Majorette, and then we would become good friends by chance in the mid 70's.

When I think about Janis, I think first of her quick Witt, clear thinking and amazing sense of humor. Her blue eyes always sparkled when she talked about her children and subjects she was most interested in.

Her daughter Tanya recently said of her mother, while looking at her pictures, "She was the most precious, spectacular and wonderful person you would ever meet". and she was right!

Janis was fun to be with! I enjoyed camping at skyline drive with Janis, orb hunting, drives in the country, long talks at the kitchen table, watching movies and more.

She was not afraid of hard work. Janis worked with her first husband John doing tree trimming, and later she was the only woman working with a crew of pipe layers, she even pumped gas at the Maryland House.

Janis did retouch work on positive prints for her parents at the Bel Air Studio. She was a self taught artist, and a good one.

Then she decided to be beautician and she cut hair at Hair 2000 in Bel Air. I can tell you first hand, if you sat in her chair for a hair cut, she made sure you thoroughly enjoyed the experience and that you left smiling.

One day a woman came into the shop for a hair cut and had a heart attack and died. That experience would give Janis a new direction in her life, she decided to become a nurse, she wanted to save lives and help others.

Janis went to college and became a nurse graduating at the top of her class!

She was a nursing supervisor in nursing homes. On her days off on occasion Janis would go back to the nursing home and pick up a few elderly patients and take them to the movies and treat them to a nice lunch out.

How many nurses do that?

Janis helped me and my family with our mother during her last days. We will forever be grateful for Janis' knowledge and loving support.

When her parents needed help in their elder years, Janis was there.

Janis took them to doctor visits, counted out their pills for them, put signs on the TV and remote control when she realized they were having trouble.

She drove her parents to the grocery store and let them go in by themselves while keeping a watchful eye in case they had a problem at the cash register.

She drove them to special dinners at their favorite restaurant and let them go in by themselves so that they could be as independent as possible. While they ate, Janis waited in the car to make sure they were ok.

Janis did all of this while working full time. Why? Because she truly cared!

When her parents went into a nursing home, Janis kept a watchful eye on them to make sure they were comfortable and well cared for.

Janis would later be a companion to Jason's father in law Grover. Janis loved spending time with Grover, he was so intelligent and Janis admired him so much and learned from his stories of his life experiences.

At one point, Janis was working the night shift at a nursing home in Delaware and she would actually drive her motor cycle to work!

She and Rex both enjoyed riding their motor cycles.

Janis enjoyed gong to the shooting range, she loved shooting skeet!

She loved her Amish neighbors and friends very much. She learned a lot about the joy of life from them.

I don't remember how it came to be, but Janis became part of a group of people who fed and cared for feral cats, she was very devoted to their care.

Janis was a true blue friend and I will miss her dearly.

To her much loved children Jason and Tanya my heart goes out to you, as well as to Rex her husband, sister Teri, and brother Larry, step daughter Bethany her grand children, nieces and nephews and to all who loved Janis, and called her a friend, my heart is with all of you...
October 26, 2018
Dear Janis, Bless you and yours. I didn't know Janis very well but I do know she loved and was loved dearly by her her son Jason and daughter Tanya. My condolences to all the family and friends who loved Janis well. x x
October 26, 2018
sad to learn of Janis's passing Rex....