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Jay Tyler Sappington, Belle River Court, Winter Park, was struck and killed by a car while crossing S.R. 50 in Orlando Friday, July 1, 2005, before midnight. Jay was a student at the University of Central Florida, a devoted guitar player and songwriter, dedicated and passionate member of Chabad of Greater Daytona, fisherman extraordinaire and beloved grandson, son, brother, neighbor, student and friend. Jay worked part time at Express in the Florida Mall. For eight years he played roller hockey for the illustrious Daytona Thunder. He went on great adventures with his brother and sister and inspired many friends and relations with his love of life, amazing observations of the goodness in people and this wonderful world G-d has given us. Jay's funeral was Sunday, July 3, at Mt. Sinai Cemetery in Daytona Beach. Rabbi Pinchas Ezagui performed the graveside service. Survivors include his parents, Jim and Roberta Sappington; grandmother, Dorothy Weissman; brother and sister, Gabriel and Deena Genauer; uncles, Barry, Wayne and Michael Weiss-man; and many devoted friends. To honor his memory, please send donations to Chabad of Greater Daytona, 1079 W. Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL 32174.

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Published in Daytona Beach News-Journal on Jul. 7, 2005.
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July 1, 2020
I didnt know Jay personally but I know his parents and his sister and I know the grief they felt. Jay was talented and loved by many. So many happy memories shared by all that love him.
Carol Bennett-Tate
July 1, 2020
Jays soul is a great source of strength today and every day. As we carry him in our hearts, we give love to everyone he loved and we keep doing good deeds in his merit. Please enjoy Jays music at Sappingtonmusic.com and have a great day NO MATTER WHAT on this, the anniversary of his passing.
Jim and Roberta Sappington
July 5, 2019
Unbelievable that it's been 14 years since Jay was taken into the World of Truth. We, his family, are doing all we can to insure that nothing he stood for has died with him. He has transformed the way we think about life and death, what is important and what is trivial.
Jay's father and I were laughing recently, as we often do, about some endearing memories we have of Jay. At 18 months, on the way to Gabe's 12th birthday party, he busted out singing "We Are The World" in a perfect Bruce Springsteen imitation. Hysterical! Amazing!
Then, 16 years later, while practicing basic chords and strums, he asked me how I can play the guitar and sing at the same time. He figured it out pretty fast, because he sang and played like a pro.
Blessings to all Jay's friends and family. -Jay's mom
Roberta Sappington
July 4, 2019
Jay you are always loved and remembered.
Carol Bennett-Tate
September 3, 2018
My prayers & thoughts are continually with you and your wonderful family, Roberta.
Jana Kimball
September 3, 2018
Great to get notified that someone visited Jay. Last week I renewed Sappingtonmusic.com for the next ten years. Please visit and listen to a song or two, look at some pictures.
Jay's father and I feel so much gratitude and joy whenever we experience people connecting to our thrilling, vibrant and loving son. Evidence of eternal life.
Jim and Roberta Sappington
August 31, 2018
It's been a long time since I wrote to ya jay, but not a day goes by where I don't think of you. I miss you brother and your beautiful music.
April 3, 2018
Jonathan Brownhill
October 20, 2016
