Klaus Bothe
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Klaus Bothe, 31, of Linkenheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, director of development of BCT Technology AG.

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Published in The State Journal-Register on Sep. 13, 2001.
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September 19, 2020
At least a couple of times each year I think of Klaus - and wish there was a way to adequately express the sadness I felt that day - and since - for the loss to his wife and daughter. Klaus picked me up at the Frankfurt Airport about 6 months earlier for a class I was teaching at BCT. We watched Formula 1 racing at his home on TV and shared a meal and I met his wife and infant daughter before Klaus helped me settle into a local inn where no English was spoken. His kindness and warm hospitality made an impression. Thank-you Klaus. And a thank-you to his wife and daughter for sharing that bit of his time with me.
Tom Stephenson
September 15, 2020
cheyenne weatherford
August 13, 2019
I am very sorry you died on Flight 175. Your loss left me heavy hearted, considering how horrid 9/11 was to the civilized world. And you would have been thrilled seeing Germany win the World Cup five years ago.
September 5, 2015
bella b
May 28, 2015
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
September 23, 2014
Melissa Blue
September 23, 2014
I wish that there had been a US newspaper obituary for you. Know that you're remembered with all who died on that flight all the same. I'll never forget.
Melissa Blue
September 11, 2014
bella beltz
June 30, 2014
Lieber Klaus!
Mein Herz ist so traurig, dass Ihr Leben solch ein furchtbares Ende gefunden hat.Moege der Himmel Ihre Wunden heilen und schliessen.
I denke an Ihre Familie, und hoffe, dass die Erinnerung an Sie, ihnen Trost bringen kann.
Meine Gebete sind mit Ihnen.
Moege Gott, der Heilige Vater ,Ihre Traenen mit Liebe trocknen.
Fuer alle Ewigkeit werden Sie erinnert werden.
Die Mutter eines Opfers des schreckliches Tages in September 2001

Ilse Homer
Ilse Homer
May 31, 2014
I walked a mile for you (mile #310) on 5/28/14 as a dedication to your life.
Barbara Boam
September 10, 2012
September 11, 2011
My thoughts and prayers are with you, I listened today to the ceremony in NY and the reading of his name. I often think of our time together.
Jim Vosler
September 11, 2011
My name is Robert and Friday at my high school we wore name tags of people who passed during 9/11. This is not something they told us to do but I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the loss. He was and always will be a hero.
Robert Gibbs
September 11, 2011
My prayers and thoughts are with you, your family and the families of all those who lost their lives on today, the 10 anniversary of the world's greatest tradegy!
Irwin Bothe
September 10, 2010
To the family of Klaus Bothe:
Klaus gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our heroes of September 11 be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you.
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers
June 21, 2009
Klaus Bothe
September 11, 2008
You will never be forgotten.

Sie werden nie in Vergessenheit geraten.
David Broussard
May 3, 2008
In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.
Doug Abraham
June 10, 2007
In memory....
P Tabbernor
December 15, 2006
Es ist immer schwer einen Menschen zu verlieren und vorallem damit zu leben. Doch am schlimmsten ist es wenn man nicht weiß was geschah, trotzdem wünsche ich auch nach 5 Jahren noch mein herzlichstes Beileid und eines sollte man nie vergessen. Jede liebe Person die man verliert ist nie wirklich weg sondern lebt in unseren Erinnerungen und Gedanken weiter.
Viel Erfolg für die Zukunft
Meike Sattler
October 25, 2006
As I cross-stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vain. We will always remember. God Bless.
September 22, 2006
I hope you find peace and happiness.God Bless all of you.Your in prayers.
Dawn Sproules
September 12, 2006
Klaus....ich kannte dich nicht, aber du traegst den Namen meines Bruders....du wirst nie vergessen werden.
Rickie Bass
November 10, 2003
Warum. That is about the only German word I remember, and it seems fitting. Why? Why did this terrible event have to happen? Klaus, we will always remember you and pray for your family and friends. Much love from the United States.
Del Newberry
September 12, 2003
I pray for this family to find peace in a time of turmoil. I pray for this family to find comfort in a time of pain. I pray that they may one day be able to heal the wounds that so deeply cut into their soul.

