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Tributes from around the world flow for Jill Meagher, the Irish woman from Drogheda who had come to call Melbourne home.

The 29-year-old disappeared while on a Friday night out drinking with friends close to her home in Brunswick. Her body was found north of Melbourne a week later.
Published in Herald Sun on Sep. 28, 2012.
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December 31, 2019
My beautiful niece it only seems like yesterday when we had dinner in pub near Liverpool Street station in London UK but I will always remember it fondly it's been over 7 years since that horrible deed was committed but you will never be forgotten by any of your family. RIP my gorgeous Jillian hope that you have met my wife Janet, who died in May 2016, my sister Marie who died September 2018, my brother Seamus died in 2001 & your all living in heaven together looking after us mortals here on earth.
Liam Scott
March 15, 2018
Read your story in a university class.. so devastating. fly high angel
November 24, 2017
Bless you child. Your in gods holy realm and will never feel pain again. Bless your heart.
Chester Kays
October 11, 2017
Thinking of Jill. So sorry what happened to you.
August 8, 2017
Chyara Ross
May 3, 2017
October 29, 2016
You will be in our memories forever...
Rishi Ravindran
September 22, 2016
Never forgotten x
October 1, 2015
Bill Scott
October 1, 2015
Jillian, you maybe gone but you will always be remembered & loved by your family & friends. It is now just over 3 years since that dreadful time but it just seems like yesterday since I lost my beautiful niece. I am sure that you are looking down on all the Scott/McKeon families from heaven. Rest In Peace Angel. All my love Uncle Liam Scott.
Bill Scott
September 22, 2015
Never forgotten
September 22, 2015
Strength to Jill, her family and friends.

Also, thank you Tom for your work in stopping violence against women, you're an inspiration. I believe you are making, and will continue to make, a positive difference with respect to changing the negative attitudes and behaviors that are still prevalent in today's society. I'm sure Jill would be proud.
A Barnes
August 19, 2015
Love and light ❤
Imelda Coleman
August 19, 2015
With all thats happening at the moment here in Melbourne, I feel for those families as you being taken so cruelly, made us realize how wrong the system was. My love you your husband and family and you will not be forgotten.
August 6, 2015
Dear Jill, last week whilst walking home from picking up my little boy from school, just a couple or so houses away from our home, there parked and sitting in his car was your beloved husband Thomas. I approached his car and made eye contact with him which inturn prompt him to open the window. I gave him my heartfelt condolences and told him that my heart was with him, he was clearly touched. I told him that if he was not in the car that I would give him a big hug. His face even so grief stricken and pale, I could clearly see and feel your spirit glowing all over him, it was beautiful!
Love always, Veronica Siani
Veronica Siani
July 1, 2015
Never forgotten X rip jill
June 9, 2015
Love and Light to all who knew and loved Gillian Meagher.
Nessa Tallentire
April 20, 2015
This light shines bright for Jill's family and friends. Always cherish your memories of her xx
April 9, 2015
Still thinking of you and your family.
March 30, 2015
March 25, 2015
RIP Jill, we always love you and think about you. God Bless your soul.
Dhakshitha Gamalawwe
November 23, 2014
I hope Jill that you are watching over your family and I was at the game last Saturday night where your amazing husband Tom presented the winning cup to Australia( sorry not Ireland) as guest host for The White Ribbon foundation. You would be proud of all the work he is doing to stop violence against women. He loved you so much and I'm sure he has taken up this cause for you. Remarkable man who was married to a very special lady. xxx
October 15, 2014
I think often of the loss of a lovely girl and I pray that Tom, Parents and brother are being well cared for as you have touched many,
Samantha Jennings
October 3, 2014
A candle for your family. Never knew you Jill, but you will not be forgotten. God bless you all.
September 28, 2014
RIP jill
September 22, 2014
December 30, 2013
I want to tell your husband Tom, your Mom, Dad and brother that I hope next year will be a little easier, I can't but I hope you are looking after them as there was something about you that I think you will be doing that. Lovely Girl. I will never forget you.
