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Selfless Boss
Peter Morgan Goodrich was a burly, 6 foot 1, all- American shot-putter who also threw the hammer and discus during the late 1980's at Bates College. He was an avid Boston Red Sox fan.

Mr. Goodrich, who overcame dyslexia to achieve a double major in math and physics, was also drawn to cerebral pursuits like chess and studies of the behavior of ants and dragonflies. The child who delighted in feeding wolf spiders grew into a man who welcomed them into his Cambridge, Mass., home, according to Rachel Carr Goodrich, the college sweetheart he married in 1992.

"He was nice to everybody and everything," said Mrs. Goodrich, confessing she could have done without the eight-legged housemates.

Mr. Goodrich, 33, a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175, was also a protective boss. A manager of software product development at struggling Upspring Software, he was told to cut $200,000 from his budget last winter. He eliminated his own job rather than break up his programming team. His selflessness was rewarded: when MKS, another software firm, acquired Upspring, the company rehired him.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 1, 2001.

Peter Morgan Goodrich, 33, a resident of Sudbury, died Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, onboard United Flight 175.

He leaves his wife, Rachel (Carr) Goodrich. Rachel and Peter met while at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and were married in Guilford, Conn. Oct. 11, 1992. He was the son of Sarah (Donavan) and Donald Goodrich of Williamstown.

Born on Oct. 1, 1967, the day the Red Sox won the pennant, he was educated in the Willliamstown public school system and was a 1985 cum laude graduate of Berkshire School in Sheffield. Goodrich went on to graduate with high honors in mathematics from Bates College. While there, he was a six-time All-American in track and field.

Goodrich worked for several years at Software Emancipation Technology and at the time of his death, was the director of product development for MKS, its successor company.

Besides his wife and parents, he leaves his brother, D. Foster Hetherington, and sister-in-law, Janine Hetherington, of Brandon, Vt.; his sister and brother-in-law, Kimberly and John Trimarchi, of Adams; his nephew and niece, Ben and Sarah Trimarchi; his in-laws and brother-in-law, Jon, Linda and Jonathan Carr, of Guilford, Conn.; his grandfather, Peter F. Donavan, of Benington, Vt; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

A memorial service will be on Friday, Sept. 28, at 11:30 a.m., at the Kresge Auditorium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge.

In lieu of flowers, contributions to the Peter M. Goodrich Memorial Fund may be made to Fleet Bank, c/o Brian O’Connor, 1075 Main Street – MADE 13502C, Waltham, MA 02451. The fund has been established to support issues of interest to Goodrich.

To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store.
Published in The State Journal-Register on Sep. 25, 2001.
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October 15, 2019
I never got to meet or to know you, but I sure wish I had. My Grandfather was a Goodrich too... Rest In Peace
Laurie Koontz
August 29, 2019
Hey jack,
Thats neat. I just want to nicely ask if you are researching Peter for an assignment. I was the last person to have left a note for him on here, as the message has a honest and sympathetic tone.
August 29, 2019
I am a sophomore from Shanley High School in Fargo, North Dakota. I'm doing research on Peter Morgan Goodrich. From what I have read about him he sounds like he was a great man. I read that he was a avid Boston Red Sox's fan and I thought that was pretty cool. It's to bad that he died at such a young age because he would have lived a great life. I've enjoyed doing research on him he is a very interesting man.
Jack J
August 4, 2019
In bittersweet memory of Peter Goodrich. his painful loss at the hands of terrorists left us in total shock..
September 11, 2017
Thinking of you today, Peter.
February 10, 2015
Thinking of all of Peter's friends and family today as Valentine's Day draws near. Much love from Texas.
Del Newberry
September 23, 2014
Always remember. Never forget.
Melissa Blue
September 23, 2014
Loved to watch ants and dragon flies myself as a child and wouldn't kill spiders, so someone who understood not to auto kill insects and spiders was lost, but rather to study and understand things different from us from ourselves. That's the one spider my Dad wouldn't kill either -- wolf spiders. Will always remember those of you from the flights and who died 9-11-01.
Melissa Blue
August 15, 2014
We visited the 911 Memorial on 8/9/14 for the first time. My partner and I decided to pick one name each from the Memorial and do a little research when we got home. My pick was "Peter" and I wanted to sign the guest book and pay my respect to him and his family. A name I will never forget, Rest in peace Brother and God Bless your family....
Kendall Moser
May 24, 2012
I never knew Peter. But I'm starting to.
You see, I am new to Sudbury MA and have often visited a nearby cemetary with my 3 year old daughter Olivia. It is one of her favorite places to walk to and through and I think thats ok. Anyhow, of all of the headstones in the cemetary to see, somehow the one with the heartshaped stone resting on top caught Olivia's eye and intrique. We sat together on a bench right there and chatted for an hour. She clutched that heartshaped stone all the while. I delicately tried to explain to her that that was a special stone left by someone special for someone special (having no idea who indeed was buried there) You see ,when my wife was 6months pregnant w/ Olivia I suffered a cardiac arrest. I was unconscious for presumably 20minutes. It took 6 "blasts from the paddles" to get me going again. So, I almost never met this little girl of mine! After surviving that, everything from that day has changed me. It is from that experience I began to sob a little, knowing that I almost wasnt here to sit quietly with my very own princess! I again was reminded of how blessed i truly am .So just today, my wife went through the cemetary again with Olivia. Olivia HAD to go see the heart shaped rock. It was then that my wife noticed the particulars of this gravesite and specifically the date of Peter's passing. With the help of the internet , the dots were then simply connected.
I see that it has been a while since this book has been signed. However, although I never knew him, and ten years have passed, he still is touching lives he would never have dreamed. Thank you Peter for the gift of your very special place for our very VERY special moments together. They truly are memories in the making.! Next time we're there, i'll introduce you to Olivia!!god bless you and your family and may you rest in peace.We WILL NEVER FORGET
Paul Brady
September 11, 2010
Thinking of you Rachel. I hope you are doing well.
Wendy Sonsire
September 11, 2010
To the family of Peter Morgan Goodrich:
Peter gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our heroes of September 11 be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you.
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers
September 11, 2009
Within a week or two of joining the company, Peter invited me along to a Thai restaurant, the Lemon Tree Cafe. It was the first time I had ever eaten Thai food and it was where I met my wife, whose family owns the restaurant. Put simply, I would probably not have the happy life I have today, but for Peter taking me there that day.

