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July 22, 2018

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July 22, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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March 17, 2018
Happy St. Patrick's Day Michelle. I am sure now that you are all better you are living it up the way you used to. We had some good times on this day because all of you were Irish and I think the only reason you included me was because I cooked. Read Dad's entry for the bigger story and your laugh will fill Heaven today. Love you Babe XXXOOO Love Your Mom.
January 21, 2018
Hi Baby:
Today is 13 years, but you have only been alone for two and a half. I know I feel better that your Daddy is with you but I so miss both of you. You made me laugh and smile now I have to find some reason. I do remember all the good times but people don't want to hear about them that is why I write so much. I wish my knee felt better today because I would take the 2:00 bus to the casino, because it will keep my mind busy and since I can't go to St. Maarten this year I feel like I don't want to live anymore because that is where all my true friends are. I think I might stop working soon so you take care of each other and you are doing a good job leading Allie by your spirit. I will see you soon. Love and Kisses to My Michelle. XXXOOO Love Mom
April 16, 2017
Hi Baby, Happy Easter. Well I finally figured out why Easter is so horrible. Because it was the first holiday your father and I needed to get through without you. He did suggest that we do something different but I said no I just need everyone here & then she will come. I was wrong and didn't know it till today. The next year we tried something new but it didn't work so we just did the same thing every year dinner here with an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids making believe that everything was normal, but we did talk about you so that was a good thing. Last year I said I can't do Easter with 2 empty chairs & I couldn't figure out why today I did. I woke up didn't want to go to New York wanted to curl and die. I went none of us really could get into the day we came home early and as I walked through the garage I slammed the door so hard stuff fell off the shelves. I came upstairs and threw my stuff on the floor and wrapped my arms around your father. Then I realized why I never stop crying, because the only thing that ever stopped those awful meltdowns were your holding me and I would stop & feel safe from those feelings for a while, but he was always there. Now I walk in the house & nothing it is dead and that I guess is how I feel. I wish Kathy would stop trying so hard it doesn't help. The only thing it does is line in a make believe world of walking around making everyone think that I am ok and happy and strong. I know I am alone for the duration & will do what I have to to survive but I am just too tired of feeling like this. I love you and miss you XXXOOO Mom
October 31, 2016
Happy Halloween Michelle! Bet you are dressed up as an angel.. Enjoy your favorite holiday and Have fun!!
October 30, 2016
Hi Baby, I can't believe you are 50 years old today. I have been reliving the month before you were born. The excitement, the sleepless nights, all that walking your father made me do, because everyone said if you get her out and walk she will deliver sooner, not true. It wasn't really hard for me to walk I only gained 14 lbs. so I wasn't that big. Well the day finally arrived, I think you picked the day because you always loved Halloween the most. It was a beautiful fall day and I had been on a diet of soup & crackers just in case I went into labor, and my Mom was worried about me so she made my favorite she made a pork roast, roasted potatoes, salad and cranberry sauce, & of course gravy. So I ate like I had never eaten before. They were going to the apple orchard in Monroe, so I told her I would clean up and do the dishes. I had been having that never ending "false labor", so I did the dishes & went and laid down when the pains go sharper, then they would get better & I would get up and do more. Your father read the newspaper. We finally left and we went home where I rested with him on the couch. He was the best cuddler I think we even fell asleep for awhile. Dad went to get himself some dinner because I wasn't hungry. When he was done I said we have to do the laundry. He looked at me like I was crazy, I said " I can't do it so he was just going to go downstairs and throw everything in the washer. I said we have to sort it. He brought the laundry out to the kitchen dropped it on the floor and I showed him how to sort it, then he started on it. Auntie Annie called to see how I was doing like she did everyday, and night, oh and the middle of the afternoon. I told her I can't stand these false labor pains anymore. She said did you time them I told her no so she said go lay down in bed and have Dad time them. Inside of waiting for my call they showed up. My pains were 3 minutes apart, she called Dr. Burke, he said come to the hospital, so Uncle Albin drove & Dad sat in back with me lying in his lap. We got to the hospital and they put me in the wheelchair, but I couldn't really sit down. They got me in the labor room said take off your clothes and get on the scale I just looked at her and leaned against the wall, next thing I