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January 17, 2019

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January 17, 2019

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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October 1, 2018
My heart is still breaking even with the time that has passed since your death. The last 5+ years with you were incredibly special. How do I say goodbye until we meet up again on the other side?

When I left your house on Monday the 3rd so you could jump in the shower and head to State Fair and I could prepare for a planned two week vacation, I never knew it would be the last hugs and kisses we would ever share on this Earth.

But, then on that Saturday the 8th as I relaxed on my vacation the heavenly angels came a calling for you and your soul. I would be away and miss your funeral service and not even know upon my return that you were already looking down at me from heaven.

Sadly, we would never get to use the Passport I nagged you over and over to get so we could take the vacation we always talked about but you resisted saying you were too busy with work to go away. Truth is you were always working or helping others even knowing that relaxing would help reduce the stress on your heart but that was you ---a giver.

You loved your profession. When you spoke about MPD and the Tactical Enforcement Team when we first meet and then about WSFPD after you "retired" I could tell you loved your life's work in law enforcement. That service to community and the people within the community would always take precedence. Even when your doctor said it would be best to reduce job stress you tried but the job was in your blood and you always gave it 100%.

I have so many memories of you and our time together in my head....I called you Robert cuz that's what the business card you handed me said as you asked me to go on a date. I remember laughing when after I called you to plan our first date and I referred to you as Robert and you said my friends all call me Bob and I said well you'll always be Robert to me. I fell for you in that uniform as you'd come in night after night for your oranges and roasted unsalted peanuts with that attitude that was uniquely yours. Once you had tactical gear on and Yes, like your tactical nickname on your jacket implied you were that both literally and figuratively. Yet when you let that softer side thru you made my heart melt.

With your encouragement I got out of my comfort zone got me to try the hot tub in winter, you taught me about car and furnace basics and so many other firsts but most of all you were always there when I needed you.

When you "retired" from MPD and your brothers gave you Pops as a retirement gift I remember how much that meant to you cuz to quote you, you were the old guy sharing your knowledge with the younger guys. When you switched from working at Mitchell International because that the job wasn't stimulating enough to your new career at as a Lieutenant and Commander at WSFPD you took Pops with you for your new office. Pops was a reminder that your bond with the TEU didn't end when you retired from MPD.

You were my go to guy for anything I needed help with and I loved our Monday and Tuesday movie days laying in bed with Prince and Escobar bouncing around while we watched Criminal Intent and Criminal Minds and of course your favorite John Wayne movies. We'd laugh when I'd leave to head into work looking like I spent the day crying as all the cat hair always gave me red puffy eyes. You knew so much about history it was fun listening to you share "fun facts" from some movie we had just watched.

You weren't a huge talker like I was but when you shared it was about something you cared about or were proud of. Sean and Julie I'm sure know how much you loved and were proud of them!!!

You were my first call when I returned on the 21st. I called you hoping to stop by as I headed home but you didn't answer instead I got your voicemail and then no text came either saying you were working. Then Monday still nothing which was unusual not to hear from you on one off my two days off. Late Monday night I learned the devastating news from a friend who saw something on social media. I'm not on social media so I googled your name. There it was an obituary...YOURS. I was shocked you died way too young. In the weeks since you passed I've reconciled that you did your life your way. The good times you shared with me and all the wonderful things you did for others shows the incredible life you led and the part of your life that you shared with me is definitely worth honoring.

One last thing came to mind as I was reminiscing. I told you once that my favorite number was 8 and we laughed because on that January day it was my birthday (you had forgotten but made up for that with dinner at Mama Mia's ) and then you said your birthday was also on the 8th in April and when the Lord decided to end your watch on this Earth he chose the 8th of the month. I take that as a sign that you are in good hands and watching over everyone you loved. God bless you my friend!!! I hope you are enjoying some much deserved peace and rest in the House of The Lord.

End of Watch September 8, 2018!
September 28, 2018
Its a sad world without your kindness...You just always made things right...You will be missed far more than you may know! Today...tomorrow...and forever!!
Small tribute to an extraordinary man!!
Please send me a sign that its all good on on your side...Ill wait forever....
September 16, 2018
My sincere and deep condolences to the Lutze family. Bob was a tireless, loyal and dedicated SWAT officer who could be relied upon to get the job done. Rest in peace
September 16, 2018