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Konstantinos "Kosta, Pappou" Christoforakis 1943 - 2018

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Konstantinos "Kosta, Pappou" Christoforakis

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December 12, 2018

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December 12, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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January 12, 2018
Sorry for your loss, he was a special man !
January 11, 2018
So sorry for your loss. Cherish all those beautiful memories. (I grew up eating at Pantheons & I work with Sofia and had no idea the correlation. ) My deepest sympathies to all of you.
January 10, 2018
My sincere condolences to the Christoforakis family. I remember meeting Kosta for the first time..It was at the pizzeria. I was all alone and new in town. I worked with Georgette and was her daughter Sofias's 4th grade teacher. I was actually a bit shy of meeting everyone, but that feeling soon went away and I felt I was with family. May God continue to give you strength, and peace. He was a fine man.
January 10, 2018
RIP our friend "Kosta".
January 10, 2018
Our father was an amazing man he was strong, he was stubborn, he was kind hearted, he was determined, he was passionate, and he made the best pizza. Our dad was born in Embona, Greece on May 21, 1943 - seldom was he a storyteller, but when he did, you would listen, because those stories were always interesting - maybe a little ad libbed, but all in good fun.

As he would say, he jumped-shipped to the US in 1965 with only $5 - after buying a bus ticket to NYC he had 5 cents left in his pocket. He slept in the bus terminal for days, never giving up - long story short, he found a fellow Greek and started talking to him - ended up getting a job as a dishwasher the road was not easy He worked various jobs in restaurants and in construction

He would tell about the time he met our mother He went to a Greek dance and he saw this young woman from across the dance floor As he walked across the dance floor, another man beat him to it - so he told me, rather than turn around in the middle of the dance floor - he continued and asked her friend to dance - our mom. And that is where the story begins

There were so many funny stories along the way - like how mom would tell us that while they were dating she was a vegetarian and she had decided to fast (no eating) well, on one of their dates dad took her out to eat, oblivious of these things - she said he ordered a steak and then another one Yeah, that sounds like our dad

Fast-forward they move to Florida Pantheon Pizza was always part of our life Dad was very proud of what he had built - he loved his staff, some of them like his own children he loved his customers I'll never forget how he would often call customers Linda or Mark I thought, wow, there are a lot of customers with the same name then one day, he says, Hi Linda - and I look at the ticket for her order and that is not her name - and I said to her, wait, is your name Linda? And she replied, no, but that is okay, he has called me that for years. Later when I told dad he had her name wrong he looked at me said, no, the men are Mark and the women are Linda.

I remember how he would always talk about the customers by their order - oh, you know the large pepperoni pizza with half sausage at first I was so confused as to why he didn't call them by their name - but then I too began speaking about ppl by their order I remember how he would see someone's car pull up in the parking lot and he would start their order before they even walked in Sometimes they would run in to make sure he hadn't started it yet because they wanted to change it.

I remember how our mom made him close the Pantheon on Sundays for family day and how I disliked family day because it meant only hanging out with the family and now I cherish those memories memories of waking my dad up to watch Land of the Lost with me

I remember how Dino wanted the Nintendo Gaming System - and we were playing and it was so late at night and Dad made us go to bed and then a minute later we hear the system song playing

I remember when my brother Dino was born I was 8 and my father was watching through the glass to the nursery room at the hospital - and the nurse showed him a bundled up Dino and said congratulations, it's a boy and dad didn't believe her - and made him show her proof

I remember how even though he was an American citizen by marriage he loved this country so much that he wanted to do it in his own right - so he studied for the test and he passed I remember going to the courthouse in DeLand and watching him pledge allegiance to the United States.

I remember when I took a job at a bank - and my boss came in to buy pizza - and dad asked him how I was doing - and before my boss could answer, Dad asked him to fire me so that I would go back to working full-time at the Pantheon because he missed me

I remember him singing along with the song, I Love Rock n Roll

I remember how important New Year's Day was to him who would be the first to call him how he would call over to family in Greece

I remember when he taught me how to make pizza doughEverything he cooked was never measured - it was always by weight and by feel...

