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December 16, 2018

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December 16, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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March 23, 2018
My grandfather was a loving person, full of wisdom and good advice. He will be missed greatly but will be remembered that he and my grandmother live on with us in spirit. May they both rest in peace.
March 12, 2018
March 8, 2018
Our dad was a humble man who loved, cared and respected life, people, animals, plant life. When I was a teen, I saw my dad affectionately hug his Tia Lupe, it melted my heart to see how much love and respect he had for her and Tio Ramon Tafoya. He honored and respected his parents as the Bible teaches. Ephesians 6:3 honor your father and mother, if you esteem and respect your father and mother, yours will be a long life, full of blessing. He had a long life full of blessing. He never spoke unkindly about his wife or his children or other people. He was always warm, friendly and willing to lend a helping hand to others without expecting anything in return. He helped his children in their time of need whether financial or just a needed home repair job, he would find a way to do so. He had no favorite, he loved all his children equally. No, our father was not perfect, none of us are, not even the Saints were perfect. When our mother was at St. Johns, he was there every single day, all day from morning till night. Now that certainly is a show of loyalty and love for one's spouse of over 67 years of marriage. AWESOME! Our dad was in the convalescent three days, he was so happy to see his children and grandchildren, he had such an angelic appearance . The nurse asked me if he was more comfortable in Spanish or English. I always spoke English with him as he had requested of me when I was a child but I told her maybe Spanish. I chuckled when she spoke to him in English and he responded in English. He was sharp right up to the end. He was very sociable, loved reading the Daily Democrat, he liked learning, figuring things out, putting things together, puzzles, working in his garden, and at the Senior center or with anyone willing, playing dominoes. I know the people at the Senior center will miss him. He was a proud American, loved to vote and wear his American flag lapel pin every single day. I will always remember the excitement,joy, elation and big smile the day he received his American citizenship back in the early fifties.
Daddy, I know I've thanked you many times before and expressed my gratitude for you over the years and as recent as in the birthday card I sent you last January. I am so glad the Lord put it in my heart to once again express my appreciation and love for you, He knew you were being called home. I will never tire of thanking God for the privilege of calling you Daddy. You were the absolute perfect father for me, as I told you years ago, you were my prince, my king the one I admired and looked up to. A couple or so years ago I shared my sentiments about you with with my eldest granddaughter and told her I hope that she too will love and admire her dad. I am so glad I shared these sentiments with my mom years ago, I am who I am because of you. You taught me to always believe and have faith in God. To embrace humility, gratitude, charity, compassion and always ready to forgive. These are the values and principles you cherished and lived by. You were loving, compassionate, caring and forgiving. When I was a child and misbehaved, you would correct me, give me a scolding and never, never failed to forgive me, always sealed with a smile and a hug. I learned that your love was unconditional. I have many wonderful memories of you from my childhood. I loved sitting on your lap and smelling your hair, the hugs, challenges and the laughter. The first time I danced the waltz with you, I was so clumsy. I still am. You took time out of your busy schedule to teach how to drive a car and you trusted me enough to sign on the dotted line when I bought my first car. I got AAA auto insurance because of you, which I still have. I remember how proud and happy you were when I paid off the loan in advance. I remember you telling me how proud you were of me. Upon entering my teens you had that important father/daughter talk with me about life, relationships, the opposite sex and very important self-respect. How wonderful that you cared so much about me that you would initiate that conversation, something every loving father should do.

When my brother told me that he was trying to find a convalescent for you; hearing so many reports of elderly abuse, I was very concerned for your safety. I shared this concern with him and he assured me that he would keep watch over that. It was something I prayed about daily. Then I became concerned that while we would be home sleeping at night you might pass away without one of us being there for you. I didn't pray about it, but as I have learned from past experience, God always knows what is in our heart and he takes care of that need. He blessed me and my sister Mary with being there with you until the very last moment. For me it was very special to be with you up to the last moment and I am grateful that the Lord granted you a peaceful passing and me His comfort and that I accept His will graciously. I am so thankful for all the people who attended your service, you will be missed by many. I love you Daddy and I will miss you.

March 7, 2018