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A Great Time in the States
The first 10 days of September were giddy ones for Alona Abraham, who was in Boston on her first trip to the United States. She went whale-watching, shopping and walking in Cambridge, said Dror Veisman, a college friend with whom she stayed. "She said, 'Oh, Mommy, I'm having a great time,' " said Miriam Abraham, her mother, who lives in Ashdod, Israel. "She was laughing and talking about going on picnics and sightseeing with her friends."

Ms. Abraham, 30 ‹ the eldest of three children and daughter of Israeli immigrants from Bombay ‹ worked long hours at Applied Materials, where she was an industrial engineer. So she took her vacations seriously, spending weeks in Paris and Amsterdam and going on African safaris. Independent and religious, she often traveled alone and kept kosher wherever she happened to be.

Seeing America was one of her dreams. She liked the cool weather, the low prices, the cosmopolitan cities. And for a few weeks, she could escape the bombings and shootings at home in Israel. She planned to return again and again. She was on United Airlines Flight 175, which struck the south tower on Sept. 11.

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Published in The State Journal-Register on Nov. 21, 2001.
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October 25, 2020
Fred Brogosian ,luongo
September 17, 2020
Alona seems like she was a beautiful and happy woman. I'm so thankful she got to accomplish some of her dreams, but so sorry her years on earth were cut short. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of her family and friends who still mourn this loss. We will never forget.
McKell Swain
September 11, 2020
Prayers and remembrance to this family especially today!
Lesley Weathers
September 11, 2019
Always remembering Alona on this sad yahrzeit and keeping your family forever in my heart.
ninette stiskin
September 11, 2019
We will never forget. Rest in peace.
September 11, 2019
18 Years later I am remembering! My name is also Alona! I live in Iowa USA. I am a Christian. A grandmother of 3 . I wanted to say to Alona's family and friends it is my honor to learn about this beautiful women! A women who loves God! Loved life and loved family ! I will never forget! All my LOVE!
Alona Pickett
September 4, 2019
I am a student at Shanley Highschool and we are learning about 9-11. I would just like to say that Alona always seemed to find joy in being with family and friends and I am sure that she is dearly missed by all she knew. We will never forget Alona or anyone who died on that tragic day. Your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers and may God continue to watch over your family.
November 22, 2018
Sending our continued deep sympathy to your family. Alona will always be sadly missed. May the time come when these violent acts will be ended.
The Kindred Family
September 13, 2018
You'll never be forgotten..
June 15, 2018
September 8, 2016
My condolences
Water Malone
September 11, 2015
I wanted to share with your family and friends on my completed cross stitch project that includes all who were killed. May God continue to bless your family.
kristine hanson
September 5, 2015
bella b
September 23, 2014
Melissa Blue
September 23, 2014
Will never forget, ever. Want to remember each & every one of you. God watch over you in Heaven.
Melissa Blue
September 11, 2014
September 11, 2014
i am so sorry for you loss I don't know how you got through it but my condolences go out to you
leigha lambert
September 11, 2014
August 26, 2014
I go to Civic Memorial High School in Bethalto, Illinois. We have decided to have a memorial for all of the victims from 9/11. Our memorial will consist of taking 2,977 flags and putting a picture and some information found over each and every person lost. Then we are going to take and put them on our football field in alphabetical order. At 6:45pm on 9/11/2014 we are going to open the gates to the community, and friends or family of those victims. We will respectfully take all the flags of on the morning of 9/12/2014. If you have and questions, or concerns please email me at and I will have an answer for you
Sierra Jennings
September 12, 2013
bella b
October 16, 2012
Having just returned home from visiting the WTC memorial, I decided to read about the lives of some of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Alona Abraham was one of the two names I discovered and one of the people I would like to remember. I will light a yertzheit candle and say Kaddish for you Alona on the next anniversary marking 9/11.
Anthony David L.
September 13, 2012
May 1, 2012
Barbara Boam & Kim Rogers walked a mile for you (mile #106) on 5/1/12 as a dedication to your life.
Barbara Boam
September 21, 2011
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
Maria Arias
September 14, 2011
I'm so very sorry that that Abraham family lost their dear loved one. May your precious memories of Alona bring you all comfort. And may "the God of comfort," ease the pain of your grief.
Daniels Family
September 13, 2011
I am so very sorry for what happened to you. You deserved so much better, and a long happy life.
May G-d carry you up to Him, and I hope your loved ones may one day find peace in knowing you are remembered.
Rebecca Goldberg
September 12, 2011
September 11, 2011
I share the same name as Alona. I read her story today- and found we loved many of the same things. I will forever remember her now. 09/11/2011 May the God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob bless her Family and Friends. Amen
Alona Pickett
September 9, 2011
May God Bless you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
September 8, 2011
To the Mother of Alona Abraham:
You have my sympathy at the loss of your God Bless you at this time.
Love Joan, Glendora, CA
Joan Tapp
May 28, 2011
my name is judy munn of gainesville floria ilived at the atrium-May 27'2011 and i was stunned when althis took placeJUDYMUNN@ATT.NET
March 24, 2011
Our hearts cry for you. We are so sad that your trip ended this way. We know that you now live in heaven and are protected by angles. We pray in your honor. Love, Libby and Bill .
September 12, 2010
I am so sorry that you did not get to return home. You were a guest in our country and I regret that we did not protect you. Your family's loss is not forgotten.
just another sad American
September 10, 2010
To the family of Alona Abraham:
Alona gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our heroes of September 11 be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you.
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers
September 6, 2010
To the Abraham family and friends. I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. No blood is as great as that between a parent and child. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories of her bring you comfort.
September 11, 2009
Alona is not now, nor will she ever be, forgotten. I only regret that she was not returned safely to her country after visiting us here.
September 8, 2008
God bless Alona and her family.Never to be forgotten!
Dawn Sproules
August 21, 2008
I can't begin to tell you how much Alona has affected me, so long after her passing. I only saw a tiny picture of her in the New York Times, but when I read she was, above all, Jewish (as well as observant), it affected me deeply. She must have been extraordinary, and myself being Jewish and religious, continue to say yizkor for her and others on that tragic day.
May G-d continue to bless your family.
Dr.Max Mulberg
June 30, 2008
The irony in it ALL. After reading about Alona, she must have felt safe here in the States; ironic.
Alona must have been a wonderful person, so energetic and world traveled. My deepest sympathy to her family. Rest in peace.
Dorothy Janetzke
February 23, 2008
I was so sorry to hear of your loss. The thoughts of many are with you at this time of sorrow.
Doug Abraham
June 10, 2007
In memory....
P Tabbernor
June 3, 2007
Happy moments can come from
Hyma Dunkin
May 17, 2007
To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...
but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.
Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love.