Josie P
December 29, 2013
Jill, unfortunately you have not being sharing the life you should have with your ever courageous husband Tom, Mom, Dad and Michael.Please help them along as you have made so many of our daughters safer by changing laws
December 29, 2013
December 29, 2013
I wish I could spread my arms around all who loved and miss you so much as so many are thinking the same for your loved ones.I have no words just want them to know that you, Jill will never be forgotten by us Australian People. I hope next year will be a bit easier but I'm sure they must feel your presence, but unfortunately not you.
Gloria G
November 2, 2013
our families in boyle co roscommon knew each other for a very long time and your many visits here to the home of your maternal grand and great great parents was always a welcome joy; the young people like David and davinia seamus Emma anita et al and your cousins have all spoken of those times with love and respect and the celebration of your life in mattimoes with your favourite music would have delighted you
to your loved ones
keep the courage flowing for them
Ar dheis De`go raibh a h-anam
(may she be on the right side of God old Irish blessing)
A Meara Bhaile
Mainistir na Buille
mayoress Boyle
Marie Paul
November 2, 2013
Jill you will never be forgotten. I hope Tom and your parents and families can get some comfort from the fact that you have had such an impact on so many people
Robyn Rylands
October 5, 2013
So many have written words & that is testament 2 how you touched the souls of countless people whom did not even have the joy of knowing you. But your light has reached so many & you've touched the hearts & souls of people worldwide...it's a truly special person that can do that. For all the joy you bought to your family & friends, thank you Jill. For the legacy you've left those of us who never met you & how you've left your print in our heart & touched our souls, we thank you. That is indeed a gift of which no value can be placed for it is beyond words. With love to your family & all those who loved you.
Bec Duncan
October 4, 2013
Jill was one of us but yet extraordinary in her beauty and talent she shone through her photos and had an amazing presence .we will never forget her her family are so brave and selfless in sharing her with us . Tom is an amazing and talented writer . I hope they keep fighting for her. Her footsteps fall on every footpath around the globe and echo I our hearts . RIP Jill
October 3, 2013
It's strange that you can think of someone so often that you have never met, and never will, unfortunately, have the chance to. Your story has touched me on a deep level, Jill, and your family have not ceased to amaze me, with their spirit and their bravery. I think of you and them often. Love and light x Jess xx
Jessica S
October 3, 2013
Jill, I don't know why so many of us were touched by you, but we have and I have watched in awe as your loving Husband Tom continued to fight to make things better.Your Parents and Brother,I'm just amazed by them and I can see you were so loved. Your light is shining on and I wish it wasn't so. xxx
Tamara W
October 2, 2013
Walked on Sunday Jill for you and you have made a change and I feel for your family as it must be so hard to be without you. I send them my love. xxxx
September 30, 2013
JILL MEAGHER. We are sorry as you are missed.xxx
September 30, 2013
September 29, 2013
In loving memory xxx
September 29, 2013
A year on Jill you are not forgotten and never will be, your beautiful smile and your funny nature and what happened has impacted on so many around the world. I never knew you but I wish I had. I hope you are keeping God and all the people in Heaven on their toes.As an Irish man that travelled around Oz I met the wonderful people of Australia first hand but the march for peace in your honour was so touching that it inspired me to write this post.Your family and husband both here and in Australia have been a credit and an example on how people should live their lives.I am sad you are gone but happy you are safe and when we meet in the afterlife the first round is on me.Take care Jill and God bless.
September 29, 2013
I went on the march to honour you Jill. You will not be forgotten ever.
