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July 18, 2018

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July 18, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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January 19, 2018
Hi, again, honey! Your birthday message didn't make it from me either, but glad you got one from your dear friend! Hope you had a great celebration; it was an interesting day here at the house, but I'm sure you saw it all! I've been praying that you are "allowed" to intercede,especially with Saber! I know you'll be good for him! Tambrina is in her final year in college..she's doing so good..straight A's & just like last year, she got that news the day before your b/day. She's talking about taking a year off to work, then go back for her Masters! You'd be in awe of her; we are! Anyway, I wonder what it'd be like today if you were still here. I worry about Dad; he's starting to have some issues like Grandma had. I know you'd be upset seeing his decline! It's sad and scary, but I know you're close by to help get us through. Thanks! All-in-all, everything is good, and I am so blessed to be your mom!! I thank God everyday! Love and Miss you. Keep the light on for me. And happy belated 51st!
January 05, 2018
Happy Heavenly Birthday Scotty! Love and miss you❤ Until we meet again
January 03, 2018
Hi, Scott! Please don't think I didn't send you my annual Christmas Eve manuscript.. I did...for whatever reason, it didn't get published, and I didn't get a rejection notice, so not sure what happened. Anyway, I hope you had a great Christmas with the family. Cousin, Joseph "jojo" was new to your family table this year. Bet Terry was glad to see him, but sad that he died so young...younger than you were.
Love and Miss you so very much. Birthday in a couple of days. I'll write then and hopefully this and that one will make publication.
All's well. Keep the light on for me. Mom
January 09, 2017
Hi Scotty,
Like to wish you a late Happy 50th Birthday. Ricky will be the big 50 in 3 years and 10 mo. and in 3 years uncle Rick and I will have our 50th wedding Annv. Give Grandma Fairbanks and Grandpa Fairbanks hugs for us thanks. You know Scotty we are so very proud of your kids doing so well. Hugs Aunt B.B. and Uncle Rick
January 07, 2017
Hi again, Honey! I've attempted to post twice to this page to wish you a Happy 50th Birthday, but neither post has shown up yet! I hope you had a great day eating birthday cake made by Grandma Sousa and laughing over a pot of coffee with Grandma Fairbanks! I wonder what you would look like at 50? Would you have grey hair like I did, or just a little around the temples like Dad? One thing I know for sure, your smile would still light up the room and your laugh would still be as infectious as ever! I went to Morning Mass on your birthday; the Mass intentions were for you, Uncle Al, and Terry! All is good; Dad & I will be picking up your baby girl in a couple of weeks as she begins her 2nd semester of her junior year in college! She was so excited with her grades for first semester: Straight A's along with an A+. I told her that was the best birthday gift she could ever have given you!
Let's see if this post makes it. I have no idea why the other 2 did not!
I Love You, Scotty Eugene Aloysius Fairbanks! My greatest accomplishment and the joy of my universe! All is well. Leave the light on for me! Mom
December 25, 2016
So I was laughing and smiling...hugging the air ALOT..and shedding a few tears today as I was preparing dinner for dad and me.
The toaster stopped working...after dad had used it this morning, but it refused to work when I wanted some toast. Dad threw it out. I preheated the oven; it kept beeping and displaying messages. I'd turn them completely off, go to the other side of the kitchen, and I'd get more displays and beeping noises. Go turn them off, only to have them come back on. Ended up turning off the oven completely, but the messages and beeping continued!! Then I got some carrots out of the fridge to munch on, and when I went back into the kitchen a few minutes later, there were 3 baby carrots on the floor like they were making a trail.
Dad came downstairs; I told him you were here and you had had me hugging the air all afternoon. He didn't saying and went back upstairs. Last I heard from you. That's when I cried. But thank you for at least letting me think you were here pranking me like you always used to do. Didn't mean to cry. Just in case you were still here, we Set a place for you at the table with the picture we have of you hanging in our room. A favorite, for sure.
Well son, I've made it through 12 Christmases! Never thought I'd make it through a single day. Love and miss you. Love, Mom
PS. Should I go
Get the toaster out of the trash???