Please do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight.
Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you."

It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone.
As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on.
I need you here badly; you're part of my plan.
There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man."

God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.
And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.
And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight.
God and I are closest to the middle of the night.

When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving years
because you are only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry; it does relieve the pain.
Remember there would be no flowers, unless there was some rain.

I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned.
But if I were to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o'er.
I'm closer to you now, than I ever was before.

There are many rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb;
but together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy and I'd like it for you too...
that as you give unto the world, the world will give to you.

If you can help somebody who's in sorrow and pain,
then you can say to God at night......"My day was not in vain."
And now I am contented....that my life has been worthwhile,
knowing as I passed along the way, I made somebody smile.

So if you meet somebody who is sad and feeling low,
just lend a hand to pick him up, as on your way you go.
When you're walking down the street, and you've got me on your mind;
I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.

And when it's time for you to go.... from that body to be free,
remember you're not're coming here to me.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey (author)
©Copyright 1998-2007

Nancy Sahlberg
September 22, 2006
To the Abraham family,God bless all of you.Youll never be forgotten.Alona will be honored in this country always.Iam sorry for your loss.
Dawn Sproules
September 11, 2006
After 9-11, Alona's bio in the NY Times caught my attention. She sounded like a remarkable woman.

I will think of her on Yom Kipur.
Hannah G
September 9, 2006
Alona is not forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with you on the upcoming anniversary of September 11th.
Pamela Parsons
September 8, 2006
It's so hard to wrap our minds around the events of that terrible day when Alona lost her life so tragically. I pray that the peace of God will comfort her family. (1 Cor 1:3)
D. Westbrook
March 19, 2006
January 5, 2005
January 1, 2005
February 1, 2004
At least Alona got to make a dream come true before she was taken to Paradise. God needed a special angel!
Stephanie Acaldo
December 24, 2003
May God keep you , Merry Christmas , you are in my prayers
Lakia Hedgepeth
November 18, 2003
September 11, 2003
i am sorry for whatever happened to you or ne of you freinds and family members september 11 was a hectic day for all even all the way over here in california.
Heather Johnson
September 11, 2003
I can only imagine how much she is missed. I know someday we will all be in that resting place. I do not think that was in God's plan for Alona. It sounds like she was such a beautiful person!! I pray that you continue to remember the good times and know that someday you all will be reunited with her.
My heart goes out to you and your family. Take care.

