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1961 - 2017 Obituary Condolences
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October 20, 2018

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October 20, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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October 11, 2017

As the Mallinson family physician for over 25 years now, I was lucky enough to come to know Walt, his family and Patti as friends, and not just my patients. I've witnessed and they have shared with me both the good times and the bad times throughout their lives as I have with them as we struggled to raise our children in this crazy world today so different than that which we grew up in. It has been said that a man's success in life is judged on how his children turn out. Well if that's the case then, Walt and Patti are two of the most successful people I know. Sean and Kaitlin are two fine responsible young adults that any parent would be proud to call their own and both are a tribute to Walt now at the time of his passing.
Another way to judge how successful a man was in life is to look at his marriage and to observe the degree of commitment made from the beginning of that marriage to the end, "In sickness and in health, the good times the bad times
It saddens me to say that when it comes to this, because of his wife, Walt was not very successful.
Those of you who know Patti and Walter, know that they shared a great sense of humor and on that note Walter is up in heaven belly laughing at what I just wrote watching Patti's reaction as she reads this.
I just said that Walter was not very successful when it came to marriage. He wasn't "very" successful; he was "extremely" successful. Again I can hear Walter laughing as he looks down on his remarkably admirable wife Patti now breathing a sigh of relief as she continues to read this. I have never seen a more devoted wife ever and the same holds true for Walter who lived for his wife and family.
Walt is at rest now and most surely in heaven for those of us who believe in the saying that God takes the good ones first.
Patti, you will be here forever. I have to make Walt laugh as I truly believe he is now watching over Patti now who watched out for and cared for Walt and the kids throughout their entire marriage and most importantly throughout Walt's illness like nothing I have ever witnessed before with a devotion and unyielding strength unmatched by any other wife I have ever seen throughout my entire career.
Patti, you advocated for Walt throughout his illness not only by being a devoted wife and partner, never leaving Walt's side but by also using that brilliant mind God gifted you with to research every available treatment for Walt with an understanding that surpassed even some of the specialists you sought opinions from for Walter at some of the most prestigious medical institutions you traveled to with him.
As Walter would often say, and I would agree, you must've been a doctor in a former life.
Not only should we all be praying for Walt now but especially for Patti, Sean and Kaitlin who are the ones suffering now from the loss of such a wonderful husband and father. Those of you who know Walt do know that he lived for his family and Walt would want us all to pray for "them" now.
I will miss Walt and it pains me to be writing this even though Walter called me a wimp for not visiting him as I was supposed to do the night before he passed. Even at the end Walt was joking about my getting stuck late in my office the night before he passed. Again, I can see Walt laughing now saying, "Sure Kevin. Well, the truth is that even though I did get stuck in my office the night before he passed and did feel sick, I did not really want to see Walt dying that night last week.
Patti, I can't commend you enough for never once leaving his side throughout a long illness. Every man should be as lucky as Walt to have been married to such a wonderful selfless woman. Prophetically, Patti, Walt died the next day, last week, in you're arms, just the two of you in his room, Walt silently crying as you repeatedly asked him to leave this world so that his pain and suffering would end, reassuring him that you and the kids would be OK and that you did not want to see him suffer anymore. Trusting you as he always did, as you with him, listening to you intensely, tears flowing from his eyes Walt left you as you selfishly asked him to"A true love story".
Walt's suffering has ended and now the pain of Patti, Sean and Kaitlin has worsened by Walt's passing but Sean being the fine strong young man Walt taught him to be now becomes the patriarch of the family. Sean told me the other day that he has only one concern and that is to take care of his mother and sister.
All of my sympathy and prayers go to Patti, Sean and Kaitlin now to give them the strength to carry on with an understanding of the deep sorrow and pain they themselves are experiencing now. Kaitlin recently told me that she would also look out for you, Patti, now as you have devoted your entire life to taking care of everyone else, including caring for both of your ill parents for many years before Walt became ill. Patti, it is now time to let others pray for and take care of you during this devastating time of your life, a time when your faith is challenged, as would anyone's be. So please let us, your friends and family, now pray for you and worry about you, Sean and Kaitlin.
Right up to the end Patti, you only thought of what was best for your husband and your children, never once considering yourself.
Walt is at peace now and he also will watch over you, as will your children, your friends and family who know how you have always had everyone else ahead of yourself your entire life. I truly admire you. You are in my thoughts and prayers as are Sean and Kaitlin.
And, needless to say I will miss Walt also, my patient, my friend.

September 13, 2017
Sorry to hear this of Walter, all his family and friends my thoughts and prayers, walter rest in peace.

Guy Mastrocol
Acton Ontario Canada
September 12, 2017
Patti - My heart goes out to you and your family. Your husband now joins the many we lost on 9-11 who we keep in our hearts with love.
September 12, 2017
The man on Kirby Lane. I kept hearing about him. He made everyone happy on Kirby Lane. In fact he seemed to be a hero - especially in the eyes of a little boy. The man with the boat. The man who knew how to fish, to catch fish. Summers were special because of neighbor Walt his boat, the fishing, his genuine friendship. The little boy developed an interest in baseball. Several weeks ago a gift to help with pitching accuracy appeared on his stoop at Kirby Lane. It was from Walt the little boy's hero. As a grandparent, there was no question that Walt was my grandson's superman. His hero. A few minutes ago I read about Walt he wasn't only the little boy's hero he was, is, a genuine American hero. How blessed my daughter's family was to have known him. Memory eternal to a man who was there for us all in the bad times and in the good days..especially for a young family on Kirby Lane