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July 17, 2018

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July 17, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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April 02, 2016
Dear Grams, Miss you! You are my inspiration in life. So strong, so kind, so loving, so funny. You really knew how to live life. Simple and full. I think about you daily and hope I make you proud. I am going to do my very best to learn about gardening and identifying different plants. Mom said she'll teach me. I'll take notes and pictures... to carry on the legacy for us girls. You are the matriarch of the family. What a beautiful woman to be named after. I am honored. You are grandma,you are friend. I will cherish you always. So, see you later. Love, Your Granddaughter and Name Sake, Little Jeannie (I heart You)
March 20, 2016
Jeanne Walker was considered the Godmother of Heart's Ease Herb Shop and Gardens in Cambria, California. She worked alongside me in the gardens and shared a knowledge and passion of plants with vast breadth and depth. I can still hear her lilting British accent and see her sparkling eyes and wispy, flyaway hair. She taught me about British garden styles and traditions and she shared her passion and knowledge with thousands of happy visitors. People still ask about Jeanne and she will NEVER be forgotten by me or by my family. Rest in peace dear Jeanne in a lavender scented paradise.
March 14, 2016
I knew Jeanne as a kid growing up in Cambria. Being friends with Frances I was in their home often. Such a treasure we have lost. Anytime I saw her she always had a smile for me that was like the sunshine coming out on a cloudy day! Frances, she is with you always in your heart and for sure is looking down on you as you struggle on without her. Your friend, and sending you much love, Mollie
March 14, 2016
Sometimes if you are lucky special people pass through your life. Jeanne Walker was one of those folks to Dave and I. She was more than a mere neighbor. Her delight in life and everyday things was a special gift. She loved to banter with Dave who called her the old Brit but only to her face and in fun.
We love to think of her driving her Rambler as she so loved to do. That vehicle was really special to her and it was a sad day to see It go even though she could no longer drive it.
She loved to sit in her garden regardless of the weather. We could see her there from our window and often commented on how beautiful she kept it.

Jeanne, you are missed on Huntington Road! May you rest in peace.

Judi and Dave
March 13, 2016
I have just received notification from my sister Jakki of the sad news of the passing away of Jeanne my auntie.
I well remember her at a very early age
about five to seven years when we visited the family in Paignton.
She was such fun to be with and kept me amused for hours.

Please accept our deepest sympathies.
March 12, 2016
She was my Mother, my dear friend, my sister and sometimes in later years my child. I would say that she was probably my soul mate. God couldn't have chosen a more perfect Mother for me. Through my whole life she took the time and effort to really know me. I know there were times that I deeply disappointed and hurt her mother's heart, but I also know that her love for me was not altered by my inconsiderate actions. When I left home to marry and have my children, I know she made sure she did not meddle, but she was there for the births and sadly she watched as the marriage and family deteriorated and she knew that the worst would happen. When she moved up to Cambria to begin a new life on her own and I began a singing career we didn't have as much contact. But when things settled down more and as we got older we found that almost everything we did we would wish the other was there to share. We did share some wonderful times together...a train trip to San Francisco, a trip to England to meet the relatives so that I would understand why I was the way I was...hmmm...hiking in the High Sierras. There were very few things for which we didn't share an interest. Learning the botanical names of the flowers in her beloved garden, walks on the beach or just sharing a simple cuppa...of course music and so much more. When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's she lived with me for a couple of difficult years and then needed to be cared for in a facility. I was so moved that she tried so very hard to remember me. She even called all the caregivers in her facility 'Frances'. I know deep down that she felt something when we were together..she just didn't know why or what it was. But a great testimony to her love for her God is that when ever I sang Amazing Grace to her even when she no longer seemed responsive, there was a change in her demeanor and I knew we were meeting each other in a place where God was. The world just doesn't seem real or right without her in it somehow. And I miss her like I would miss a significant part of myself. Part of me wants to dance a jig because she is free of the worries and mishaps of the world and is Home...but that will have to be another day. So 'til we meet again, Mommy, I will hold you close and dear to my heart.
March 12, 2016
I never really knew my Auntie Jeanne until I came on a visit to California, but I would read all her letters to her sister Mollie - my mother - and from there gleaned plenty of info, especially about her gardening exploits. In fact, when she came over to the UK for a visit, she bought some underwear 2 sizes larger in order to amuggle back some special bulbs for her garden in Cambria!! I will remember her lovely laugh which was more of a head back, full bodied gusty one, as opposed to her sisters' more discreet giggles...and I shall remember her with great tenderness for her love of animals. She was a true free spirit, and Frances you were indeed privileged to have such a lovely and loving Mom - I bet you anything she's gardening away up there whilst looking down at her family with pride and joy.
March 11, 2016
Jeanne was a jolly gal with a great sense of humor, a good looking, intelligent person and the mother of the woman I married--the only woman I ever married. She first introduced me to Schopenhauer and had made observations about life that most folks don't. She, like her daughter, had a fantastic 'ALTISSIMO' singing voice and when the two sang, it was hard to tell who was who! I was never sure whether she liked me or not--since I "stole" her daughter from her--but then again, Jeanne was a multi-talented woman with modern thoughts about some things and old fashioned thoughts about others. I liked her. She never let me get close to her. That was her way, I guess. Bon voyage, Jeanne, and happy growth to your heart and spirit!
March 11, 2016
A Beautiful Woman with a beautiful heart. Rare qualities for any day and age. Jeannie Walker was this and so much more. She was a grandmother to me every sense of the word. She always had a smile and hug! I will miss her more than any words can say! Love you bunches GG!
March 09, 2016
I can't say that I knew GG very well, but what I do remember was her constantly smiling. I remember spending Christmas with her and the rest of our family, and she always made the room bright and welcoming.

I wish had gotten to know GG better, she seemed like a wonderful person to not only know, but to be around as well.

I'll miss you, and you'll forever be remembered; in everyone's heart you will stay, always remembered but never forgotten.

Hopefully we can meet again someday and have a nice, long chat.

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you and me grandma... laughing

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