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August 21, 2018

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August 21, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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March 12, 2018
I miss you so much...
October 17, 2017
Miss you Uncle Lessy
September 9, 2017
September 7, 2017
In the annals of Brookland Terrace History, a true " Legend " has been laid to rest. This is no exaggeration !
Lester aka "Elbee " and I go back to tricycle days. Many of you out there know him thru Facebook, Beatles fan Club, etc.
Here are a few things about Les that many do not even know but all these things ( and more ) need to be said.
In our youth , Les was a superb athlete and that's being conservative. His main sport was baseball but he"d excel in basketball, football and any game known or unknown. If we made a game up on the spot for something different, Lester would better than anyone else present. He just had a natural athletic ability that you had to witness to believe. One of my favorite scenarios was when Les was up to bat in a little league game. A right handed batter, he would pull the first 2 or 3 good pitches down the 3rd base line .... and I mean solid drives going foul of 3rd base. You would see the entire outfield shift right to get ready. Les " Elbee " would then pick out the right pitch and hit a line shot down the 1st base line deep into right field... he'd arrive at third with a smile on his face for an easy stand up triple. He did this many times...I just watched in amazement. We had this little duo in football Les always referred to as the "Hen John Connection " I was QB and Les was my receiver... he'd run an out pattern left or right ( made no diff. ) Down 7-8 yds , square out , hit him just before he stepped out of bounds ..he'd then come back to our little 2 man huddle and with a twinkle in his eye, he'd say , the guy (defender) was all ready. For what, you ask ? Les would say, time for a Hen-John...Lester would run a beautiful Down Out & Up and that guy would be holding his jock strap in his hand as Elbee sprinted down the sideline heading for the End Zone !! It was a thing of beauty, believe me.
With spring fast approaching, Les said I had to play softball on his church team . Of course I am not a member of his church ((Faith Baptist ) and would need to attend 3 services a month to be eligible . I did it without question ... after all it was for a good cause. Don't you think ? He'd also have me playing Basketball to stay tuned up. I was such a "Klutz", it wasn't funny...all I had to do was get the rebounds and pass the ball to Elbee... naturally. Lester could do anything on the court, could sink baskets from anywhere, his ball-handling was amazing ! He wasn't real tall, either... he just rewrote the book on shooting , handling & all with the utmost accuracy...he was fun to watch especially against the super tall guys ...he just got inside & wore 'em out and "That's No Lie ".
The wiffle ball games in the Crowley back yard were legendary. It would be ( again) 2 man teams and it was fast pitching. Lester & Steve Crowley on 1 side vs Dave & Paul Crowley on the other. Dave & Paul being about 8-9 yrs old, were stiff competition for the "Old Guys". Some entertaining & aggressive games were played out in that back yard. I got to personally see a couple...but very few as I was NOT allowed in the Crowley Yard for most of my youth. .
(character defects, I suppose ). Once we found a healthy Bamboo patch in the Woodland Hgts. woods and fashioned nice long bamboo poles...great for Pole Vaulting....& PV we did across the "Crick" which separates BT from WH. It was my idea to cut the poles (only claim to fame) Lester was the best by
far ... he jumped the farthest and made the widest spots along the crick... The rest of us came home with our pant legs soaking wet. Les rarely got wet, if at all ! HE was just the best of the best. I could go on & on about Les and our escapades but I'm sure Elbee would rather some stories be left untold...some like maybe 'The Jim Ground " incident...oops..nuff said !! WE had so much fun growing up and for many of us that can be linked directly to Lester. Thank you, Les, a thousand times & then some. I was happy to scream into your bedroom window each morning to get you up for school and catch the McKean bus up on Virginia Ave. next to the church. Somehow we made it everyday and your Mom thanked me for getting you up.
And how bout "Stoaping Off " in Prices Corner stores during the Holiday season or Bible Prophecies told by the master ( LES ) on the hood of Dave Juliano's car while Steve Schnee broke up laughing ...almost to tears... Yeah, those were the memories that will last a lifetime. I 'm just grateful I was there, grateful to you, my brother. I don't know what happened but you were taken from us way too soon.
Adios Amigo !
Billy Henry
also known to Les as
"Willie Rock"