know I am standing there nude and she got me on the scale asked how far are your pains I said 3 minutes ago and hour ago. Then Dr. Burke came in and said I am going to break your water. I said I told you a couple of days ago my water broke when I was on the toilet, you said it couldn't have you would have had pain. I told him Annie told me that when your water breaks it has an odor to it which it did. So he goes to break my water says oh I guess you were right. He said I think I have time to get something to eat. All of a sudden the pains were nonstop and the nurse checked me and said honey you are going to deliver shortly, called Dr. Burke he was just about ready to get on the elevator, they took the bed and started wheeling me down the hall of course they forgot to cover me up and the housekeeper was mopping the floor and looked up there I was spread eagle and he just smiled and said Good Luck Honey. Poor Dad was out in the waiting room with Auntie Annie, Uncle Albin way back then Dad's weren't allowed into the rooms. I got in the delivery room and 3 pushes later you came out. I went into a panic when you didn't cry and weren't breathing but then they got you breathing and let me see you. My God you were so tiny and beautiful. You weighed in at 5lbs. 8oz. & eighteen inches long. They finally brought Dad down to see you through the glass and then to see me in my room, but they said because visiting hours were over he couldn't come in, back then we had semi private rooms. So he stood at the doorway and kept saying, she is so beautiful and she has your pug nose and all I want to do is hug you, the nurse heard him put her fingers to her lips and motioned him in. I got the biggest hug and kiss and he wouldn't let me go. I cried because we had never slept apart and we didn't know how that was going to go. Your first night on earth started October 30, 1966 at 8:03pm. It was a joy to watch you grow, you made us work for every ounce of you the rest of your days, but we would have given up anything not to have you gone so soon. But after talking to Robin and you telling me how you felt, how beautiful it is there and what you are doing, I have felt more at peace. But the missing you never stops. Have a wonderful day with Dad, you can have the biggest cake ever because it is no longer forbidden. I am sending my kisses up to heaven put them on your lips and fly. Love and Miss you so much XXXOOO.
June 12, 2016
Hi Baby, Happy Loving Day. Just wanted to let you know how much I miss and love you and I know I have been bad about going to the cemetery but sometimes I can't it makes me so crazy that I can't function and I am not allowed to be lazy or depressed or sad I try to only do that when I am alone so I will be by soon. Thank you baby for being there with your father at Robin's. When she told me you were there and you loved me it made my life complete. Thank you for looking after Allie and thank you for making sure Kathy knew you weren't reincarnated but just a spiritual guide to her. I feel so much better knowing you are working with children and I hope they love you as much as all the children down here did when you showed them your smile and laughed and played with them. I know you feel better now and I hope you can help Ian in some way I am not having a lot of luck. I love you and miss you everyday--and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Love & Miss you XXXOOO Mom
January 22, 2016
Hi Baby, I was a little overwhelmed yesterday because Dad was with you and not with me with his support when I hurt so bad from missing you. But I did it and as long as I stayed in the house I was ok, everytime I left the house I would cry so hard I couldn't see, so I just stayed home. I don't know if it was you or Dad that whispered in my ear, Why did you give our comforter to Good Will, well I guess by repeating I know it was him. So I turned around and went back and asked for it back they gave it to me, I put it in the back seat and went to get in the car, I looked down and there was a penny and I smiled and stopped crying, picked it up and held it tight because everytime I find a penny whether heads up or tails up it is an angel. So I guess my 2 angels work together and boy you both know I am high maintenance and need the both of you. But you need to help Ian and start talking to him he is in bad shape lots of fluid in his lungs and he gained 50 pounds this past year. I love him and don't want anything to happen to him. Well a new goodbye, I Love You Mom XXXOOO
January 21, 2016
Hi my Friend! I'm thinking of you today.... still seems like just yesterday that you left us....Miss you..... Hope you and Dad are having a great time together!!! I'm taking good care of Mom!!! Be well my friend!!! Karen ♡
October 30, 2015
Happy Birthday, Baby. I know that you are going to have a good day today because Dad is with you. I miss you very much but I do feel more at peace knowing he is with you. Thanks for the dream the other night it helped me get through the day. I will be in touch soon so be prepared. I love and miss you so much words can't tell you. But my kisses are on their way up to heaven, so put them on your lips and have a good day with your Dad. Love Mom XXXOOO
October 30, 2015
Happy Birthday my friend!!! Hope you and Dad are having an extra special party this year!!! Miss you... ❤

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