On Sunday, Oct. 16, Jay would have turned 33 years old. Here's what his big brother, Gabe wrote:We just came back from having a birthday dinner for Jay T. I brought along a photo album of him and gave the kids a scavenger hunt of sorts...like finding the picture of him where he is closest to their age, youngest, oldest, etc. I like finding ways of getting them to relate to their Uncle Jay. As painful as it is, I like to reflect on what an awesome Uncle he would have been, and how much fun he and Jay Kuppel and Talia and Max and Dov would have had together. His sense of humor, playful attitude, and love of family were as good as it gets, and I know he smiles down from heaven at his little niece and nephews.
Roberta Sappington
October 18, 2015
Thank you, everyone who gave light and beauty to all who read this legacy book. Your messages are "slender threads of insight" connected to truth that never ends. May you be blessed with all your hearts' desires and may we merit peace now and forever. Love, jays mom and family.
Roberta Sappington
October 17, 2015
Happy Birthday Jay! I still think of you everyday and really miss my friend. Jay was honest, hilarious and the true definition of a good friend. His integrity was simply unmatched. I love you buddy!
Kyle Francis
October 17, 2015
Happy birthday in heavens, Jay. Thinking of you and your family on this day, Roberta & family.
Christine Le
October 17, 2015
Saw Jay's picturein yje news journal, on his birthday and wanted to say we think of all of you often. The memorial site is a lovely way to honor him.Enjoyed his music and pictures.
Trish LaMadeleine
October 16, 2015
I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. I saw the loving memory in the newspaper today from your family. It touched my heart since I lost my 19 year old granddaughter in 2012. Your music is beautiful and I know your family and loved ones treasure it. Happy 32nd birthday in heaven and on earth and God please bless your family.
Rebecca Buchanan
October 16, 2015
I was a friend of Jay's all through middle and high school. He was such a great, fun loving guy and I think about him often.
Amber Pacetti Wilson
October 16, 2015
Would of been 32 years old this year and completely happy somewhere in your life for that I'm sure. Your image and pesonalitly was 1 of a kind and will never be forgotten you touched so many souls !! Miss you Slap wish my son could of meet you.
Anthony Johnston
October 16, 2015
Happy Birthday Jay. It is such a moving tribute to you to have your Mom celebrate your life in this way.
Lisa Shaw
June 13, 2015
Jay, you are so loved and missed! Sorry we could not make your celebration!
Uncle Walrus and Sharon Jones
June 11, 2015
Tonight I witnessed a beautiful celebration of Jay's life amongst his family and friends. It's hard to believe ten years have passed. Tears fell this evening as special guests offered great enlightenment into the mystery of life and the motifs behind Jay's imperishable compassion for others. He is missed but he is forever remembered; his songs remain the same.
May 5, 2015
I listen to our old recordings all of the time. Jay was a fantastic musician.
May 3, 2015
Here's Jay's youngest nephew, Dov Jacob Weintraub. He's 1-1/2 years old now and very fun loving. Deena is a great mom, as her husband Mitch and three year old son Max would eagerly agree.
The family is sponsoring a special dinner in memory of the tenth anniversary of Jay's passing. It will be an evening where, like his lyrics, "Slender threads of insight are somehow connected to truth." Please call if you want more information so you can attend. Love, Jay's Mom, Roberta, 386-672-9799
April 16, 2015
Miss you every day old friend. Your passion for music inspires me to this very day. You played a beat on my heart that I will never forget. Thank you so much. I love and miss ya, bro.
April 4, 2015
After a concert at the House of Blues
Valerie Wilson
April 4, 2015
Deep thoughts at Islands of Adventure
Valerie Wilson
April 4, 2015
UCF 2003
Valerie Wilson
April 4, 2015
Cinnabon at Islands of Adventure!
Valerie Wilson
April 4, 2015
Islands of Adventure
Valerie Wilson
April 4, 2015
UCF 2003
Roberta and family,

