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January 22, 2019

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January 22, 2019

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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February 19, 2018
My condolences go out to all of the Pratt family. He was a true MIDDIE and loved the city. He has had a good long life and he is in good hands now, may he rest in peace. God Bless!
February 19, 2018
I extend my sympathies to the family of dear Handsome Harry! Harry graduated from high school with my dad, Edwin Anderson, and his parents, Harry and Luwella, stood up with my grandparents, Emmett "Jim" and Edna Anderson when they were married in 1901. For a wedding present, they gave my grandparents a beautiful cut glass cream and sugar set which was given to me and I cherish.

After I saw Harry at my father's funeral, I was honored to be put on his email distribution list and loved to receive all of the jokes and stories he sent my way.

What a wonderful legacy he leaves for his family. I pray that all of the wonderful memories of Harry that you share will bring you consolation and joy.
February 19, 2018
Monday February 19th, 2017

Dearest Great Uncle Handsome Harry,

I'm sorry my health does not allow me to be there to celebrate your life's goodbye memorial.
I wish I could be there to share this day with those who loved you.

Handsome Harry, you graced this world with your strength, and your courage, and your loving good heart for almost 97 years. You graced this world, and all those who had the joy of knowing and loving you, with your brilliance, and your loyalty, and your compassion, and your zest for living. You were always looking for the next idea or event to explore. The way you loved to embraced ideas and learned to explore new challenges in the world. Sometimes you made me think that you were timeless. Your mind was such a bright light searching in this life. But its your heart that stole our hearts. You gave loyalty without limit, and those who you loved were warmed to the core with the strength of your caring. Even just as a grand niece you were there for me. The joking between you and my grandpa Bob was always worth a smile. How many times you told him he needed a nice head of hair like you to be handsome while rubbing your balder than his pate was an old joke worth a smile. You were there, your arm wrapped around my shoulder when my grandfather Robert Ireland died. Later we shared the grief of the loss of your loving sister and my grandmother 'Babe' Luella Gail Ireland. I remember us sitting together and talking so many many times. I remember us holding hands in fear at the hospital sharing strength when my grandmother's heart surgery ran long hours overdue. I remember us talking about your wonderful father. You made sure to talk to my grandmother every night on the phone, to make sure she was okay and to make sure she knew she was loved. But, most of all, I remember how much I loved you and how wonderful you were.

Every-time I visited my grandparents in Hamilton you were there to visit every few days. You came in like a breath of happiness and I remember all of us getting so very excited to see you and wanting as much of your company as we could get! How could we not be excited when Great Uncle Handsome Harry had come? One time when I was very young, perhaps about seven I was visiting Hamilton for my birthday. You asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said, I wanted you to come with us on the planned trip to LeSourdsville! You were surprised but you came and my brother Deron and I had so much fun with you and my grandmother that day. We ate corn-dogs and my brother was so sad he got mustard on you but you just smiled it away and hugged him. Perhaps I am mixing events, you came with us several times to LeSourdsville over the years and I always loved your company. You always felt like my second grandpa and I cherish every memory I have with you.

LOSING YOU IS THE END OF AN ERA. You walked and were challenged by and excited by the possibilities of the most dramatic period of human change in history. You were born in a world where assembly line cars were new, went on Sunday drives where you helped fix many tires each ride because (as you told me) that is how they were designed back then. The first airplane was flown less than 20 years before you were born and you flew into the dreams of man since time immemorial to fly and you became a pilot! You became an Aeronautical engineer and helped built the future of flight we all take so much for granted now. You watched the age of movies gain sound and color then watched TV come into its own. You watched a man walk on the moon, the invention of the transistor and the rise of home computers, internet, and cell phones. You knew and had a satellite up-link before most people really knew what the internet was. Handsome Harry, Ever excited by change this was the perfect time for your curiosity. You had a life surrounded by love and stability and you took to the sky and flew, and not just with a plane, but with your soaring dreams of excitement, at building, and then watching the future become. You helped build the future. You helped build the foundation of our family.

You gave this world almost 97 years of your light, I wish you could give another 97. I will carry you in my heart always. And I will miss you.

Harry and Dorothy are together again.

All My love,
Your Grand Niece
Tera Lee Ireland

Dedicated To the man who loved the sky, FLY FREE
February 17, 2018
My deepest sympathies to Dave, Dick, and Doug and family. Handsome Harry was such a great person. It was always a pleasure and such fun to spend time with him. And I could always count on receiving a good joke in his e-mails. The "Ramsey kids" have some fond memories of summer visits to the Pratts which continued into adulthood. He lead a good and full life. Rest In Peace Harry.