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Robert John Halligan
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September 13, 2021
We placed a rose from our garden under the beautiful tree that commemorates Robert in the churchyard at St Botolph’s, Chevening, near Sevenoaks for the 20th anniversary. We often walk there and I always think of him, although I never knew him.
September 11, 2021
Avery good friend of mine and a great broker in Lloyds and AON. We had fun together.
June 13, 2019
Was in New York this week on a guided tour, was told that if saw a white rose to touch the name and wish them happy birthday which I did and also took a picture of name to look up when I got home, was shocked to see Robert was my age that I am now when was killed, read a lot about him and would like to say how nice he is still being loved, Happy Birthday Robert, Gary Stuyvesant, Ashtabula Ohio
September 11, 2018
Its been 17 years now. I still remember you dancing around the office and singing those jingles. Always making me laugh. You were a good mentor- taught me how to play golf! I do miss your guidance in work and life all these years later.
September 14, 2014
Dear Robert & Jerri, My name is Paula Wells. I am Jerri's cousin, but we haven't been in contact for years. My mother was Jerri's dad's sister. I came across this site by accident: surely, I thought, someone would have a tribute to Robert Halligan. So I did the Google thing, and, here I am, paying tribute to part of my family that I never met. Family by marriage, but, nonetheless, family.
I had heard that Jerri met a wonderful man and married him; I was busy living my life, and I never paid much attention to that. I even heard they had a son, Trevor. I had hoped that Trevor made it through a very difficult time, but, I do not know. I was praying for him and Jerry, too.
In Dec. of 2011, my sister, myself, and my sister-in-law took a trip to New York. My sister had made reservations to go to the WTC Tribute. I was so excited because I would see the tribute to my cousin, Jerri's, husband. Actually, I didn't know what to expect, what I would see. As we entered the WTC Tribute, we saw beautiful fountains where water flowed down from a huge squares. If I remember correctly, each huge square had the names of different towers, areas of workplaces. As we walked around the squares, we finally came across the name we were seeking: Robert Halligan. But that is not all. All those names, Jerri, and only one had a yellow rose on it!! It was as if someone knew we were coming, and placed the rose on the site, not only for us, but also his family. Isn't that beautiful!!? (If I can figure out how to get the pics out of iPhoto, to this site, I will!!) Anyway, that doesn't remove your missing him, so near the anniversary of his passing. It is such a privilege to contribute on this site. Thank you very much. Jerri, may your love live forever in your heart. God bless all of Robert's friends and family.
September 11, 2014
Thinking of you today!Can't look at a gum ball machine without remembering what a nice and kind guy you were.
September 09, 2014
At this time of year we always think of the Halligan family, Robert was the brother of my brother-in-law David. Our thoughts will always be with you, may your memories keep you strong. Neil, Karen and Emily Robinson x
September 11, 2012
Robert & family,

We shall never forget? you, your smile, your voice and your laugh. We shall keep this day as a sacred remembrance of you and what we lost in a moment. ?
We carry on but we never leave you behind. Thank you for helping us daily to carry the tears and the sadness in our hearts but still to move forward with strength and determination. God Bless You and your family today and always. Patricia & Charles Barraza
July 09, 2012
i will always remember you grandpa...
September 11, 2011
Dear Family of Robert John Halligan

Know that your loved one is not forgotten. Way down here in Wilmington, NC--we all picked out a name of someone who was killed on Sept 11th at church this morning. I picked the name Robert J. Halligan and took to the computer to find out a little bit more. He sounds like he was very much loved and is missed terribly. I will pray for his soul and for those he loved and left behind. May God Bless you all
September 11, 2011
Seasons change, time passes but what remains the same is your imprint on our hearts. Your smile, your face, your stories & jokes are forever ours. Rest in peace and may God Bless you and your family today on the 10th anniversary of that terrible morning. We miss you and we are better for having known you. We remember you today and always...
Pat & Chuck Barraza
September 04, 2011
This summer I had the privilelge and pleasure of playing drums for your son Robert. He came to the US to perform 7 shows with another Robert Halligan who is also a gifted singer/songwriter from the states. The tour was named the "Halligan Brothers Tour" as a play on the fact that they both have the name Robert Halligan and both of their fathers were Robert Halligan, but are not related. Through the experience of meeting and getting to know your son Rob, traveling and playing his incredible music, I am somehow connected to you. With this 10 year anniversary approaching I came across this site and was moved to share this. Your son Rob is an inspiration in every sense of the word both as a gentleman, husband, father and a musician. His music and his spirit moved everyone he performed for and the way he shares the experience of your loss is pure and honest. He is truly touching people and changing lives. I only pray that more people in the world discover Rob and his music. No doubt you would be proud. God Bless you and your family that lives on.
June 19, 2011
Yet another year gone - still in my thoughts. Your grandchildren grow into wonderful people.
Chris, England
December 14, 2010
Flopppy Bacon, trains and golf. I think of you often.