I just realized it's Passover. I am a friend of Jay's and spent Passover with your family and Irit years ago. I will always remember it as one of the most beautiful experiences. I still think about Jay often and my mom, who only met him one day for a few hours at Universal Studios, still does too. She instantly saw what a wonderful person he was. His spirit was simultaneously so innocent and wise, and his life was a beautiful expression of faith and peace. I learned a lot from his example. He and your family will always be in my thoughts and memories. Peace to you all, Valerie
Valerie Wilson
December 19, 2014
Dear Roberta
I sat today after giving you your facial and listened to all of Jay's music and looked thru all those beautiful photos of you son ,he I looks exactly the way you describe him ! So very handsome and you can just see the kindness in his face !
Today being my sons 14 th birthday was so very special to share your son's music with him ! I am so so very sorry for your loss but how very blessed you were to have had such a special angel in your life !
I am hugging you and praise you for constant uplifting spirit and how you keep your son alive and sharing him with all of us ,I thank you for your beautiful memories always keep them close to your heart
You make me smile
Love Karin Finch
October 17, 2013
Yesterday Jay would have been 30 years old. Our new reality without Jay in this physical world is still unfolding. Ashlee and her beautiful children visited so I could give her the present for HER thirtieth, but she was all about Jay. Tears for the children he never had, the awful twist of fate that led to his death despite how clean, healthy, strong and bright he was. Ashlee cried all our tears.
Gabe and Deena also had so much to say about their beloved brother. We all know that Jay's soul needs us to be happy or he will suffer in the World of Truth. Let's keep sending love and light. Blessings to all. Amen
Robera Sappington
June 16, 2013
The beautiful way you give his blessed memory honor is inspirational. As was his music. Sending much love your way.
Beth Weissman
June 16, 2013
Jay, thank you for showing me the futility of "bucket lists" and attempts at filling them when we finally accept that life is short or we find out we don't have much time left, for one reason or another. You didn't need a bucket list...you had a full bucket every day because you kept it full with your enthusiasm, adventerous spirit, zest for enjoying and experiencing every minute of life, all while being a ray of sunshine to Jim, Roberta, Gabe, and Deena and all of us who had the unique and blessed privilege of knowing and loving you. Feel our love until we see you again. Keith and Ginger
Keith Haney
June 16, 2013
Jeremy and Brian, thanks for your soulful messages in Jay's guest book. You give his family light and joy as you reflect on his essence. You are doing just what Jay would want by keeping the music alive.
We still have all the equipment Jay was using to record, so if you have ideas for what we should do with these items, please advise us, even to say after all these years, the technology might be obsolete. We welcome you any time so please visit! Roberta Sappington, 386-672-9799
Roberta Sappington
June 13, 2013
Hi, family and friends of Jay. I was a friend of Jay's when he was at UCF (I knew him through a mutual friend, Amir Tal), and I played a few shows with Jay at Natura Cafe in Orlando. I always loved and admired Jay's music and, of course, I was completely stunned and deeply saddened when he passed away... I have never seen this website until today, and I was almost brought to tears when I listened to "Park Bench" for the first time in years. I'm so glad that you posted his music. I will always remember how friendly, energetic and positive Jay was. But in addition, I will keep his memory alive through his music. In fact, I was listening to it with my 9-month old son just now :) One day, when I play it again for him, my son might ask "Who wrote this song, daddy?" and I will tell him it was written by a friend I knew long ago, a good man, who was a brilliant musician and an inspiring friend. He was taken from us too young, but God left us his music to remember him by.

I wish his family the best. Thanks for the music, Jay. As Brian said, save me a seat on the park bench!!!
Jeremy Mares
May 27, 2013
In the Jewish calendar which is lunar, the anniversary of Jay's passing will be June 3, and I will light his candle at nightfall, Sunday June 2. Of course his memorial will be in the News Journal July 1 on the solar calendar date. I'm taking your ideas that you write or call to give me about what text to put with the photo this time. Love to all who love Jay. Ma 386-672-9799
Roberta Sappington
May 26, 2013
May 26, 2013
March 6, 2013
Brian, what a beautiful message, thank you for posting it! I am Jay's brother Gabe and I was with him when he wrote that song you referered to...Park Bench. He was visiting me in Portland and I took him to a park where i was going for a swim and when I got out of the water and met back up with him he was so excited about what he had just written that he couldn't wait to play it for me. The kid was pure inspiration and passion for music and for life. It is heartwarming to know that so many other people saw this in him and that his legacy and memory lives on. Keep playing and listening!
Gabe Genauer
March 4, 2013
My name is Brian Buffaloe. If it wasn't for Jay Sappington, then I am not sure what I would have become. Thanks to Jay, I am a musician. Every time I sit behind my instrument, I can't help but think about Jay. Reason being......Jay was the first person to let me play hand percussion on original material. That's right....no practice...and no doubts. He had faith in what little experience I had at the time. I forever give thanks to Jay and his ability to mold my life of music. I would give anything for his guidance and input on everything that I have done. But either way, I know he would be proud. I miss you every day, old friend. You have a huge impact on my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. When it's my time to go, will follow the big white light until I find you. Just save me a seat on your park bench. I love you, Jay.
December 16, 2012
Dear Roberta and family,
Jay's music was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Christine Le
Christine Le
October 25, 2012
Lindsey, your message brought joy to our family and true appreciation from Jay in heaven. He loved attention in this world and you gave him a fine dose for the next. I read your words to my husband(Jay's father). He echoes my feelings. If you record any of Jay's songs, we'd love to hear them. Blessings and thanks. Jay's mom Roberta
Roberta Sappington
October 24, 2012
Dear Jay,