I remember how much he loved Disney's It's a Small World

I remember how even though he didn't go to church every Sunday, he much he loved God he always wore his cross, never taking it off...

I remember the first Christmas I met Ray and he gave dad a little handheld blackjack game he played that game alllllllllll day

I remember how Sofia and I wanted a horse soooooooo bad we looked high and low and he surprised us with a horse that we never, ever wanted but was the perfect horse for us

I remember how we bought that horse a blanket for the winter and he said to oh, in Greece, we give them an electric blanket - and we both we so shocked and he said NO, the horse doesn't need a blanket!

I remember how much he enjoyed watching Dino play high school football And then again watching Lukas and Elijah play sports He was so proud...

I remember getting fired from Pantheon after the lunch shift and being expected to return for the dinner shift

I remember that table 3 was meant for talking to you - usually the good things table 5 meant you were in trouble and you NEVER wanted to be at table 16...

I remember before Dino and Ashley were a thing how he promised her she was to name her first son after him Looks like he was right ;)

I remember how excited he was to learn he was going to be a grandfather - and again - and again, again, again, again

I remember watching the video of how he found out about Atlas Little Dino had on a shirt that said Big Brother and Ashley said, Read Kostaki's shirt - and Dad said, oh yeah Big Brother Big Brother? Oh another one? Yeah, Yeah? He was so happy.

I remember how he loved making Zeva sandwiches of cream cheese and french bread

I remember how when Lukas was in kindergarten - and he was getting into a little trouble and being made to sit in the brown chair and Sofia was telling Lukas that was unacceptable behavior and our dad said, Lukas, ven you get the brown chair I will give you $5 And we were shocked - and almost in unison said, Dad, the brown chair is not good and dad look at us and said, I know all the times when you were younger, it is good for you!

I remember how Nya thought the word was bazert (dessert) from him

I remember how he would say to little Dino, what's your name, and little Dino would reply Kostaki and dad would just light up...

I remember how he strongly told Zeva that he would NOT go mini golfing and she just looked at him, head cocked to the side, hands folded at her chest pleading, and a sad face and Sofia and I just looked at each other KNOWING Zeva was about to get in big trouble and he looked at her and he stood up from his chair, put down his iPad that he was playing poker on and said let's go mind you we children NEVER would have gotten away with that

I remember how the world stopped for him as he watch Athena play basketball on national television

I remember how proud he was that he was able to see his daughter, the daughter of an immigrant, play in the Olympics representing Greece

I remember how proud he was that all his children finished college when he himself had barely an 8th grade education
I remember how sad and lonely he was after our mom passed and he would say he was so boring... and then he met Eva - and he was so happy and full of life (even though she wouldn't let him eat fried chicken because it wasn't healthy)...

I am thankful that he raised us to be strong
I am thankful that he raised us to be responsible
I am thankful that he taught us the value of hard work
I am thankful that he taught us to treat everyone equal
I am thankful that he showed us how we could achieve what he called the American dream
I am thankful that he showed us through his actions that this country is the best country...

I will miss how he cherished his grandchildren Lukas, Elijah, Zeva, Nya, Kostaki, and Atlas I miss how he would bounce them and sing the only lullaby he knew de-da-la-lee How he would tell them every time he saw them that he loved them.

I will miss how he had his routine every morning to go to McDonalds and visit with his friends

I will miss his napkin collection

I will miss his Thanksgiving routine Eat Football Sleep Eat again (usually dessert)...

I will miss how he loved playing poker with his friends and family in Greece - and he would show me each of his friends and explain how he knew them, or who's child it was

I will miss knowing that Wednesday night was always dog-track night

I will miss how he would watch cartoons with his grandkids...

I will miss showing up on his doorstep and surprising him with a visit...

I will miss talking to him for brief chats (he was never one to talk very long on the phone) and ending with bye ba-bye ba-bye bye bye I will miss how he would say ask who it is when there would be a knock on the door - and we would be silly and say who it is?

But most of all, I will miss knowing that you were always there for me. I miss you dad, I will always be your little girl and you will forever live in my heart.

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