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July 21, 2018

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July 21, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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February 17, 2016

Tonight I read my 6yr old daughter the article written about my grandfather upon his passing many years ago. She was about 3-4 weeks old when I took her to meet him. He passed soon after. He greeted her with his unique endearing voice. I like telling her stories about him. They are both what we could call "driven" and full of wit. He would have found a way to connect with her, like he did with me. He use to call out "Hey Little Red!" when I came through their door as a child. There was a long red rug with large orange well spaced flowers that ran the length of the back entry hall at Domino. I would run, clumsily, trying to hop to each flower on my way to his hugs. He sure knew how to welcome guests. Grandma always wanted to brush my hair. My hair needed help and she knew it. What I wouldn't give to have her brush my hair now.

Grandpa and Grandma understood the importance of bringing the family together. Wherever they were, they wanted us with them. That's a special feeling. In hindsight, I chuckle thinking of so many different personalities under one loving roof. Somehow Grandpa was able to organize this ever changing family, partly thanks to Suzie, I'm sure. One great thing about Grandpa was his ability to make friends and staff into family, so a special recognition to Suzie, Janet, and Wayne for blending into the fold. These were the beginnings of the legacy. It was always a cooperation of loved ones.
Our family was grown through love, births, adoptions, and friends. I saw Grandpa as a loving, commanding, loyal, smiling, dear, inclusive, focused, feisty, faithful, involved, committed and perceptive man. He greeted just about everyone in his path. Grandma was the woman who kept him grounded. She was perfect fit.
The older I get the more I grasp the tremendous blessings our family has experienced. His sons have given their children the same devotion, giving the generations genuineness of heart and faithfulness. Not perfect, but peaceful.
I miss Grandma and Grandpa, especially when I'm at dads and the phone rings...and it's not grandpa calling. If only there were phones in heaven. I could tell my Grandpa all the things I have realized over the last few years. Maybe he knows.
I'm quite sure they will be front and center waiting when my time comes to leave this earth. I will Fight the Good Fight in the meantime, as he and Grandma did. I hope I hear Grandpa cheer "HEY LITTLE RED!" when I get there. What a welcome that would be.

Lea Terry
Lexington Ky
December 8, 2015
For many years now, I would think back to some of my favorite memories and a few of my most special ones revolved around Bill Terry!
My former husband, Steven Silliman, was hired by Mr. Terry as his financial consultant in the mid-1970's. There was an opportunity for me to join them on a business trip and I was fortunate enough to experience my first limousine ride, an exciting flight on Mr. Terry's personal Lear Jet and lunch in Saint Louis!
Bill was so generous and kind to me! I thought of him often.
Mr. and Mrs. Terry allowed Steven and I to use their home in Palm Springs, California during our honeymoon. We were so grateful for the memories!
When I needed a friend, Bill took time from his busy schedule to sit down and talk. I trusted him and respected his advice.
I moved to Florida for many years and was saddened to hear of his passing. I pray he didn't suffer.
I returned to Lexington recently and made a trip to Griffin Gate and entered his old residence. I can tell you that I very much felt his presence with me.
I loved and admired Bill Terry. I miss him.

Miss Claudia Green
Lexington, Ky.
June 13, 2011
Bill Terry family, I was so sorry to hear about Bill he is my first cousin my dad was his Uncle Robert. Dad has been gone for over 20 years now and living in CA I have lost touch with most of the family. Bill looked so much like Dad I felt a closeness to him, in fact I think the last time I saw him was at Dads funeral. I know the loss of Dad is still great, I am sure the loss of Bill is great.
With love, Mary Lynn Terry (Hulsey)
January 7, 2010
Tim (TENT), Mike, Pat, Warren, brother (Murphy)and the rest of the Terry family.

This thread is belated since my wife and I were honored to attend the memorial service and reception of two wonderful people.

I was very moved at the Lexington Cemetery as I thought to myself, gee is Mr. T going to enjoy this setting with the beauty of the trees and turf that surround those hallowed grounds.

Equally moved by the stories being told by Murphy (brother), I was going to stand to tell some of my own stories regarding these wonderful individuals.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry were responsible for my family's well being for 22 years at Griffin Gate and the sons whenever called into action were equally assertive in ensuring that we always had the welcome mat to any occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry will be greatly missed by us all - they gave so much of themselves, their contributions to all benefited so many and we now wish them eternal life.