It's been 7 years since I've written in this, and boy, have things changed. I have since recorded some of my own original music, and began reflecting on people I knew who were great songwriters and just had to listen to your music again. Tons of memories came back to me and I felt very compelled to write you again. I'd love to do a cover of one of your songs sometime...we never did get to write together like I'd hoped. After all these years, I still have yet to find someone who can compare to you-you truly were one of a kind. You cracked me up so much. I definitely feel like it was fate that we ran into each other so close to your passing and just had a great, random time hanging out and catching up. I think it was meant to be. I pass by your old condo every day and not a day goes by that I don't turn my head and look at your building and think of all of the laughter and fun that was had in that place. I remember you had an interesting roommate with a cat named Eola. And one time the cat did something gross and she was screaming at the cat and dry heaving at the same time. You used to impersonate it when she wasn't around...hahahah!!! But it sounded exactly like it! I'm literally cracking up typing this. Hilarious..I can not believe I still remember that ridiculous story! You were such a great storyteller, which I'm sure is why it still sticks out in my mind. You'd appreciate those random weird moments of hilarity and always bring it back to life with your spot-on impersonations. Man, do I wish I could have spent more time with you. You had such a zest for life and a fearlessness that I will never forget. You just embraced everything head on with no regrets and drank in everything life could offer you. It was so admirable. Love and miss, still after all these years.
Lindsey Trefz
July 3, 2012
Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You are always in my mind and definatley can hear you'r laughter every day <3 Love you always
July 2, 2012
You're still in my heart and on my mind! Miss you constantly.....there are always moments where I say "Jay would love this, or wouldn't it be great if Jay were here to endure this!" You are not forgotten....nor will you ever be! Love you!
Chasity Martiz
July 1, 2012
Dear Jay,
We will never forget you. It is comforting to know, that wherever you are, God is taking care of you. We love you.
MJ Harris
July 1, 2012
Hello family of Jay, I listened to some of Jays songs and saw some of the family photos.Our son played drums. I also lost my son in 2005 in an accident.He was 28. I know your pain. Donna Godwin
Donna Godwin
July 1, 2012
I did not know your son, but what I have read, he was a wonderful young man. My heart goes out to you and your family. I just loss my son six months ago at 41 years of age. I do not know when the day will come that I will stop crying. No one knows what a parent feels when a child is lost. Each day hurts. I do know first hand what you are going through. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Joan Stemen
October 18, 2011

I did not know precious your son and can only imagine the depth of your grief. I am so sorry for your loss.

Judy Fournier Bingham
October 16, 2011
Happy Birthday, Jay.
Ashlee Roberson
October 16, 2011
Jim, Roberta, Gabe and Deena , we are thinking of you, my grandma lit a candle for Jay today. this is a wonderful site to see and hear Jay. Love you all
The Cencerik's
John Cencerik
October 16, 2011
Roberta: I had the opportunity to view Jay's site. I am saddened that you and your family suffered this loss. I heard a wonderful saying at my husband's mother's service -- you never die when you live on in the hearts he leaves behind. I will do a mitzvah in your son's name at Chabad this week. You and your family are in my prayers. Debra Flaherty
Debra Flaherty
October 16, 2011
On occasion, when I walk by Jay’s tribute wall … I smile, wish you all peace, know that he had great parents and ponder what a wonderful person he was.
Arline Rocco
September 28, 2011
Jay in Heaven, your sister and brother in law are naming their son after Mitch's beloved grandfather and you. I appreciate what good care you took of little Max Jay's soul while it was up in the World of Truth with you. May this New Year bring the ultimate redemption where there is no death, no sickness or war or pain, and we will all be together again. Love, Ma
September 25, 2011
Roberta, Thank you for sharing this site with me. It is truely amazing. I never had the pleasure in meeting Jay or hearing his music live, but in knowing you, even in this short time, I can only imagine what a wonderful and talented young man he was.
Josephine Antar ( at Gold's)
July 3, 2011
Roberta, Jim, Gabe and Deena- Hard to believe it's been 6 years. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
Joe Colella
July 2, 2011
Awww...Love you Jay