Sam Haynes
September 27, 2013
Patricia Lyons
September 23, 2013
I am just so sorry for the loss of Jill. I will never forget her. I happened to be on holiday in Melbourne at the time when Jill was missing. I think of her often and wish this had not happened to her. Her memory will always live on. I wish peace and happiness for her family. Much love x
Alexandra T
September 22, 2013
September 22, 2013
One year on and I'm still thinking of you Jill. It was a gorgeous Melbourne Day today so afternoon drinks were had in your memory. Thinking of your families always- I hope you all had a peaceful day. Remember love always wins xo
September 22, 2013
To Tom, Edith, Micheal, George and to all of Jill's friends and family,
I have been sobbing today and last night for a girl I never had the chance to meet yet has made such an impact on young women like myself. Your Gillian sounded like a beautiful, funny soul who truly touched the lives of everyone she met with that gorgeous smile! I wish that I had the pleasure of knowing her and better yet, I wish that she was still here, that her life wasn't snatched away in a cruel, evil, horrendous crime that should have never happened. I wish that you remember the good times shared with Jill, her vivacious spirit and memories that are truly golden. Know, that she is not gone, but in every simple pleasure around us- she is always with you. Your strength, resilience and humility would make Gillian proud as can be. So as another year passes, know that Gillian's memory will be preserved in Australian and Melbournains hearts forever. Please know that you are in my prayers and that I wish nothing but good upon you all. xo
September 21, 2013
Dear little Jillian. There has been so much sadness since you left our world one year ago and it still seems like last week. I just have to tell you, though, how proud you would be of your Mum, Dad, Michael and Tom. They are all the strongest and most amazing people I know. Just as you were and should still be. RIP sweetie. Linda G xxxx
September 21, 2013
Beautiful girl... I never met you, yet felt the need to do something when you were "missing"I printed posters stuck them up & hoped so much that you would return home safely..... even though in the pit of my stomach knew something was terribly wrong.... Thomas had been on the news, your lives were only just really beginning.... something HAD stopped you from getting home. One year on I have shed many tears, I have been furious with anger.... I hope at all costs that things WILL change Jill so my darling daughter and son won't be walking amongst monsters like the one you sadly crossed paths with. Much love to your family, much love to Thomas xx
September 21, 2013
I will be there next Sunday, You have made Melbourne safer and we, the people will walk because of that so it will continue to be safer.
September 21, 2013
You are always in my thoughts. Sending love to your beautiful family ??
September 21, 2013
I will be in the march next Sunday and we will always remember Jill Meagher
September 21, 2013
Sending Love and Light to Jills family and friends. R.I.P. Jill. x
September 21, 2013
I will walk for you next sunday.xxxx
September 21, 2013
Dearest Jill, all I hope and pray for everyday is for God to bless your beautiful soul. You have touched the hearts of many people so deeply and you will never be forgotten as the most lovely soul I've known. Wherever you are, I know you are watching over your family and all your loved ones. You will always remain as the sweetest, loveliest angel in our hearts... May your soul rest in eternal peace, beautiful girl =) We love you always <3
Jillyan Zen
September 21, 2013
To the Parents and Husband of a beautiful girl who touched us all, I just want you to know that you all made her very happy as she glowed with love.xxxxx
September 21, 2013
I am a complete stranger that has been affected by the loss of this beautiful young women. Many tears have flowed and the grief continues. Jill you have not and will not be forgotten, I think of you many times during the day. It's hard to find words to describe my feelings for Jill's family. I just want to send all my love and wishes to them. R.I.P Jill. Xxxxxxx
September 21, 2013
It still does not seem real that you were taken a year ago you touched so many people's lives including mine I was so grateful to have had yhe pleasure of meeting you and I will never forget the peice of advice you gave me the best piece of advice that I will treasure forever I think of you all the time and tears still flow, thanks jill for making such a big impact on my life and I will be lighting a candle for you, your family snd your darling tom RIP beautiful sngel x
vanessa philp
September 21, 2013
Beautiful lady with a wonderful smile. Jill because of you I am extra vigilant when I go out. I used to take a short cut to work which was along quite a lonely path. I now don't do that. Thinking this weekend of your family, Tom and your friends.xxxx
Kate Alexander
September 21, 2013
Always in our thoughts and our hearts Jill. My love to Tom, Edith, George and Michael. You are such a beautiful family, and from one Mum to another, my heart aches for you Edith. Xx
Debra Glide
September 20, 2013
Tears still come to my eyes everytime I hear about that tragic night. How awful that it had to be you that died so tragically in order for other's to be safe and protected. I am sure you are looking over your family in heaven.