It may seem odd but in researching my families genealogy, one family line came from Germany. Ellmendingen, Baden, Germany to be exact.

It seems odd for a woman from Texas to reach out to a family in Germany. Watching it all unfold before me on television, I felt a need to reach out and comfort the families who had lost loved ones. I wanted to hold them, listen to them, let them tell me their hurt and pain in hopes of helping ease the heartache.

I can't imagine the pain of having a family member lose their life for no other reason than being on an airplane. The wrong place at the wrong time. I am so sorry. I wish I could offer more than just words, so I offer my prayers to ask God to give you what I cannot.
Laurie Voce
September 4, 2003
Jetzt sind es schon 2 Jahre danach, aber Klaus bleibt für uns unvergessen!!!!
Sibylle Puppe
September 3, 2003
Klaus- You are in my thoughts and prayers..
Bran Kaufman
September 13, 2002
I am sorry for my belated condolences and I just discovered this site today. My thoughts are with your family and I wish you
peace and hope that time will help
you to heal.
Marianne Kloss
September 11, 2002
Die Opfer des 11. September 2001 müssen für immer unvergessen bleiben.
September 10, 2002
Klaus - May you rest peacefully in Our Lord's arms forever and ever. Amen...
Debra Wolf
August 26, 2002
Auch nach einem Jahr gibt es keine Worte für die Sinnlosigkeit und den Schrecken, ein Leben so beendet zu wissen. Linkenheim ist nicht weit von hier. Alles Liebe! Mögen Sie und Ihre Familie Frieden gefunden haben. Das Leben und unsere Liebe sind unsterblich.
Nicole Deufel-Swift
July 20, 2002
Never ever forget.
Bill Baird
June 12, 2002
On June 4, 2002 1 mile was walked to honor the life of Klaus and all the family friends and loved ones left behind. May you find some comfort in knowing that you do not grieve alone.

Klaus, although gone, you will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace.
Kathy Swaringen
April 19, 2002
Hi I need your help you see I'm trying to make sure every family that lost a love one receive a homemade quilt. When I seen what happen I knew I had to do something so as I was crying and praying the Lord answered my prayers by telling me to make quilts for everyone. Not a very easy task especially when I really don't know where to start. I started making quilts and soon ask my friends and everyone in our wonderful country to help. Soon I had 1554 quilts ready to go. We took them to New York and hand deliver them to Pier 94 where the families wereon Dec 16,17, and 18. I know my job isn't done and I have to continue so I came across a list of all the victim and decided to see if maybe there friends or families could help me try and bring some comforter to the parents or spouse. If you need to check me out please do ask our Senator Harkin from Iowa phone number is 515-284-4574 and ask Dianne Liepa what my mission is with the Freedom Quilts. By the way my name is Betty Nielsen. I was on America 01 and Good Morning America. You can also call Good Morning America and ask for Catherine Upin one of ABC Productor to check the facts out. I'm trying to make sure and not miss anyone so please if you can help me by contact his beloved wife and telling her what I plan on doing she can email me or you can and let me know if it's okay. Right now I have made and collected 1174 and still working at making more. I need your help in order to completed my project. I hoping get all the families that lost a love one from the Sept 11 attacked and present them with a quilt. A quilt of love and comforter. I'm also thinking that maybe your senator from your state can line something up and I could bring quilts to hand over to the families. Please if you have any idea and would want to help me bring some comforter please talk to the families even the senator of your state and perhaps we can so something special. We here in Iowa want to show that it doesn't matter how far you are we are thinking of them and praying and we also want to give them a sign of comforter and love. What better way of showing that this country is great and that we care for one another. Thank you for listening.
Freedom Quilts
Betty Nielsen
13637 550th ST
Fonda Ia 50540
March 11, 2002
Heute, 6 Monate nach Sept.11, sind meine Gedanken wieder verstaerkt bei den Opfern dieses schrecklichen Attentats.Ich bin auch Deutsche die in USA lebt.Ich fuehle mich so elend wenn ich daran denke wie es diesen Menschen im Flugzeug ergangen sein muss.Klaus, am falschen Ort zur falschen Zeit! So unendlich leid tut mir das, fuer ihn, fuer alle!! Lebe seine Seele weiter in seiner Familie und moege der Schmerz besser werden!
Dunja Koerfer und Familie
Dunja Koerfer
January 29, 2002
Die Unsterblichen