singed: Charlotte Odom
Plainfield, Indiana
Charlotte Odom
December 26, 2002
may god be with u and your family
barbara perkins
September 11, 2002
When I listened to the WTC victim's names being announced this solumn day of rememberence, I was amazed to hear the name, Alona, as it is my first name, and a somewhat unusual one. However, I was even more amazed when they said Alona's last name because Abraham was my maiden name as well! She sounds like such a wonderful person as I read about her. What an unbelievable loss-my deepest condolences. I am a 59 year old reg. nurse, Ilona Abraham Prystasz.
Ilona Prystasz
September 11, 2002
Alona was not alone ... God was with her then and is with her now. May He bless Alona's family now and forever more
Jacqueline Banahan
September 11, 2002
May God give the strength to all the families whose lost their loved ones. My prayers to you.
God Bless!
Belen Contreras Alvarez M.
September 11, 2002
My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Alona. May her Neshama have an Aliyah.
Abie Moses
September 11, 2002
deeply sorry for alona loss
David Ziv
September 11, 2002
Denise Brown
September 10, 2002
On the eve of the most devistating day of my life, of our lives, I wish to convey my condolences to all of the families who have suffered a loss of friends, family and loved ones form this hurtful event September 11. A friend of mine sent me an email slide show and it was like it started all over again. I will never forget what has happened to us as a nation. I will never forget what happened to us as a family. I am still very hurt and I still cry a lot when I think about this. I ask myself why it had to happen to us? On September 10, 2001 I fell asleep that night with the television set on, my alarm clock rang at 5:45 am I looked up at the television set and I thought that I was dreaming, I thought again this can't be happening to us. I can't go on now I am crying again...I love you all, I love my country, I once served in the United States Army and if I could I would serve my country again...GOD BLESS AMERICA
Brenda Lowry Deal
September 10, 2002
I would love to say that i am deeply sorry for those on flight 175 If it was any other way i would turn back time but we all know that we will reunite someday and be together with no evil in the world

signed:Samantha Swan

Samantha Swan
September 9, 2002
My fifth grade class would like to say that they are sorry for what happened on September 11. All of the people on this flight were brave and will never be forgotten.
Kacy Tijerina
September 3, 2002
To the Family of Alona Avraham,

To you and all the families, my heart and prayers go out to you. It is too soon for the anniversary of this tragedy to already be here. May God give us all strength to heal and continue living.

More directly to Alona's family. I want you to know that I wear a Mercy Band that bears her name. I say her name often and tell people all that I know about her every chance I get. I know your loss is great, but I wanted you to know that she will always be remembered by me and my family.
September 1, 2002
A daily thought, a silent tear
A constant wish that you were here,
Words are few, thoughts are deep,
Memories of you we shall always keep.