We also shared an odd shared interest, Peter and I:

I'm a little embarrassed to mention this, but I've always had a fascination (shall I say, "appreciation") for spiders since I was a boy, as they represent a diverse array of highly evolved, skilled predators unparalleled in the vertebrate world. I won a prize at a science fair when I was 12 for keeping a collection of black widows and making scientific observations of them over the course of a year. Peter was the first person I knew (other than a college professor) who shared the interest. Although I had abandoned it long ago, he had a few specimens preserved in acrylic paperweights in his office. I seem to recall he had a Rhinoceros beetle in there, too.

On Monday, September 10, the day before his flight to L.A., I was in his office prepping his laptop for the presentation he was to give. We were joking and laughing about the fact that few others, including his wife, Rachel, didn't share his appreciation of bugs. Several weeks earlier, Peter had loaned me a book he described as his absolute favorite, cherished read, the Biology of Spiders (2d. ed., Oxford Univ. Press, 1996). His wife conveyed to me that Peter would have wanted me to keep it. And so, it remains on my shelf to this day.
Sean L. Harrington
April 6, 2009
Thinking of all those whose lives have been lost and the families that have to cope with this horendous loss. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!! Thanks for being the wonderful heros you are by saving lives!!! You are missed everyday and our country is so proud of the ones that have beeen brave !!! My prayers and thoughts go out to all!!!
Brittany Schwien
September 11, 2008
Thinking of you and the whole family today is inevitable, of course, but Oct. 1 makes sense to me to remember a remarkable man. Kim, Fos, Don and Sally, and of course Rachel. Peace to you all.
Kathy Bamberger
October 1, 2007
Happy Birthday!!!
Doug Abraham
September 30, 2007
I got to know Peter when I was very young. I understood him to be a very smart, compassionate, and friendly man. My mother would bring me to S.E.T and normally a child would dread coming to an office. I on the other hand looked foward to it because I knew that I would be spending the day playing with peter. He taught me Magic Cards, Chess, and showed me the ropes on the computer. I only wish I could have spent time with him as an adult. He was a great teacher, co-worker, and friend. I am glad to see the work the foundation dedicated to Peter is doing, I know he would approve. Everybody that knew Peter is deeply saddened by this tragic loss of such a passionate and unique human being. Sally, my heart goes out to you, and if you need any support for your foundation I would love to help.
Matthew Bruckshaw
June 15, 2007
In memory....
P Tabbernor
November 1, 2006
As I cross-stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vain. We will always remember. God Bless.
September 22, 2006
God Bless all of you.Never forgotten.Your in my prayers
Dawn Sproules
September 11, 2006
This truly was a touching story. It has taught me that being unselfish can get you many things. Mr. Goodrich seemed like an amazing man. God Bless him and his family.
Patrick Purtle
September 11, 2006
Just found this book on 9/11/06. Strangely enough, Peter is my only personal connection to that horrible day. As a Middlebury '90 thrower, I remember him as the one with the unflappable determination and nerves of steel who would not finish a track meet without having given it his best throw in every event. On one special day in 1997 I was able to better his mark in the discus, but the remaining two years I finished second to him in nearly every meet (and forget about the shot and hammer, where he was undisputed king!) Despite our fierce competition in these meets we became friends due to our mutual love of the simple act of spinning and throwing. I could feel only admiration and respect for someone who so consistently put forth a quality performance and did it with such humility and grace. I was truly heartbroken to have lost someone who left an indelible mark on one of the most satisfying parts of my life. He was truly poetry in the circle and I see him now as he was then, perfectly powerful and focused on what he had to do. I thought of him often since he graduated since I was informed that his brother attended Middlebury (and bested my school record in the discus!), and I can't believe that I'm the survivor out of all this when that was rarely how it played out when anyone competed with Peter.