Tracey Jamieson
September 20, 2013
Forever in my thoughts... The impact you've had on so many lives, forever remembered for your beautiful smile.. Rest easy beautiful girl and keep watch on your loving family xx
Victoria R
September 20, 2013
You meander into my thoughts in so many different ways, and I say hello and smile. In your memory I try to do a kind deed however small! Thank you for reminding me too! Rest easy lovely lady!!
Fiona O'Mahony
September 20, 2013
To an angel who has forever changed Melbourne.We are sorry it was you.
September 19, 2013
Hello you beautiful angel. Love to your family.It's even emotional for me that a year has gone by. I hope that you and all their friends are giving them all the love and support to get through this dreadful time.
September 18, 2013
It's so wrong that your Husband and Family have had to put up with 1 year already with you being taken so cruelly from their lives. I'm sending you a kiss and I want your loved ones to know that I will never forget you.
Penny L
September 17, 2013
I can't believe that a year has gone by since you were taken from all your loved ones. I hope that there is a God out there and with you around, will try and help your husband, parents and brother get through this most difficult time. Melbourne will never forget you.
Michelle T
September 16, 2013
Always in our thoughts and prayers.
Kathleen McCabe
September 16, 2013
Hey Jill.
Your amazing hairdresser here. i feel truly blessed to have known you, and deeply touched when i met your beautiful mother and did her hair after you left us. You have made such an impact on so many people. Not a week goes passed when you are not in my thoughts. Now I have my own daughter and I made a promise to your mum about how I would protect and nurture her. It makes me realise just how strong your mother is. God bless beautiful. Xx
Jade Manktelow
September 12, 2013
I thought it's about time i wrote my message to you. I've spent many days with your mum and dad, mostly Sundays getting a free coffee out of them and trying to tell your dad what a square sausage is whilst your mum feeds me till i burst. note to self: one biscuit is not enough to fill you up according to Mrs. McKeown. I hope you can hear their laughter and see them smile when they tell me stories of their Gillian. Your dad is one of my most favourite people, always teaching me things that are probably never going to be useful in my life but are meaningful to him. Also showing me his yoga moves, which are pretty impressive to me as i can barely touch my toes, who say's you can't tech an old dog new trick's? sorry George!
Your mum... i struggle to find the right word for this wee lady so i looked up my thesaurus for the word strong, this is what i got: Durable, Capable, Mighty, and Tough. She owes this to you, you keep her reinforced for the harder days and you make her smile beam when she speaks of her crazy Gillian. To the people of Melbourne, who have lost a great mind, to Ireland, who have lost their girl, to friends i hope you remember the good times over the bad, and to Tom, we as a nation will put our hands on your shoulders and help you through this uphill battle.
Love always.
Errin Farquhar
June 28, 2013
I'd never met you but you were a beautiful person and I wish I had the chance to know you may you rest in piece () take care and may the angels take care of you
Kate Henderson
June 28, 2013
I saw your Mother's smile on FB, surrounded by her friends. No wonder you will never be forgotten Jill as your spirit is around always.
Jenny p
June 22, 2013
You lovely girl. RIP. My 2 daughters are making choices when they go out at night because of you.
Joanne P
June 22, 2013
We in Melbourne will never forget you and am so sorry for Tom and your family that they can't see that sweet, fun loving beautiful you. You are so special.To all your loved ones, I wish some peace and happiness will come back into your lives. Jill, I'm sure is very proud f you all. xxx
June 20, 2013
I'm sure that Tom and your Family's friends are going to be looking after them so well for you. I'm sure you are looking after them and Jill, you beautiful girl, will never be forgotten.
Hilda S
June 20, 2013
No wonder Jill you touched so many people's hearts, as I watched your Mom, Dad and brother. You came from a very strong, unique family. Tom, what a true love you had there in him.I know you are around them, you precious girl.