December 25, 2016
Hi honey! Here it is. Christmas Eve, almost Christmas Day. I'm home from Mass at the Old Mission in San Luis. They still call it midnight mass although it was at 10 o'clock but the Midnight Mass here at home was at 8 o'clock and that just doesn't seem right; especially after all the years that you served Midnight Mass at midnight! Yup, I am still a stickler on tradition.
It'll be a quiet Christmas this year just dad and I, but that's OK; we had a nice dinner last week at Ron's house. I'm going to fix prime rib tomorrow and hope it's as good as Ron's was. Hope everything is going good there!! sorry I didn't spend longer at the cemetery with you today; it was cold and wet but I sat in the car by your grave and listened to a beautiful Christmas song and it made it easier. 12 Christmases. Wow. how did that happen ? Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times it doesn't seem like you've been gone at all .
Your kids are doing great! Tambrina will be starting her second semester as a junior in college her grades are really good she's talking about maybe coming here and staying with Dad and me to complete her masters and get her credential at Cal Poly! Wouldn't that be super? Saber has moved back home. I think he and his mom are getting along better and he and Dutch have gotten really close. Since Dutchie fell off the roof and hurt his sternum he hasn't done as well in swim and he had to really slow down in cross country; hopefully next year will be better for him. Dad's having some health issues but I'm doing my best to help keep them under control. The docs are too, of course.
I'm rambling. Wish we could just sit and talk like we used to. Christmas and Thanksgiving Eves were some of my favorite times. You'd sit up with me in the kitchen and we'd talk for hours while I was preparing for the big day! Even after you married, if you weren't here, you'd call me and we would run up a pretty hefty phone bill!! Oh, how I remember those times!! Thank you! I miss them ...and YOU!
All your cousins and their families are doing good. Ricky and Kristin just bought a new house. Still in Riverside. Randy gave us quite a scare last month. If you or grandpa or uncle Al had anything to do with the intercession, thank you! He's home and seems to be doing good. Jeff and Lori are adopting Terrys youngest Granddsughter. Tell him in case he doesn't know. I know he will want to help out from there! And Jessie is a few weeks pregnant. Tambrina is having a little bit of a hard time with that; her cousin just a year younger than her is going to be having a baby. But she's ok. Jordan is getting married in June in Arkansas and Mandi is getting married in October. Who's next? When the times come, I hope you'll be making one of your special appearances. Ha! I treasure those times.
I still hug the air like Saber said we should do! He's such a sweetheart! And I'm still rambling! Sorry
Ok I'll sign off. Please know how much you are forever loved and missed. Dad's still having those great dreams I told you about. Thanks! I wish I had more of them, but I guess it might be because my sleep pattern is crazy and I don't seem to have many dreams at all.
Ok done! Miss you more! Keep the light on for me. All is well. MERRY CHRISTMAS, precious son of mine! Tell everyone hi. Love. Mom
August 24, 2016
Good Morning, Son! Just checking in to say "Hi!" Hope you have your wings in good shape..your little girl started her Junior Year of college this week; your "bestest buddy ever" graduated high school and is living on his own (pretty much), and your little guy got his driver's permit yesterday! Hard to believe, but it's true!
Hope all is good for you. Take care, love and miss you more every day!! Keep the light on for me! All is well! HUGS...Mom
January 06, 2016
Happy birthday Scott on Jan.5 like to thank you for the rain.
We miss you so much. Give grandma and papa Fairbanks hugs for you
January 05, 2016
Happy Birthday, Scotty! 49! Wow! That makes me (almost) old! So many memories of this day 49 years ago! You are the best thing that ever happened to me; I thank God daily for His Blessing by choosing me as your mom! I miss you. I miss hearing you call me "Mom!" I miss your laugh...that vibrant laugh that filled the room! So many things I miss. But so many things to be thankful for; the 38 1/2 years I had you, everything we learned about being a mom and a son, all the "character" we were forced to build (you certainly remember all of those times), your depth and your ability to love unconditionally, your passions, your never being a stranger to anyone; I could go on for volumes, but you know! You've always known my heart! I know you miss your kids but I know you're with them all of the time; they know it too! Keep up the great work with them, continue to guide them. With that, happiest of birthdays, Scotty Eugene Aloyusius Fairbanks! Tell everyone get to celebrate with Uncle Al this year (we miss him, too),keep the light on for me. Rest Well. You are deeply loved, and mostly by me!

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