September 11, 2010
Thank you for giving me the love of my life, your son Trevor. There is no doubt in my mind we met because of you. Please continue to stay with us. We love you.
September 04, 2010
This year, your beloved son, Trevor, will marry the love of his life, my daughter, Ashley. More than anything else, I wish I could have met you and had a chance to let you know how much my family and I LOVE Trevor and how we value and respect the way you raised your son to become the wonderfully caring and supportive person that he is today. I have no doubt that you will be there in spirit on 07/16/11 when Trevor and Ashley take their vows. You sons, Rob and James (along with your grandchildren) will be in the wedding party and together we will find a way to honor your memory! I hope you can see and know that there is a loving family that embraces and cares for Trevor and that all of us think of and pray for you, not only as we near the 9/11 date, but every day.
June 20, 2009
I worked with Robert at Nasco in the early and mid-80s and was charmed by his sharp wit and his wonderful smile.

I just learned of his passing today. God bless his family. I know he left all those who knew him with warm, lasting memories.
September 12, 2008
Robert - Forever in my thoughts and prayers. You are missed, my friend.

Steve Collucci
October 14, 2007
ALWAYS in my thoughts.
September 11, 2007
I have not forgotten my lost colleague/friend and pray for strength for his family during this tough time of rememberance.
June 12, 2007
Your legacy will live on...
October 29, 2006
In memory....
October 27, 2006
As I cross-stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vain. We will always remember. God Bless.
September 11, 2006
Hey Robert,

I still think of you fondly and I am still so sad you didn't make it. I cannot go past a gumball machine without thinking of you. I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
September 10, 2006
My old boss, friend and mentor. The fifth anniversary of 9/11 is tomorrow. The memories and the pain are still fresh. I saw your wife and son recently and they are both doing well. You would be so pleased to see the fine young man your son has become. For me, your guidance and friendship is sorely missed.
September 11, 2005
You are in our thoughts and prayers today and always.

Patricia & Charles Barraza
July 19, 2004

God bless and farewell…during a quiet moment at work, while looking up old colleagues, I discovered your passing on that horrible day.

From our days together at Nasco in the early '80s, I have always remembered your passion for the Spurs and for “football” in general. You had this way of making work an exciting and entertaining experience, despite the fact that after all, it was reinsurance. I still can hear the song you made up of our soccer club, the Manhattan Kickers, and I still have the “Spurs” glass you gave me in 1983.

I also have strong memories of your deep devotion to your family; at the time we worked together, you spoke often of your son, Trevor, who was a toddler at that time. Though quite possibly coincidental, we gave the same name, Trevor, to our son who was born in May of 2002. I have to admit that I got chills when I did the math.

Audere est Facere,
Robert Brown
March 20, 2004
Robert Halligan-

A delightful man who was a pleasure to work with-you will be missed. With many thoughts of you and for your loved ones.
March 20, 2004
Robert Halligan-

A delightful man and a pleasure to work with-you will be missed. With many thoughts of you and for your loved ones.
September 12, 2003
Robert -
You were my boss, my mentor and my friend. I miss the laughter you brought to the office and the fun we had playing golf. I will always remember you.
September 09, 2002
In memory of Robert John Halligan
We did not know Robert, but my husband is the brother of Cam Sutton who works for Aon. I came across this on the internet and wanted to express our deepest sympathy. I have thought of all the lives lost that day and especially of the ones from my brother-in-laws company. It still hurts deeply. Our deepest deepest sympathy to the family.

Nancy Sutton
April 30, 2002
May God Bless you and the family and friends that you left behind on 9/11/01. Rest in his loving peace..........
April 30, 2002
Dad. I miss you. Like everyones said, you are a very special man. See you soon
April 04, 2002
Robert,may you rest in peace. God bless and bring comfort to your family.

Love Kathy
April 04, 2002
Halligan may you rest in peace I will treasure the times when we work together at PNI. Peace for your family. Love Ivette
April 04, 2002

I miss you, my friend. You are thought of often and remembered always with a smile.

Your reinsurance "partner"

March 18, 2002
Life will never be the same without you, dear sweet Rob, my friend. I am so glad I got to know you and spend wonderful times with you and Jerrie and Trevor. You have left a legacy with all of us with your zany, wild wit and I must say that all my memories are filled with wild uproarious laughter we all always shared. I dearly love your mom, sweet Brenda, and your beautiful sister Mary. I shall never forget you Rob!
I promise to continue to be a good friend to sweet Jerrie, as she has been to me since 1964.
Soar with the Eagles, Rob, til we all meet again one day! Love, Sylvia
January 29, 2002
January 16, 2002
Robert sounds like a very special man, husband and father. His wife Jerri, is very special too. I am so sorry for the loss.
January 04, 2002
god bless you and your family
December 30, 2001
We are very sorry for your loss of Robert. May his life, love and enjoyment of Thanksgiving live on in those who love him. Our hearts cry with you in your loss of Robert.
America Cries
We see your sorrow-
and our hearts cry....
We can not erase your pain
but you do not have to face the anguish alone-for we-
-the American people-
are beside you.
We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
the strength that gives you courage,
and the words to lighten your spirits.
And when we are left speechless
may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
to ease your sorrow.
May you find healing through our nation's strength as we-
-the American people-
face this difficult time together. Our hearts are with you. Teresa Jahn
Dixon, IL
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