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A Job That Fit
Money is little comfort when you hate your job. As a salesman for Verizon Wireless, the only part Robert J. Fangman liked about his job was the travel, said his mother, Ruth. So he kept the travel, threw out the selling, and took a 50 percent pay cut to become a flight attendant with United Airlines last November.

He had found his calling, enamored with the people and the lifestyle. Thirty-three and single, Mr. Fangman traveled extensively, walking on and off planes as if they were buses. One week it would be to Texas to visit his brother, another it would be to Delaware to visit his mother. He carried flashcards so he could study the information about the various planes.

Mr. Fangman loved foreign cities, dancing and fine wine, Mrs. Fangman said. It bothered him that unfinished wine in first class had to be poured down the sink, so he would ask others attendants to do it for him.

On Sept. 11, he was assigned to Flight 175. His ambition was to be assigned to international flights and he chose to be based out of Boston because he could move up more quickly there.

He even liked the polyester uniforms, Mrs. Fangman said. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he would quip, "I always like a man in uniform."

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Published in The State Journal-Register on Sep. 13, 2001.
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September 11, 2019
In remembrance of your delightful son.
To this day, so unbelievable the senselessness of it all still overwhelms. My heart aches for the great loss your family has suffered. We will never forget.
I pray for peace and strength for your family.May you find some comfort in knowing you still do not grieve alone.
~ From the mom of a U.S. Marine
July 14, 2019
Robert deserved to continue living out his life until this traumatic event rocked the US. His untimely passing on UAL 175 saddened me.

To the Fangman family, I am sorry for your tremendous loss. It will never be easy to get over this because of the lasting resonance.