Wir dagegen haben uns gefunden,
In des Äthers sterndurchglänztem Eis,
Kennen keine Tage, keine Stunden,
Sind nicht Mann noch Weib, nicht jung noch Greis.
Eure Sünden sind eure Ängste,
Euer Mord und eure geilen Wonnen
Schauspiel uns gleichwie die kreisenden Sonnen,
Jeder einzige Tag ist uns der längste.
Still zu eurem zuckenden Leben nickend,
Still in die sich drehenden Sterne blickend
Atmen wir des Weltraums Winter ein,
Sind befreundet mit dem Himmelsdrachen,
Kühl und wandellos ist unser ewiges Sein,
Kühl und sternhell unser ewiges Lachen.
(Meines Wissens waren Sie in dem Flugzeug,in dem sich die Passagiere zu Wehr gesetzt haben.Sie alle sind Helden...Gott schütze Sie.)
Tom Hartmann
January 15, 2002
Das tut mir sehr leid. Mein Deutsch ist schlimm, aber Ich mochtete sagen, dass Ich an Ihr erinnern werde. Klaus Bothe, du bist jetzt unsere grosse Engel, and wir werden dich vermissen.
Andria Renner
January 12, 2002
America Cries
We see your sorrow-
and our hearts cry....
We can not erase your pain
but you do not have to face the anguish alone-for we-
-the American people-
are beside you.
We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
the strength that gives you courage,
and the words to lighten your spirits.
And when we are left speechless
may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
to ease your sorrow.
May you find healing through our nation's strength as we-
-the American people-
face this difficult time together. Our hearts are with you. Teresa Jahn
Dixon, IL
Teresa Jahn
December 31, 2001
Mein herzlichstes Beileid!
Auch heute, 3 Monate nach September Eleventh, mus ich weinen wenn ich die Geschichten der Toten und deren Bilder sehe! Es tut mir so unendlich leid was ihnen zugestossen ist. Meine Familie fliegt ab jetzt auch oft hin und her. Und der Gedanke jemanden zu verlieren zerreisst mich! Ich fuehle zutiefst mit ihnen. Denken sie an die schoenen Zeiten mit Klaus. Das wird vielleicht ein inneres Laecheln hervorzaubern!
Alles alles Liebe
Esther - Diana Menke
October 30, 2001
Die Welt hat sich am Diesen Tag fuer immer geaendert.
Gott beschuetze Dich.
Charles H. Wallis
October 11, 2001
Mein herzliches Beileid.
Christiane Staninger
September 28, 2001
September 28, 2001
My heart goes out to you, and the whole world mourns with you.

God keep you safe.
Karen Staley
September 19, 2001
Der Tod ist gross.
Wir sind die Seinen
lachenden Munds.
Wenn wir uns mitten im Leben meinen
wagt er zu weinen
mitten in uns.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)
I am sorry for every life swept away so tragically. May you rest in heaven!
September 17, 2001
I am german and thats why it is so important to me to especially sign this guest book. The pictures I have seen will be forever in my heart and head and it tears me apart to know that you lost your life just because some people decided to destroy the american dream and freedom. You will be forever in my heart and it is a pleasure for me to sign this guest book.... . I hope you are with God now and thats the only thing which helps me to feel a bit better. God bless you and the ones who love and miss you.
Maren Schipke
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