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1970 - 2017 Obituary Condolences
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July 18, 2018

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July 18, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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October 23, 2017
It's Momma,again.It has been almost eight months,since you left. Cindy and I were prepared for your leaving. But NOW we are living with "you" GONE. It's not the same thing. God let us take this journey with you. Yet,we didn't know how hard it was going to be when "you were gone". Your family and supporters are "still" here for you.
You "were" and "are" so loved. God wanted you back. I get that. You did a lot of good things, while you were here with us. Please help us now that you are with God. We feel your presence in so many ways. Please thank God for us.
Love, Momma
April 23, 2017
So sorry about your loss, great guy!
April 3, 2017
I just found out about the passing of Donny this weekend. It was 15 years ago (roughly) since I first met Donny when we were both just starting at Premier. I will always remember the fond memories. Many prayers for the entire family, and I know Donny will be forever missed by many.
March 27, 2017
Donny's Eulogy

*Before we begin the eulogy written by Donny's eldest brother, it's important to mention that Donny had an opportunity over the past few weeks to read this. He was very touched and honored and was able to express this to his brother Larry. BUT (in typical Donny style) he wanted to make certain everyone's thoughts were included. So with added family reflections, this is from the heart of his family:
On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true. So, they sprinkled gold dust in your hair and starlight in your eyes of blue.
No more perfect words were written and sung by the Carpenters in the late 70's that describe our beloved Donny. And if you ask his momma, his eyes were so, so blue-you could see in his soul. His momma has told his birth story to all of us many, many times!
So you may be asking yourself, What kind of God would take a son from his parents a brother from his siblings, an uncle, a cousin, a friend, and most of all a perfect husband from his wife? The answer is easy. God did not take Donny away from us cancer did. God GAVE us Donny for 46 plus years. And probably the best gift was the last year. For it was by His grace and his and Cindy's herculean effort that afforded us one more Derby, birthday, anniversary, St Louis baseball game, football season, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year to appreciate having him with us.
When thinking about who Donny was five characteristics stand out:
Adoring Donny didn't like things we worshiped them. There is no question in our minds that when he was first placed into his mother arms at birth, when he looked up at her he thought WOW! This is my mom? And we know he treasured her till the end. Whether it was his father's ethics, his big brother's service to our country, Doc ability to fix anything or kill a rat in two seconds, or Jeff's patience and mentoring Donny let us know how proud he was of us. There is no question in our hearts that his courageous battle against cancer an will to live life to the fullest came from his sister's own war against breast cancer, and he looked up to his little brother like he was his big brother because of his free spirit. But nothing compared to the sparkle in his spectacular blue eyes when he was with Cindy. Our Donny adored us.
Nurturing. If you really got to know Donny you know that this was one of his greatest attributes. There are few on this earth more genuinely caring than he was. He always sought to understand before being understood. Long before he married Cindy he accepted Kelsey as if his own and supported her through the trying teenage years when emotions can be confusing. Donny was there for her, offering her advice to help her through the days. As a parent might not have been what she wanted at the time but as many as an adult she would testify that it was given from a caring father to his daughter each time. He was equally caring with his nieces and nephews. When seeking calm and rationale voice away from their respective parents they chose Uncle Donny. For they knew he would offer comforting, and more importantly, honest words to sooth them. Donny Nurtured us.

The next adjective used to describe Donny would be God Loving. Donny did not live his life fearing that he needed to do good works to earn his way to heaven he live his life out of love for God. He did not have a manipulative fiber in his body. If he even tried to lie he would turn beat red. So he gave up trying at a very early age. He wasn't given a middle name because his dad didn't have one and mom wanted him to be a Jr. But if he was to have one honest would be the proper choice. Though living this somewhat saintly life he remarked in his final days that he was fearful of where he was headed after death. Donny if you are not going to heaven nobody is. Our Donny believed and loved our Father In Heaven.
Next up, Emotional. To say Donny was passionate is a huge understatement. He never had a normal day in his life. It was either the best day of his life or the worst. Over the 46 plus years mom probably took 100s of calls from Donny to express the horrors or the joys of his day. He cried at chick flicks and angered at losing, but he never deflect his emotions on others. Except that one time he blocked Roger's shot (inside joke). Our Donny was emotional.
And the greatest of these Donny was Loving! Donny deeply loved us all. His passion for any of us never waned. Uncle, aunts, cousins, friends made no difference he was always quick with a hug and a hello. You were guaranteed to get another hug and a Love you when leaving. He had a special and unique love for each of us and we for him. His love for his mother was deeper than most. He sought her counsel, he cherished her so. He would say that one of the most difficult things over the year was the pain mom was being put through. Which is why he tried to protect from seeing his worse days. That was Donny, others before himself. We never thought he could love more until the day he fell for Cindy. He worshiped and adored her! His greatest loss, by his own admission, is not getting to spend more time with her. Cindy we have been blessed beyond measure to have you as our daughter and sister. No other person on this planet could have loved and cared for our and your Donny like you have. You will always be a member of our family and we will care for you like we do for each other for as long as YOU live. Our heart breaks more for you than ourselves because Donny gave us his love but he gave you his soul. Donny was Loving
These five distinct characteristics fit our Donny; Adoring, Nurturing, God Loving, Emotional, and the greatest of these Loving. A. N. G.E.L. Angel, that's why we called him Donny Angel.
In closing, we cannot express enough how much all have you have meant to us over this difficult year. Your love strengthened us and your kindness kept us whole. We are fracture but we are not broken. We are all here today to remember that God has ended his suffering here on earth and He is welcoming him into Heavenly life.
We intend to honor Donny's life by doing our best to live the rest of our days the way he would want us to. We welcome you to do the same.
God Bless you all