Love Uncle Walrus and Sharon
Sharon Jones
July 1, 2011
From time to time I still dream of him. In my dreams he's always carrying his guitar, smiling at me and leading me to somewhere I cannot remember by the time I'm awake. It's been 6 years and I still miss his warm smile. A great friend to me, and will forever be missed by me.
Chasity Skinner
July 1, 2011
Jay was a wonderful young man. I remember him with a smile on my face. His humor, talent and love for his family will always live on. G-d bless you all!
Renee Silverman
July 1, 2011
Roberta, It was so nice to meet your husband Jim. He told me about your son and I can't imagine how you feel. I wish you both the best on such a hard day . Richard Druckman
July 1, 2011
Your ad touched my heart. I have a young son and cannot imagine life without him. When God takes someone so special from us he leave the rest of our family and friends to help us heal. May God Bless you and your family. Janie Burke South Daytona Beach
July 1, 2011
Sending warm thoughts on a day that will always be a sad one, sorry to say.
Rena Katz
May 7, 2011
Hey jim, it was great talking with you tonight. I love the website. It was nice to see and hear jay voice. He was a great person and he is missed dearly.
Jon Pennett
February 25, 2011
Your son was very talented. This web site you created in his memory is such a very nice thing to do for his family and friends. It leaves his mark on us all. We wish you the Best!
Anthony Bennett
December 24, 2010
Roberta and Jim, Remembering your precious angel Jay at Christmas time and always...
I'm wishing you have a Christmas filled with love, joy and peace and the wonderful memories you have of Jay will warm your heart and bring you comfort. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Elena Lowery
December 11, 2010
I am so sorry for your loss. Your son, Jay was a very handsome and talented young man. I know your pain. This road of grief is never one I would have chosen but we're on it and God will carry us through until we're with our son's again. Thank you for your kind message you left in my son, Dennis's guest book. Love and hugs....
Elena Lowery
November 1, 2010
Jay Mccarter
October 16, 2010
I don't know your family, but I too, lost a son who was only 19, to cancer. I know your pain and the fact that you made this website is fantastic for people to go to. It's the friends that keep the vision alive and I thank God every day for my son's friends who keep in contact with me. God bless each of you, and you know he is looking down on you every day. I'm sure my son must have known your son if he went to FPCHS and DBCC. I'm sure they have met in heaven. God bless...
Susan Romanello
September 21, 2010
I met Jay's parents at Gold's Gym. His music is very touching. It is wonderful that it can be kept alive on this website. Thank you for sharing with me.
Pat Herold
September 15, 2010
I didn't know Jay, but i cut his mothers hair a couple weeks ago and she had given me one of her cards that she carries around with his website on it. I have also lost a sister, 2 years in january. I think his voice is beautiful and his lyrics are very touching. I know the pain that his family is going through and my prayers go out to ya'll! God bless each and every one of ya'll :)
Brittany Gooch
August 24, 2010
Jay was a friend of mine in high school. I will always remember his smile and positive outlook on life. He was a beautiful person.
August 4, 2010
Jay, we had lunch with your mom and dad yesterday. Of couse your name came up (always)... We all love and miss you everyday. You would be so proud of the strenth your mom and dad have and show to everyone the meet.
Love you Uncle Walrus and Aunt Sharon
July 8, 2010
I still think of Jay from time to time. Everytime I pass White St., I blow a kiss to him to let him know I still love him and miss him very much. On occassion, when I'm on Daytona State Campus for some classes, I'll walk over to his graveside to visit. He's always on my mind.