My sympathy to all those who loved him, five years later and still missing him greatly.
Jefferson Detwiler
September 11, 2006
steve barry
July 26, 2005
Wmst. friend from 1st grade or so... Expecting my 3rd child Oct. 1. Still think of Peter every time I see a dragonfly... noticing them more than I ever did. A shining example of thoughtfulness and continuous self-improvement... have made reading the Koran one of my life goals because of Peter... Bless you and all the family.
Kathryn (Little) Bamberger
September 11, 2003
While I did not know Peter, I left a career after 23 years to join the Transportation Security Administration, after wanting to do something for those who lost their lives. If Peter could hear me, I would want him to know he was a heroe who changed the world forever and is greater in death than in life for the invaluable teachings he has passed on to all of us.
Lauren Stover
November 17, 2002
My wife and I knew Peter Goodrich as a fellow member of the Class of '89. He was a kind and friendly person and could throw things a country mile. I knew his wife Rachel Carr Goodrich as she was in a triple in Page Hall next door to me her freshman year. When she and Peter got together, we all knew it would be for the long term.
I wish Rachel and the rest of Peter's family the strength to get through this very difficult time.

Andrew Gooding '89
Grace Tallman Gooding '89
Andrew Gooding
September 12, 2002
To the family and friends who loved Peter so well and miss him so much...
Peter was not someone I knew personally, but from what I have heard of him he embodied selflessness and was one of the kindest people one could ever be lucky enough to know. I can't imagine the pain of having that kindness missing from my life as it is missing from yours as you struggle with the anniversary of September 11, but my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
September 11, 2002
Rachel and the entire Goodrich Family:
I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I think of Peter and all of you often. Despite it's being more than a decade since we attended Bates together I can't help but recall Peters smiling face whenever I think about those days, and it always makes me smile and brightens my mood. Peter truely touched all that he met. Take Care and God Bless.
Ken S.
Ken Seaman
September 11, 2002
To all of Peter's family-

I read this today for the first time because I wanted to remember how Peter lived and the impact his thoughtfulness has had on so many lives. Thank you, Peter, for your teachings, and for inspiring me with your insatiable curiosity and kindness.
Roberta Stewart
August 12, 2002
Dear Foster and Janine:

We are thinking about you and hope you find strength to enjoy the life you have and keep the memories of Peter alive. Rachel, even though we did not know either Peter or you in person, our hearts are with you!
Rudi & Carlos
Rudi & Carlos Karastoyanova/Dubois
August 11, 2002

I am so sorry for the loss of Peter. I think of you often.

Todd Zukowski
Todd Zukowski
June 12, 2002
On June 7, 2002, 1 mile was walked to honor the life of Peter and all the family, friends and loved ones he left behind. May you find some comfort in knowing you do not grieve alone.

