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July 21, 2018

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July 21, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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October 22, 2017
God morning Mom. It was so nice of you to visit thru Vanessa last night and to bring Mormor time bring MORFAR! Sorry Lydia pushed you outta the way, I would have preferred to just talk to you but it's good to hear they watch over Christina and Maria. Ok that's it for now, love and miss you daily and I'll see you downstairs on the couch when I do laundry later, christians glad Vanessa said you and daddy hang out downstairs and like her house. Missing you daily...Lisa
August 26, 2017
Hey Mommy, it's the end of August, and I'm not looking forward to Sept. I've grown to hate Septmber, too much loss and death. September forces me to think about you and daddy in a deeply sad way when the other 11 months I think of you guys with a smile. We are hanging in there, barely, but carry on with hope for change. Please come visit me or Christina...we need to know you're not really really gone.missing you daily...hugs,lisa
April 07, 2017
Mom...Please watch for Lloyd, try not to be too surprised, he left us quick, too quick, but I guess it's always too quick.
Show him around, show him how to travel, show him how to visit people in their dreams. I haven't seen you in my dreamslately, or at least when I do it's such a short time tat I don't realize you were there until I wake up. I miss you daily Mom and always will. Keep an eye on Christina and Linda as they go to...CHINA!The timing may not be best but they need to have a great time, they deserve it.
Say hi to everyone,I miss you all and in time will hug you again. Lisa
December 09, 2016
HI Mom,
I guess its at the 8 year mark the writing these letters starts to fall off. It doesn't mean you are less in my mind, because that isn't farther from the truth. I was just talking about you today. SoI thought I'd drop a line and let you know I miss you and love you and wish you were here. Hug, Missing you daily, Lisa
August 21, 2016
Hi Mom....I was thinking about you today and just wanted to say hi and give you a giant hug. Say hi to my friend Caroles Mom, she's been gone 3 years this month and she was such a sweet lady. I hope you and Dad are keeping an eye on us cuz we need it, at least I do, I can't speak for the others. I just know we were happier with you here than not here. Well off to do laundry. And start the work week. As always I'm missing you and Daddy daily. Big hugs love Lisa
May 21, 2016
HI Mom, Still missing you daily. There are so many times I want to tell you something or ask you about something and you're not there, and it still surprises me. I may be driving around and I think I'll stop at your house but I can't. I hope your still near by, I've been thinking about your Mom alot lately, I think subconciously I was remembering her birthday .I wish you were here to tell Christina how great she is doing, you would be so freakin proud of her...and she knows you probably know but a kid's gotta hear it from her Mormor and Morfar to really have their accomplihsments validated. I try to tel her but hey, who listens to their mom?? lol. ok I love you and continue to miss you daily. Please be by my side, I need you. Love Lisa
January 02, 2016 matter the matter how far...I feel you're near me...when I look at the stars. Missing you again this Christmas and New year's day...1 year or 7 years, gone is gone and I continue to miss you daily. Love Lisa
September 04, 2015
I miss my dear friends so much .Sigrid and Nils I think of all the good times we had .Love you both !! Sylvia
September 03, 2015
Mama...its been a while but that doesn't mean I don't speak to you daily. This month will be tough because we lost you and Dad in September. I see your beautiful face in front of me..wanting to touch and hug you. I see you in myself many times and as I grow older I see my face turn to yours. Thank you for being the best Mom ever and the best Mentor ever..I love you Mama...hope you see your girls and our families every day. We do think of you! Come and see me so that I can talk to you xoxo
May 12, 2015
well another Mothers Day has passed without you Mommy. As I told Christina when we were visiting on still hurts as much as the first day we lost you...just not as often. I hope you liked the flowers, Big Y just didn't have the usual pretty display but change happens. I hop you and Dad are enjoying yourself...did you have a nice kaffe party with all the moms up there, Mormor, Farmor, Ethel,your aunts and friends and neighbors. There's more people up there you'd like to see than down here I think, so you are in your element. It sucks without you....Missing you daily, Love Lisa

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