How could you forget such a wonderful soul! I've never met a person like him and I don't think I ever will find someone that will come close to his spirit! He had a way of seeing the beauty in everything! He was my protector in school when I wasn't such the popular one. He would stick up for me and defend my honor. I'll never forget that! He was always there when I needed advice or a good laugh. He was my brother, and one of my best friends. Time cannot replace him, nor will I ever forget him. I'm constantly reminded of him through the music he loved, and the beauty he found in the world. Dave Matthews Band has become one of my favorite bands too! Roberta & Jim, you guys are always on my mind as well! I know I haven't visited in a while, and I am sorry for this! At first it was a bit too painful to talk about him, now I have no excuse and a visit is long over due! Ray and I will need to come visit you sometime soon! Until then, may this note find you well!
Chasity Skinner
July 6, 2010
July 1, on the secular anniversary #5 since Jay's passing, we put a notice in the paper (see News-Jrnlonline.com) and asked people to call us if they remember Jay. We got 39 calls that day, and several more since.

I eat humble pie, Dear Jay, for hassling you about the expensive haircuts you would get at Shear Dimensions, because one of the best calls was from Ron, a man who said he remembered you from the haircuts. You helped him with his livelihood and appreciated his talent. Then there was this elderly woman who remembers you from 1999 when you were 15 and would walk to Fazoli's from Seabreeze for lunch, lighting up her day.
I want this memory book to keep alive, to grow with messages every now and then. Whoever reads this, please drop in a few words to maintain momentum. We will need these connections as long as we live, and we will thank you forever. -Jay's parents, Jim & Roberta
May 3, 2010
Roberta and Family,
This website is amazing! It brings back many wonderful memories of Jay! By the way... Hello There Jay! Just to see your face again, is incredible. I sure do miss your smile, and the laugh that always accompanied it. =)
Listening to your voice in your music, instantly gave me goosebumps, and even made me a little teary eyed. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful memories of Jay! Jay - I'll always miss you.
Tabitha Parsons
April 1, 2010
Just dropping a line.
Hope Passover is Kosher :)
Amir Tal
March 22, 2010
Hi Dr. Sappington,
My husband, Leonard, and I met you and your husband, Jim, across from the cementery in Daytona Beach (during bike week). We all were visiting the gravesites of loved ones. You shared the website to listen to your son's music, thank you. His singing is beautiful and I love good singing. God bless you and your family. PS: I will e-mail a picture of your very nice blue trike.
February 12, 2010
Roberta and Family:

What a wonderful and happy celebration of Jay, his love, his spirit and all that was him.

I am so blessed by coming to your website.

I thank you for sharing your joy, your love, your celebration, and the tenderness of your hearts.

A. L.
A. L. Haizlip
January 19, 2010
Jay, you were with us Sunday, Jan. 17 on a memorial ride that Smiley's Tap does once a year for everyone who has loved ones "upstairs." I gave out your card to a girl who was 2 years behind you at Seabreeze, named Deanna. And everyone who loves you can read how a woman I work with who came from DC took your card, visited your web site at sappingtonmusic.com and really GOT the beauty and magic of your songs. Her message below mine is just what warms my heart and keeps me going.
You'll be getting a brother-in-law on May 30th when Deena and Mitch get married. Please put it on your heavenly calendar to be there! Love, Ma
January 16, 2010
Roberta, family of Jay and friends!

Wow, I only met Roberta in person a week ago at CMEL where she lovingly shared the website and memories of Jay. After sharing, although a short time with Roberta, I visited the website,,, now, where to begin.

Jay's music is incredible, so touching and inspiring. My personal favorites are Memories and Lessons, and Waves. The picture album tells it all...Jay's smile and photos of him with family and friend shows an incredible love for each of you and life..and your love for him.

