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Richard Alan "Rick" Baxter

Richard Alan "Rick" Baxter

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January 20, 2020

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January 20, 2020

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 03, 2013
We listened to the "behind the bundles" track the other day. Gary found it. We all miss learning and working with you. Thank you for believing in me.
August 01, 2013

Our family will always miss you, my friend.

July 28, 2012
Has it really been 4 years? I miss you so terribly much. Rick you will always be part of our lives. Doug and Rachael always refer to you with their friends. You gave us all life long lessons - find your passion and follow it, inspire others and a big smile and a big hug always feel good.
Keep dancing Rick - I love you.
September 25, 2010
Learning of Rick's passing this week was deeply saddening news for me. He and I worked together in LA and became friends working on the same accounts. I spent many late evenings in his office discussing creative, looking at the comps he'd put up on the wall and deciding what we felt worked best and why. He was always open to ideas and had a genuine honesty that was warm and encouraging, and at the same time, true to his creative integrity.

Rick's creative energy was so vibrant it felt tangible, like you could just jump into his jetstream and get carried through his creative process and understand how it all came together through his eyes. He had a remarkable brilliance that way and taught me that if anything is worth doing, it's worth being a reflection of your best self.

I always enjoyed seeing what he was designing or building and was so impressed with his sense of doing things his way just for the sake of making something beautiful. I remember him showing me the photos of how he transformed his downtown flat into a remarkable live/workspace. He loved the view of the city at night.

Rick had a profound effect on my work and always had the right words. I tried to contact Rick a few times this past year, just to tell him I missed him and how much he meant to me as a friend and collaborator. He was a kind of guiding light in my life who showed me there is something divine within all of us in a way I still truly believe. I will miss him very much.
September 14, 2009
As Rick's nephew I was only given the pleasure of seeing him once (maybe twice) a year. Always at the lake house. I miss him SO much. He was my hero on this selfish planet. He never cared how hard he had to work as long as he could help someone. He always gave me the best advice. I miss him everyday I wake. I wish I could have another piece advice, but all I can do is use the gems he'd given me over 21 years. He was always the most playful Uncle to his nieces and nephews, as if he were just an older brother. I miss you Ricky, I can not wait until I get to hear that baritone voice of yours again.
August 05, 2009
WE are here at the lake as a family, remembering Rick. Our best to all of teh many friends who have posted notes on this site. Rick's spirit lives on inall of us.
08 05 09
September 09, 2008
I had a crush on this gorgeous soul! And yes, Rick loved me too!!! We were free birds - having the time of our lives in New York City. Dancing, partying, probably a drink too many - but the innocence and pure, belly laughing fun we all had!! It was the Studio 54 Days and never-ending and passion pumped through all our veins and our creative talents and zest for the good life were unparalled! We were masters of our universes - loving, peaceful hearts....I remember you Rick, all of you boys, all of the apple that we were not afraid to take a bite out of!!! Blessings dear one - heartspace holding those you loved and those who loved you...
September 08, 2008
Rick Baxter was one-of-a-kind. Creative, funny, generous... We met in college, hung out with the same friends...and for that decade that followed Rick was always such a great friend. When I was out of work I remember many times when Rick would offer me freelance work at one of the agencies he worked at. Some of the best moments of those days were spent staying up until early morning in those studios turning out storyboards and presentations. We would listen to music, laugh, have fun with the staff. He also threw the best parties. His party in the giant apt. overlooking the park was memorable. Our lives moved in different directions in the 90s and after, but we kept in touch now and then. I last spoke to him in early May. We may have exchanged a handful of emails and Facebooked over the last few years, but it was exciting to talk to was as if no time had passed. And thanks to Rick and his network of Buffalo friends, one of those friends eventually introduced me to my wife. Thank you Rick for your friendship, kindness, laughter and the light you brought to our lives. You are greatly missed. X
August 28, 2008
I just received the deeply saddening news of Rick's passing. I had not seen Rick in many, many years, but I have many fond memories of him... working with him at "Bill's Four-Way Service"... the parties on Delaware Rd... hanging out with Brian, Joe, & Andy - and Rick's RELENTLESS teasing of all of us about anything & everything... the trips to Crescent Beach & Beaver Island in his blue Fury convertible that he was so proud of... Rick's "special effects" for the Super-8 movies he made (i.e. flaming model cars, airplanes, trains, & buildings with the occasional firecracker or rocket engine installed, as the scene dictated!). I'm certain that all who knew him have an abundance of similar memories, because you couldn't know Rick and not have him become part of you!
My thoughts and sympathy go out to all of Rick's family, co-workers, and friends. Though we are all saddened by our loss, I have no doubt that wherever Rick is, they are having a really good time!
August 12, 2008
Rick became a part of my life through his old friend Joe Radoccia. I can remember his full, rich laugh filling the stairwell whenever he arrived at our house in Brooklyn, and then Rick and Joe taking the stairs two (or three) at a time as they made their way past my work room and up to Joe's kitchen. Then the smell of coffee and the call for me to join them, where after a bear hug from Rick, I'd sit, breathless and giddy, watching their high-speed, ping-pong conversation. Those boys could sure talk, each faster than the other. I was terribly fond of Rick and missed him when he moved away.

Even though we hadn't seen each other for years, Joe kept me abreast of the "Rick news" and I've always just assumed that we'd meet again some day.

He was more fun than a barrel of goofy monkeys and a hell of a lot smarter and more talented. I'll miss his presence in the world.

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