June 20, 2013
I never knew Jillian, but since that tragic night in september I feel like I have lost a friend.You truly are an angel and my deepest condolences to your husband Tom and your parents and brother who acted with such grace throughout this terrible ordeal.In heaven you and your family will be reunited, till that time comes give them the strength to carry on.I hope one day we will meet in heaven. Oiche maith mo chara
June 20, 2013
Jill, a stranger to me you once were and now you are a person I'll never forget. I feel sadness everyday for you and your family - May God keep you forever safe and reunite you all again in the time ahead! Rest peacefully beautiful lady. Never forgotten
Lauren B
June 19, 2013
Rest peacefully in gods loving arms . May your family find a way to go on and only remember the good times . Jane wa
Jane Ross
June 19, 2013
Lynne Dunne
June 19, 2013
You are at peace now after such a tragic end. I pray for peace for your husband and family and can't imagine the pain they are going through. Rest in Peace you are a beautiful angel now.
June 19, 2013
I live In the area and everytime I walk past hope st or any of the places Jill was that night I think of her may you rest in peace and hopefully your story makes people look after each other
melissa j
June 19, 2013
Jill, you are forever in my heart and my thoughts are with your family and friends. R.I.P beautiful girl. xo
June 18, 2013
May your beautiful smile light up the heavens. You seemed like such a nice lady & my heart breaks for your family. Rest in peace, May you hold God's hand forever. x
June 18, 2013
May your soul rest in peace Jillian
June 17, 2013
R.I.P Jill. A beautiful lady ,never to be forgotten.
kim reddick
June 16, 2013
Hi Jill, i'm sorry your special life was taken too soon, my thoughts are out to your family. I dont know you, but i've learned you were already an angel before you got to heaven. I hope god looks after you and that you look after your family from above. Rest in peace
Melissa Gerard
June 15, 2013
To a beautiful soul who has made such a difference. Melbourne will never forget you. It should never have happened as I feel I know you and would have had loved to be your friend.I'm so sorry for your family. xxxx
Joanne G
June 15, 2013
I'm wishing that your Loved ones left behind, have the strength this week to get through it. Their loss must be so profound. You should still be with them and thats the saddest part. We will never forget you.
Samantha M
June 15, 2013
All my love and support to the McKeons' and Meaghers' and all of Jillian's loved ones.
Jillian, you are sorely missed, but will live on in memory. Sleep sweetly gorgeous girl.

Everyone raise a candle in honour of this beautiful angel xxx
Melissa B
June 15, 2013
Dear Jill,

I am so sorry you met such a tragic end. I hope you are at peace now. Australia and your family will fight for justice for you. And to Jill's family, you have so much support around you and I hope that comforts you in some way. Take care of yourselves and stick together. The community is behind you all the way. Jillian has touched so many hearts and will make the most beautiful angel. Look up and live on for her.
Melissa B
June 14, 2013
Dear family of Gillian Meagher, a lovely butterfly will flutter from flower to flower leaving her beautiful and everlasting scent - that is your Gillian
Veronica Siani
June 12, 2013
Deepest sympathy to Jill's family a death that should not have happened.
Rest in peace Jill.
Carol Kelly
June 12, 2013
June 12, 2013
thinking of you always your beautiful family are always in our prays from a mother of 3 daughters
June 11, 2013
Words are inadequate but you will never be forgotten and I pray that your loving Husband, Father, Mother and Brother will be getting some strength knowing that so many people are thinking of them and wishing they could ease their pain. xxx
Fiona C
June 11, 2013
You have touched so many people and will never be forgotten, but it should never have happened.
Sonia T
June 11, 2013
I'm so sorry for your lovely husband and family that you are not with them, as you SHOULD be.
Antonio B
June 11, 2013
To Jill's family, friends, work mates, and all who knew and loved her: I am so sorry and upset for your loss. I feel for you all. "There's one more angel in heaven, there's one more star in the sky". RIP Jill.
Karina Bridges
June 11, 2013
Rest in peace Jill. You are a true angel. May your family find peace.
Louis Peters
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