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August 15, 2018

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August 15, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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July 18, 2014
Dad, some days I just need to call and talk to you. And I forget that I can't. I miss that. I hope you know how often I think of you, and cherish the few things of yours I have. I love you always,
July 13, 2011
Happy Birthday. Dance it up with Nonna. I love you!
June 26, 2011
I miss you Dad. There are things that I just can't let go of like erasing your number off my cell phone. Some days I see it, get ready to call you then I realize I can't. I do the same thing with Nonna's number. I like to think that it because to me you both are not gone and that a part of you is alive in my mind and heart. I like the thought you you and Nonna being together. I'm sure you guys are having a great time. I found a bunch of your CD's yesterday that Gary had stashed, it made me smile. Maybe I will listen to some Chicago today.
My favorite memory of you is you singing American Pie to me and Jeremiah was a bullfrog. Thank you for giving me such a love of music. When I was 10 you took me to buy earrings because I had gotten my ears pierced for my birthday. I asked you if I could have some records instead and you smiled so big. You said we had to check with mom. She said yes and you bought me a little panasonic record player and 5 albumns. If you didn't then, let me tell you now, it that was my most treasure possession ever. Thank you for that. I loved the thought that you would always have all the newest records and would let my borrow them. It made me feel important and special.
Jake is still collecting all those card just as you di. He shows me some of themand say Grandpa would like this one. He is a sports fanatic I see him checking stats on players and games writing it all down like he would when he would go talk to you about them. Aaron is way into music and sings in the car like you did. There have been many stories about him calling people an dsinging to them. I guess thats why I love it so mich it kind of reminds me of when you used to do that with me. Daniel is living in NY doing tattoos and living a carefree life it drives me crazy but he seems happy.
I love you Dad I hope you are truly at peace.
July 13, 2010
Dad, today is your birthday... I hope your having a party with old friends, drinks, and all your favorite things. I love you.
June 26, 2010
Dad I know that you are not suffering anymore and that you are free from all the things that tormented you in this world. I love you. I miss you. Somedays it seems impossible that you are gone and I think about riding in your old chevy with you and you taking the keys out of the ignition when it was running. That scared me!You knew that and you would giggle at the look on my face. I remember so many happy times and how much you always tickled me. Thank you for that. I am glad my boys got a chance to know that good in you. I know you looked forward to talking sport and Nascar with them and they enjoyed that so much. Gary made me keep all those darn books, now I'm glad he did. He has read almost all of them. He has a funny sense of humor like you did and sometimes I shake my head at him just as I did at you. I love you Dad. I am glad you have found peace. Thank you for never judging me and alwasy just listening to me.
June 26, 2010
Today, it has been 3 years since my dad has been gone. I am here, and missing you. Its seems so long, but then not...
I know today, that you are resting. And knowing that, makes me feel better. Jason, Paul, and Ivy talk about you happily. I love you Dad and miss you terribly.
Love Melissa
June 05, 2010
It has been awhile now. Time does help, but it does not go away for me. I guess it will always be this way. I cant help but feel that I am too young to have lost my father. Especially as Fathers day is near. There are times that I think Im going to call you really quick because I thought of something I wanted to tell you. Then I realize, I cant. I wear things of yours here and here, and sometimes That makes feel close to you. I hope you know we talk of you, Paul the most. He has been very guarded about the things he has of yours. I am glad for that. I know I have you here with me, But I still miss you Dad. I love you, Melissa
July 19, 2007
Susan and Steven
Sharon, called me and told me that your Dad had passed. He was a great friend. I loved him dearly. I tried so hard over the last few yrs to have him let me get involved with his life. I would call and try and make plans to visit. Only once did my wife and I get down to Bakersfield to visit. His passing has left a big hole in my life. I will miss him , but not the memories. Tell your mom high for me.. My family thoughts and prays are with you..

Love Dick Davis
July 19, 2007
Susan,Melissa,Steven & Mark.Sorry Susan I have not called you. I was so afraid I'd break down. My first memory of you and your siblings are the Fiesta Parades in SLO. Woody was always a big part of my life. We have been friends for forty years. He watched my girls grow up and will be sadly missed by all of us. They were always begging me to call him and get more BBQ spice. Another good friend of ours just passed away. Pete Colombo,owner of the bowling alley for many years. I'm sure they are up in heaven reminising the old bowling alley days. Please know I am so sorry for your family. Even though I did'nt like the way he chose to live his life,I respected his choice because he was my dearest friend,Remember the good times.Sharon,Holly &Kandi
July 16, 2007
Woody has always had a special place in my heart, he showed my son, at the age of 3 that grown men can hug & kiss. He's 19 now & still remembers Woody. He will be missed

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Jason 3 yrs. with Grandpa Eddie Woodward

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