Roberta, thank you for sharing Jay with me--I feel now as if I know him and he's touch my heart. I'll definitely be down loading the music to my IPOD and sharing with my friends and family.
Mitzi Warren
October 2, 2009
Hello Jay and everyone who loves you. We made a really cool sign for your 26th birthday, coming up 10/16/09. It's a joyful mewmorial and they've put it up at the Iron Horse in time for Biketober Fest. How you loved to people-watch there! And we made extras for people who love you and stay in touch. It's 12 X 24 inches, shows you in two different situations, so happy! Thanks for the 21 years we had you in the material world and every moment now and forever for your eternal soul. Love, Ma.
Roberta Sappington
August 10, 2009
Today was my first day as a fourth grade teacher... while my students were working independently I put one of Jay's CDs on... the kids asked who was singing and it brought so much joy for me to say it was Jay... his music and spirit is living in my classroom. Thanks Jay.
Alexis Rotstein
July 22, 2009
I miss you so much Jay. You're still such an inspiration to me. You got me though all the tough times and now you're legacy helps me make it through every day. Love, Jen
Jen Goertz
June 28, 2009
July 1 will be the American Calendar 4th anniversary of Jay's passing. We will be with his brother, Gabe, and Jay's sister-in-law Sherry, and their two wonderful children as we were last year. We will skip putting Jay's photo in the News-Journal this once, and resume in October for his birthday. In Jay's merit, we'll do some special charitable deeds, and we'll be thinking of Jay lovingly every minute. -Jay's parents, Jim & Roberta
June 16, 2009
tonight I will say Kaddish in shul for Jay's Yartzeit and meditate on the indescribable challenge that is dealing with the ever-present sorrow of having lost him in this world, and also celebrating the tremendous goodness of his soul and the way he lives on as a positive guiding presence in my and my family's lives.
Jay - I miss you more than words can convey, and I take sollace when I see little sparks of you in my son, who proudly carries on your name. He seems to have gotten the music bug from you, and is turning into quite a little drummer (he digs guitar too). Love,
June 13, 2009
Tuesday, June 16 at sundown is the 4th anniversay of Jay's passing according to the Hebrew calendar, the 25th of the month of Sivan. At synagogue this Sabbath everyone blessed Jay's soul and spoke beautifully about him. They read from his Torah, a portion that begins with the words, "Fire up the menorah." What perfect words to connect with Jay, since he used to climb the tall ladder in front of the synagogue to replace burned out bulbs in the menorah whenever the Rabbi called him to do that task.
If you keep to the English date of July 1, or commemorate starting sundown Tuesday, please do a good deed in Jay's memory, listen to his music at Sappingtonmusic.com, put a word in this memorial, give us a call (386-672-9799) or whatever is meaningful to you. Love & blessings, Jay's Mom
May 20, 2009
Hello Friends and Family of Jay,

I met Jay in the summer of 2004. During our year as a friends and fellow musicians, Jay and I were able to inspire each other to write, record, and perform at a very high level with deep outcomes. I had the honor of recording several songs with him during the winter of 2004 (including Park Bench, Melt, Returning to Love, and a few others). He opened up is musical heart and soul and allowed me to plaster my guitar, bass, and drum lines all over his music :)
As soon as I met Jay, he spoke of his parents. It was shortly thereafter that I met Roberta and Jim. It is a pleasure to have them in my life. Within the coming few weeks I will be posting more stories. I would also be honored to post Jay's music to the rest of the world. With granted permission from Roberta and Jim, I will cover some of Jay's music and post it on social networking sites and youtube. I will keep you all posted. Thank you all for being there.
Amir Tal
May 10, 2009
This web site reminds me that every day is a gift that we must embrace. I have read the guest book entries and it is clear that Jay was a special person who enjoyed life to the fullest. His life touched (and continues to touch) many people.
Roger Forshee
March 11, 2009
What a wonderful site to honor Jay. God bless you all...
David Rimstidt
February 24, 2009
Baby Bryce is here! How blessed Heather and I both are to have such a perfect angel to watch over our little ones... Ev loves Jay's music and loves her Jayma and Jaypa even more! xoxo
Ashlee Nolan
February 24, 2009
Yesterday after work I was at Jay's gravesite to bring stones I collected in Portland, OR, Atlanta, Lake Weir, and Blairesville, GA. Kryste, her finance, & their baby Dillyn met me there in the sunny, windy late afternoon. Part of Jay's infinite soul is anchored to that holy ground. You can feel it if you stay still. We said Psalm 121. Then I bought a frame for the portrait of Jay that Sharon Friedman painted in oil and gave us 6 months ago, went home to Jim, and rested. What a great surprise today to get the notice that Plezia had visited this guest book!
Please keep visiting, sharing your thoughts and feelings, and connecting. For me, this is a source of life. Thank you!
Roberta Sappington
February 24, 2009
Hi, Roberta you gave me this website last year when I did my detail assignment with you. I sincerely enjoyed listening to the music and viewing the video clips of your son, JAY. What a beautiful person, I see why when you speak of him, you have so much joy and happiness mixed with your loss. May you always have the peace of God in your life and may you always feel the love of your son.