May you rest in peace. God Bless.
August 19, 2002
God bless you Alona!!! To Alona's family....I know first hand that there is nothing that can be said that helps...just know we all care and hurt and are so very sorry
Kat Rounsaville
May 31, 2002
On May 29, 2002, 1 mile was walked to honor the life of all the family, friends and loved ones she left behind. May you find some comfort in knowing that you do not grieve alone.
Alona, May you rest in peace, you will never be forgotten.
Kathy Swaringen
May 21, 2002
May you rest in peace Alona, and may your family find the comfort they need until u reunite again!
a stranger ?????
April 19, 2002
Hi I need your help you see I'm trying to make sure every family that lost a love one receive a homemade quilt. When I seen what happen I knew I had to do something so as I was crying and praying the Lord answered my prayers by telling me to make quilts for everyone. Not a very easy task especially when I really don't know where to start. I started making quilts and soon ask my friends and everyone in our wonderful country to help. Soon I had 1554 quilts ready to go. We took them to New York and hand deliver them to Pier 94 where the families wereon Dec 16,17, and 18. I know my job isn't done and I have to continue so I came across a list of all the victim and decided to see if maybe there friends or families could help me try and bring some comforter to the parents or spouse. If you need to check me out please do ask our Senator Harkin from Iowa phone number is 515-284-4574 and ask Dianne Liepa what my mission is with the Freedom Quilts. By the way my name is Betty Nielsen. I was on America 01 and Good Morning America. You can also call Good Morning America and ask for Catherine Upin one of ABC Productor to check the facts out. I'm trying to make sure and not miss anyone so please if you can help me by contact his beloved wife and telling her what I plan on doing she can email me or you can and let me know if it's okay. Right now I have made and collected 1174 and still working at making more. I need your help in order to completed my project. I hoping get all the families that lost a love one from the Sept 11 attacked and present them with a quilt. A quilt of love and comforter. I'm also thinking that maybe your senator from your state can line something up and I could bring quilts to hand over to the families. Please if you have any idea and would want to help me bring some comforter please talk to the families even the senator of your state and perhaps we can so something special. We here in Iowa want to show that it doesn't matter how far you are we are thinking of them and praying and we also want to give them a sign of comforter and love. What better way of showing that this country is great and that we care for one another. Thank you for listening.
Freedom Quilts
Betty Nielsen
13637 550th ST
Fonda Ia 50540
Betty Nielsen
March 26, 2002
A distant relative, though someone I never met. The family is united in grief with the rest of America and the world.
Gulu Ezekiel
March 14, 2002
I have chosen to memorialize Alona in a quilt block for all the victims of 9-11-01 for the United in Memory quilt. I pray your family will be comforted by God and find peace in their memories of you. Ann
Ann Drake
February 5, 2002
Alona, we will never forget you. May Almighty God welcome you into His heavenly kingdom. Til we meet again!!
K. Melaragni
January 22, 2002
My heart and prayers goes out to Alona's family. I uncderstand your pain. I lost my sister, Lillian Caceres that day too. She worked in the 1st bldg on the 97th floor. May God bless your family and help heal the pain too.
Aurea de la Cruz
January 21, 2002
I know how hard it is to live without your loved one. My brother is also missing and the hardest part is not knowing. I pray for you and your family. May you have the strength and courage to live and to always remember the joy your loved one has given you. God Bless You And Your Family
Lisa Dedvukaj
January 16, 2002
I hope that in the passing days your family will be able to focus not on your last 10 minutes, but on your last 10 days. I am grateful that you were able to experience our country as we were before September 11th... welcoming, fun-loving and carefree. I am sure your diligence and devotion will be rewarded in the world to come and that your name was inscribed in the Book of Life.
January 11, 2002
America Cries
We see your sorrow-
and our hearts cry....
We can not erase your pain
but you do not have to face the anguish alone-for we-
-the American people-
are beside you.
We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
the strength that gives you courage,
and the words to lighten your spirits.
And when we are left speechless
may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
to ease your sorrow.
May you find healing through our nation's strength as we-
-the American people-
face this difficult time together. Our hearts are with you. Teresa Jahn
Dixon, IL
Teresa Jahn
January 5, 2002
Please rest in peace Alona, I am sorry.
December 28, 2001
Hello I kwow this must be quite a difficult time. When I lost someone I loved I found that the words in the Bible were very comforting.
Such as the scripture found in the book of Revelation 21:3,4"and he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more neither mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore the former things have passed away."I hope that this will bring you some encouragment to know that not only other people care about you, but also that God promises a time when death and sadness will be gone.
Jessica Seiss
December 26, 2001
To the Abraham Family ~

....Such a terrible loss. It sounds like Alona had a wonderful life and seeing the States became a part of that life. Unfortunately, her dreams were cut short due to men who do not have any value for life and I am truly sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May time heal your hearts ~ God Bless.
December 24, 2001
Alona, thank you for the sacrifice you made to protect the freedom I sometimes take for granted. We may have never met, but your loss has been felt.
meredith lewis
December 17, 2001
Hamakom y'nechem etchem b'toch shaar avala tzion v'yerushalayim...
I read through some of the listings in the New York Times and was especially moved by the information about Alona. May her memory always be a comfort to you, and may you know of no more sorrow.
Batya Fink
November 29, 2001
November 26, 2001
I know you don't know me,but I hope you don't mind to much if I sighn your guest book. I read in a magazine were they were encourgeing people to write,I looked at diffrant names and this one stood out.:) I'm very sorry for your loss, I know sorry dosn't even touch on the pain and sadness you've had to endure in your loss.Even though we don't know each other,your in my prayers as I know so many others have prayed for familes unknown to them.May God bless you and give you the strenght you need.Sincery Brandi Halstead
Brandi Halstead
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