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July 20, 2018

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July 20, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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July 04, 2018
Happy 4th of July Michael
going to cousin Jacquie today for a picnic
wish you were coming with us
went yesterday to Yonkers NY for a sit down MRI then the casino and see the Trotter horses, it was a very long day and when we got back to Lordship they closed the roads coming into here and made them one way going out for all of the fireworks traffic we stood in line for over an hour to get home, never knew they did that
we are usually at the fireworks at the beach.
Think of you all the time and a lot of the times are sad because you are not here with me and then other times think of things you did and makes me smile
Miss you so much My Sweet Peach

I remain Your Loving
June 21, 2018
Missing My Sweet Peach Michael
June 21, 2018
Michael you are gone 13 years from us today.
My heart aches each and everyday that you are not with me, also there will be a Mass OLP saturday 4:30pm 6-23-2018
I miss and love you so very much.
This is what I will read to our guest this coming weekend:

Michael 13th Anniversary 6-21-2018

This year marks your 13th year in Heaven, the baker's dozen.
You are gone from us but never forgotten.
We each bring up things that you said and did which puts a smile on our faces.
This is how "MY MICHAEL" Came to be,
His friend Michael Flathers was over all the time,
I would Yell out Michael to do something for me so he would send his friend,
and it worked for awhile. Then I got smart, since Flathers was here so much he got chores
to do also. I decided at that point to get my son do what I needed done I came up with,
when I want Flathers I will call "Michael" and when I want my son I will call
"My Michael" so that is how "MY MICHAEL" Came to be!
Wish we could call My Michael now and he would come.
Michael, My Sweet Peach you are missed and loved by us all.
I remain Your Loving Mom for always
and in the words of your Dad
Till the Stars stop Shining.
May 28, 2018
Happy Memorial Day Michael
we would be getting ready to go to the parade right about now, but now I do not go anymore. Getting ready for June 21st all the metal chairs are sanded and painted by me, they look brand new now. Could have used your help but...
4 Tiki Torches in place around the fire pit area and 3 corners of my flower garden, the back yard looks so beautiful I do a lot of work out there so everything is perfect for you in June. Love you My Sweet Miss You too
Till we are together again
I remain Your Loving
May 21, 2018
Michael 154 Months today and mom is getting busy to get ready for you on the 21st of June. I sanded the 6 metal folding chairs, wiped them down and left on the deck for the rain tonight to clean them and going to paint them brown in a few days. The yard look so nice everything has to be perfect for you. I also go to the doctor this week that will be assisting the doctor to find out all the details for my upcoming surgery at the end of June. The primary doctor said it will be a big surgery with a very long recovery time. I hope all goes well and I can recover sitting on the deck. The last time i chose the summer for surgery on my 2 fingers it didnt quite work out for the summer one got infected I ended up in so much pain I was not comfortable anywhere and had to have another surgery. Wishing you were here to help me but then again if you were here i wouldnt have to do all this prepping each year to get my frustations out. We would be going on vacation and enjoying ourselves. I figure at your age now you would be married and have children. I would be outside watching them play just like I used to do when you were little, sit outside or do yard work. Things dont always end up the way they are supposed to. My theme this year is bunnies and got everything to go along with my theme. I did scan 13 photos for you 13th year collague. Maybe while recovering I can scan more so I dont have to keep posting the same ones over and over.
Well My Sweet Michael till we are together again
I remain Your Loving
April 21, 2018
Michael 153 Months
time just keeps on passing me by and in two months it will be 13 years. Mom misses her Michael very much. Dad returns from the Grand Canyon today, him and jeff went this past week, sounds like something you would enjoy. me and neil stayed home and i did some painting in the family room. i go to the dr this week to discuss my back surgery for the end of june. they say it is a bug surgery and a long recovery but in the end hopefully i can move about not in pain. plan on having your 13th year in the back yard because we now have a fire pit area where the pool was opposed to having it on the deck. a lot of bringing stuff up and down but it will be nice as i always do having it special for you. this year the theme is bunnies. neil posted a commerial on fb with a comment on how when you 2 saw it you both would roll on the floor clapping. the clap on commercial.
till we are together again
i remain your loving mom
April 04, 2018
Happy 28th Birthday Michael
Wow right about now Mom is Missing her Baby pretty bad. I was awake for the exact time you were born 9:01 a.m. so was dad and Neil. I got you a really cool Blue Bird and a Bugs Bunny Collectible Card. Going to bring the card to the cemetery later on today and dad is picking up your birthday cake all decorated in blue just for you. Pizza and Wings for dinner your favorite. Mikey, I miss you so much you are the love of my life !
Such a bittersweet day, I don't know whether to be happy or to cry, I am happy for the beautiful 15 years I had you here with me then on the other hand it is almost 13 years you are not physically with me. all I know is I love you so much and miss you each and every second of each day
till we are together again
I remain your loving
PS Happy Easter Mikey
March 21, 2018
Michael 152 Months
I posted an entry on St Joseph Day to you Michael Joseph and my Mom Josephine but it is not posted i contacted the guest book people hoping it will get posted i know there were some issues as i couldnt add a photo so lit one of their candles.
today you are gone from me yet another month, was having a hard time sleeping last night was thinking about all that happened to you that awful day. been feeling quite anxious also because i decided to have back surgery. the dr says it is a very big surgery but i guess recovering for 6-8 months will be better than doing nothing due to the pain my back is causing. waiting for them to call back to make 2 appointments and then i can try to forget about it for awhile as i am wanting to have it done after your 13th year in heaven so last week of june will work. also Tori is getting married the beginning of june. i miss you so much michael. when i had my 4 fingers and hip replacement surgeries i also wish you would be here when i got home. i remember when you were 6 and i had my gauld bladder out you cleaned the whole house and that weekend dad said ok what should i do? i said michael did it all, so all that following me around while i cleaned paid off, you were such a big help. be nice if you were here to rotate with your brother and give him a break. i just want to see you. that would be the greatest gift i ever got. going to order some pj for my hospital stay
love you my sweet peach
until we are together again always remember
i remain your loving
March 19, 2018
Happy St Joseph Day
to You Michael Joseph
and My Mom Josephine
Missing both of you a lot
zeppola arrived first thing this morning dad went and bought them
just left a msg for my dr to schedule my back surgery the last week in june
after june 23rd which is when i will have your mass and people over for your
13th year in heaven (june 21st) so much time has gone by since you were here
with me i miss you all the time and think of you constantly, how i wish you were here
anytime i have surgery wether it was one of the 4 finger surgeries or my hip replacement
i get very down wishing when it was over you would be here to help me out like you did when you were 6 yrs old i had my gauld bladder and stones removed and dad was gonna clean the house that weekend he asks what should i do i said it is all done michael cleaned everything he could reach. you followed me around all those years watching me and learned you did really good michael, dad was happy all he needed to do was the high tops of furniture. missing you with another day that passes you being gone
love you my sweet peach
till we are together again
i remain your loving mom

February 21, 2018
Michael 151 Months
you my sweet peach left me
days, week, months and now years have past without me seeing you, giving you a kiss,
a hug, hearing your voice. what i would do for a few seconds with you.
me and dad went to OTB this afternoon, it was a nice spring day and we won a few and lost
even more. but all in all a nice day out. since you left i do stay in alot oh well things change
and so did my life. one day we will be shopping in the heavens like we used to do down here
on earth, the mom/son shopping team always together.
it is supposed to snow again tommorrow if it does i want to try and go make a snow man you know like in the movie jack frost and michael keaton comes alive in it, hey i can try

till we see each other again forever
always remember
I remain your Loving MOM

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