Peter, May you rest in peace and know that you will never be forgotten.
Kathy Swaringen
April 19, 2002
Hi I need your help you see I'm trying to make sure every family that lost a love one receive a homemade quilt. When I seen what happen I knew I had to do something so as I was crying and praying the Lord answered my prayers by telling me to make quilts for everyone. Not a very easy task especially when I really don't know where to start. I started making quilts and soon ask my friends and everyone in our wonderful country to help. Soon I had 1554 quilts ready to go. We took them to New York and hand deliver them to Pier 94 where the families wereon Dec 16,17, and 18. I know my job isn't done and I have to continue so I came across a list of all the victim and decided to see if maybe there friends or families could help me try and bring some comforter to the parents or spouse. If you need to check me out please do ask our Senator Harkin from Iowa phone number is 515-284-4574 and ask Dianne Liepa what my mission is with the Freedom Quilts. By the way my name is Betty Nielsen. I was on America 01 and Good Morning America. You can also call Good Morning America and ask for Catherine Upin one of ABC Productor to check the facts out. I'm trying to make sure and not miss anyone so please if you can help me by contact his beloved wife and telling her what I plan on doing she can email me or you can and let me know if it's okay. Right now I have made and collected 1174 and still working at making more. I need your help in order to completed my project. I hoping get all the families that lost a love one from the Sept 11 attacked and present them with a quilt. A quilt of love and comforter. I'm also thinking that maybe your senator from your state can line something up and I could bring quilts to hand over to the families. Please if you have any idea and would want to help me bring some comforter please talk to the families even the senator of your state and perhaps we can so something special. We here in Iowa want to show that it doesn't matter how far you are we are thinking of them and praying and we also want to give them a sign of comforter and love. What better way of showing that this country is great and that we care for one another. Thank you for listening.
Freedom Quilts
Betty Nielsen
13637 550th ST
Fonda Ia 50540
March 11, 2002
Rachel and the entire Goodrich Family,
On this, the six month anniversary of the passing of our friend Peter I want to extend my heart felt condolences and sorrow for your loss. As I read the bio on Peter I just couldn't help to notice how much he reminded me of myself. I realize that it could have just as easily been me on that day. It is my hope that in the end good will, hope and love will emerge from this tragedy. I want to let you know that I am here for all of you. If you ever need anything, anything at all, please call on me. That is what family is all about. Your friend, Andrew T. Goodrich
Andrew Goodrich
March 11, 2002
We at MKS will never forget you, Peter.
Anita Amaro
March 7, 2002
Peter was a classmate of mine at Bates College ('89). I was shocked and saddened by the loss of such a wonderful person. When I think of Peter, I remember his warm smile and gentle way. He will surely be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Rachel and his family.
Julie (Young) Mann
January 29, 2002
Dear Rachel,
My deepest condolences to you and your family. I was shocked to read that Peter was among the victims of September 11. The Bates community, New Yorkers, and all of America stands with you in your time of grief. We will never forget.
Jenny Ruma
Bates '91
Jenny Ruma
January 17, 2002
Dear Rachel -

I am Amy Fulton Kuzmicki's sister-in-law. Amy is married to my brother, Doug. I have heard so much about the Donovan extended family from Amy throughout the years and feel an attachment to them through our kinship. Please accept the prayers and sincerest condolences from both my husband, Michael and me. It is fitting that Peter and the other heroes of September 11th are receiving such wonderful tributes and memorials.

Kathleen Frampton
Kathleen Frampton
January 12, 2002
We are very sorry for your loss of Peter. May his warm heart, unshelfish ways of life, his life and love live on in all who love him. Our hearts cry with you.
America Cries
We see your sorrow-
and our hearts cry....
We can not erase your pain
but you do not have to face the anguish alone-for we-
-the American people-
are beside you.
We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
the strength that gives you courage,
and the words to lighten your spirits.
And when we are left speechless
may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
to ease your sorrow.
May you find healing through our nation's strength as we-
-the American people-
face this difficult time together. Our hearts are with you. Teresa Jahn
Dixon, IL
Teresa Jahn
January 8, 2002
Our family grieves for Peter's family upon their profound loss. Peter's wife, Rachel was a high school classmate of our two oldest children Jeffrey and Jodi at Guilford High School in Connecticut. Peter's in-laws Jon and Linda Carr are dear friends of Jodi. We all feel so so sad for all that were close to Peter. Our prayers are with you Rachel, Linda and Jon.

Jack and Janet Stupakevich
Jeffrey, Jodi, Juli and Jason
Jack & Janet Stupakevich
January 7, 2002
I remember Peter from Berkshire School where we were on the same dorm hall. I had not seen him in over 15 years, and it broke my heart to be reacquainted with his memory in this manner.

The short write-up in the times was exactly the person I remember. He will live on in all of our memories.
Biff Miller
November 20, 2001
Rachel - Im sorry about the loss of your husband. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.
October 29, 2001
I got to know Peter in a math class at Bates. What I remember most about him was his humility. He went about doing amazing things, in his quiet way, and thought nothing of it. It is a great loss for the world that he is no longer with us.
Shannon (May) Greenlese
October 11, 2001
Peter was my classmate at Bates College. I'm sure I speak for all of us at Bates when I say he will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family.
Jennifer Gibbons
September 28, 2001
September 27, 2001
Heartfelt condolences. He's greatly missed.
Ellyn Winters
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