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July 22, 2018

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July 22, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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December 30, 2016
Well I don't need to tell you Iam lonely without you. Life was good once but you know this. And I can hear you laughing at the new's of your brother being found after all this time. Lesleigh and I agreed you would already be at his door. He would love you and we,meaning your fantastic daughter and I will make sure he knows you. The one that made life a party in this family and with all who knew you.
I put the picture of your house in Houston all lit up at Christmas under my little tree and it gave my little tree some class. You did one good job on that house that year, it was perfect as all that you did was. I need something from you. Would you call on all those angels up there to work on your youngest. I want to hear the angels sing and then see the results here. I miss all of you so much. Nothing is the same since the laughter stopped. I love you my girl. PS,Your Legacy in Pic. Kensie and Kennedy
September 25, 2016
Hey sweetie, just thought I would write a few words. Not anything you don't already know since we talk all the time. I love hearing you laugh when something like the day these two huge dogs showed up here after Jessie died and I know you had something to do with this as you heard me say I needed something to help my heart heal a little and bingo, there they were. I heard you laugh as if you were standing with me and then when I said, well come on in Fricke and Fracke You cracked up and I started laughing with you and the dogs got so happy, like they were hearing it all. What a day! Thank's baby, let all know how much I love and miss them also. I love you, Mom
September 25, 2016
Miss you so very much, I still look at your picture and hear you laugh. So many plans put on hold by your leaving, and so many lives candles dimmed by the loss. Will see you again sometime soon... Ian
September 24, 2016
As I get older I realize more and more how much diffrent my life is going to be without you here with me. I miss you so badly and cry everytime I think of you. I just wish I could talk to you, vent to you about all my problems. I have so many questions and still having trouble finding my way. I love you so much. You would be happy to hear that siser has been raising me the past few years. It was hard at first adjusting to the thought of my sister playing the mom role, but I am so greatful for her. Shes always there when I need her no matter what. And Mckenzie is amazing. She's so sweet and beautiful, I love her so much. You would be very proud. Im having trouble staying on track and focused with school but I know I will get what I need done because I wanna make you proud of me. I love you more than anything and I hope you can help guide me on to the right path and watch over me.
May 30, 2015
So sorry to hear about your passing. I had not heard from you in so long and thought I would google your name and found you here. It was always nice talking to you and I am sorry I did not get to say good bye to you. You are in a good place and I wish you a new peace.
March 17, 2014
Hi steph
can u do me a big fav and look out for my step daughter amanda as she is still a baby age 23 but went to the big sky a few weeks ago she was a great person just like u and I think u and her will become good friend plz look after her for me until I get there to party with u both. Xx love debs xxx
March 15, 2014
Well my girl a lot has changed here and then again nothing has changed. I sold the property and its a relief and also very tiring as all the stuff there has to be removed and this time I am on my on. Not a good feeling. I hope you know how much you are missed. I could not stand not believing you did not know. I have to know you are somehow included in all things, it just feels right. I still lose my breath when I confront the fact you really are not here, just washes over me like terrible gray fog and my entire body feels limp. And I cry, oh how I cry. I want you back so very much. This missing you will never end. I really don't understand why I remain here and not you. You were needed here, I am not. I love you and my heart is broken. Mom
November 05, 2013
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of a childhood friend. I lost touch with you after I left Durkee after 6th grade and moved off shortly after. We spent many nights together, me at your house, you at mine.sneeking out wrapping TP on houses and just innocent teenage fun. You were on my softball team the Suns also. Your parents always made great breakfast for us and you had awesome slumber parties! May your family and friends find comfort in the smiles you gave them and others.
August 27, 2013
I think of you and miss you desperately every day momma. I know you were with me the day of my wedding when it was supposed to rain, and there was a heavy shower for just a couple minutes and then the sun came out. I know you are with me today and will watch over me as I struggle. Although today is a horrible day as will the next few be, I know now that my sweet little baby wasn't meant to make it into my arms but it will be with you in heaven. Maybe that could have been the one I named Ian for you.
Love your baby girl, Lesleigh.
August 22, 2013
To a once great childhood friend to me and my sister growing up and playing in Sports together growing up .... Many roads separated as kid's and my whole Family due to the Oil Field boom fallout in the early 80's. I've looked for you many times on facebook to find out how you've been. Recently found your brother on here that informed me you had passed on. You were always a great person in Our hearts ... with all of our Prayers to your family through these tough times. The Beard Family. I don't know what happened nor do I know why you passed .... We don't get to choose when we come in this world nor do we get to choose when we leave. Rest in Peace Stephanie Hendon.

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