With love and respect,
Plezia Scipio Sapp
January 20, 2009
Roberta I met you when I was voiunteering at the Hospice House in Flagler. You came in to see the quilt someone made from dance outfits of a past patient. My sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your obvipously wonderful son. May you find peace and comfort from your memories.

Charlotte McBride
Charlotte McBride
December 17, 2008
We just got gift's for little Jay and his sister and will mail tomorrow. When your dad told me that Gabe named his son "Jay" I just had to cry. You are always with us and thought of often. We just hope he calls Floyd "Uncle Walrus" How funny that is, because he really does look like a Walrus!!
Sharon and Uncle Walrus Jones
October 29, 2008
Thank you for being my angel and watching over me and Bryce. I love you!
Heather Cencerik
October 26, 2008
Dear People Connected to Jay,
I read a letter to Dear Abby recently. It asked why there are memorials in the newspapers recognizing birthdays and anniversaries of passing. The letter said "Don't we realize the person who has passed on cannot see these articles?" Each of you knows the lifeline we keep open when we write, publish memorials, and send comfort to friends and family. And a lot of us do not believe in death for those who believe in G-d.
To all of you, may you receive every blessing and keep the faith! Love, Jay's Mom
Roberta Sappington
October 19, 2008
Forever a great person
Bobby Glaesel
October 17, 2008
Am listening to DMB at work and am thinking about you. I miss you, i miss your talent and i miss your friendship. Sometimes when i can't sleep at night i still look for my phone to call you to listen to your music...always soothed me enough. I love you, I miss you.
Always- Katie
Katie Pircher
October 16, 2008
Happy Birthday. Yeah I'm 20 minutes late saying it but I was busy downloading all of your amazing music. The CD I have of yours in worn out so I am going to make a new one.

So, remember that time on the bus when you gleeked in my face so I spit in yours. Ha ha. You even wrote about it in my yearbook. We were friends from the start. Signed with spit :) I miss you! It was awesome growing up with you. Middle school bus rides with Ms. Masterson and the infamous "I dare you to throw this out the window at that car." Lol. Then to high school, good times, parties, prom, walking across that stage to get our diplomas.

Seems like just yesterday we were kids growing up together.

Thank you for your beautiful music. I didn't get a chance to sing with you in person but when I listen to your CD I sing and you are there in spirit.
I can't thank you enough for all the memories and laughter you have brought to my life. I love you!

Jay's Family,
I'm behind on the congratulations, however, congratulations on the new additions to your family. I'm sure they are as beautiful as Jay was and still is. Your son was amazing and he will always be in my heart. Thank you for giving him life and giving me a chance to make a loving and caring friendship with him. For that, I love you all as well.

Forever a friend,
Natasha Raabe
October 16, 2008

I've been thinking about you quite a bit lately and I just wanted to let you know that I miss you.
Chris Tolland
October 16, 2008
Jim and Roberta,
Just want to say thank you for sharing such beautiful memories of a wonderful son. This website is such a wonderful tribute to Jay. I loved hearing his music and seeing his photos. May God bless your family and keep you in His loving arms.
Lori Tolland
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