Hope all is well.
November 16, 2018
We send our sincere heartfelt condolences to your family. Each day may God give the needed strength to cope with such a sad loss. Bob will always be missed.
The Lucas Family
September 27, 2018
Dear Mr and Mrs Fangman and family..I found another picture of Robert's fellow crewmembers from United Airlines flight 175..this one has Alicia completely in the picture..God bless Charlene Marie Jones flight attendant American airlines BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Robert's crew members united airlines flight 175 from my APFA union magazine
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
My uniform and pin American airlines
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
My BOS crew luggage tag I have had since 1988
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Betty Ann ong American Airlines flight 11 on our layover
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Hi Mr and Mrs Fangman..the other picture of Robert is 100% better..I knew I had the picture in my phone..I have had these pictures since 2002..Robert did NOT ever leave me..Robert has been by our sides all the email isn't working my phone number is 617-369-2444..God bless you and your family and friends Charlene Marie Jones American airlines flight attendant BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Charlene marie jones American airlines first flight 11 BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Charlene marie jones and betty Ann ong flight 11 BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Roberts crewmembers United Airlines flight 175 from my American Airlines APFA union magazine
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Robert's crewmembers United Airlines flight 175 from my American Airlines APFA union magazine
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Dear Mr and Mrs Fangman and family..I found these pictures in my honoring your son Robert..I believe I have 1 more for United Airlines flight 175..I will try to find the picture..Robert smiling his bright light from heaven..God bless you and your family today tomorrow and forever Charlene Marie Jones American airlines flight attendant BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
I honor of 9/11 your son's crewmembers
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
You can see robert in my American Airlines APFA union magazine
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
A plaque honoring all 4 planes for 9/11 my American Airlines APFA union magazine
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
Captain's crew hat BOS Logan international airport from my American Airlines flight attendant APFA union magazine
Charlene Jones
September 27, 2018
To the dear Fangman family..I found pictures in my phone since 9/11..they are from my American Airlines APFA union magazine..please one has ever forgotten robert today tomorrow and forever Charlene Marie Jones flight attendant for American Airlines BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
August 10, 2018
To the Fangman family..please forgive me for it has taken me 17 years to offer my sincere condolences to you and your name is Charlene Marie Jones Flight attendant for American Airlines based at BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts.I had not met your son but I CAN tell you he loved what he did for his career..a flight attendant as Robert has a unique quality of compassion for others..your son Robert was a brave young man just starting his career..what an inspiration robert brought to his fellow crewmembers and paxs..I take VC in September so I was not on my scheduled flight 11..that was my flight since 1988 out of Logan..BOS my hometown..robert I salute you and honor are beaming from heaven above..may your families always have tailwinds pushing them softly thru life..may they always feel Roberts bright light he sends healing you and giving you took me til 2006 to go back to NYC..I cried..I still cry..being one of the last flight attendants left from the original flight 11 breaks my heart..gone.but like robert NOT forgotten..God bless your family forever..robert is a special angel in when your drinking your coffee or tea or milk in the am or pm..taking a walk on the beach..robert is there on your shoulder helping you thru every day of your mother always said to me when you see a cardinal..which was my mother's favorite bird. She too is in heaven..she reminded me she is always watching over me..I am sure that's the same with Robert..I pray for your family..may god always watch over you with abundance of and health..thank you Mr and Mrs Fangman..god love you Charlene Marie Jones Flight attendant American airlines BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Joned
September 11, 2017
I never met you, but I worked with your brother Steve years heart goes out to your family at this time.
Betsy Leo
West Chester, PA
September 11, 2016
September 11, 2015
Never met Robert but I worked with his sister Debbie. Thinking of you on this anniversary. God bless.
D Frederick
September 23, 2014
Melissa Blue
September 23, 2014
Unreal that 13 years have passed. You'll always be remembered and I'm glad that on their last flight the passengers had someone with them who loved to fly. Makes a difference somehow. Never forget them. I won't. Know God has you all now.
Melissa Blue
September 11, 2014
bella beltz
September 11, 2013
It's been twelve years now and I remember that day well. I was a united flight attendant Boston based and my flight schedule was 175 Boston to LAX. For some unforeseen reason, I chose to stay on the west coast a couple more days and fly not on 9/11 but 9/12. It's been a difficult thing to accept. Today I commit to making my life worth it. . Robert and all my flight crew family. God has us in the hollow of his hands and he is well aware of each and every one of us. Forever in my heart until we meet again.
Loralee Nunley
September 10, 2013
Rest in peace Robert. I will never forget.
melanie tamim
September 19, 2012
My thoughts and prayers are with your friends and family today. We will never forget the events of that day, and we will honor your service forever.
Love from Texas
Del Newberry
July 13, 2012
Cynthia Latona Hanthorn
July 12, 2012
Mitch Fangman
May 17, 2012
Rest in Peace Robert, you are in heaven now, God Bless - Richard , Liverpool UK
September 12, 2011
I knew Robert when he lived in Philadelphia. He was fun and funny. A really great guy. I feel like he was an angel among us . . . I think of him often. I salute him as a hero!

i agree with Howard Elwell that Rob would want people to seek God earnestly.
Candice Hawley
September 12, 2011
Rob, Those who knew you will never forget how you lit up a room with your smile and had so much joy. How you loved life! I'm so honored to have known you. I am also forever grateful for your meeting the man who would become my husband and helping him find a relationship with God. I'm amazed at your bravery in the last moments on the plane sneaking calls to authorities to try to save your passengers. You gave 100% in life and in death. God bless you.
Michelle Brooks
September 11, 2011
I found Robert's name through a Facebook program that give you a name of a 9/11 victim to honor in your Facebook status. I was given Robert's name and was touched by his story. I just want his family to know that he is not forgotten. I hope and pray that this can provide a little comfort to you today.
God bless
Emily Wilson
September 11, 2011
I did not know Robert but from the things I have seen in the recent coverage of this tragic and heart wrenching day I would have been happy to know him. I am fearful of flying and I believe he would have been so helpful to someone like me on any flight. With my prayers and special thoughts for you, his family.
Ruth Helliwell
September 10, 2011
Not sure what Robert did in the last few moments on that flight but I know for sure Robert was the type of person that if he was here today he wouldn't want you to mourn his death but celebrate his life by seeking a closer relationship with God.
Howard Elwell
September 9, 2011
Brother, I can't believe it has been almost 10 years. Your memory lives on with those who loved you.God bless your memory and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on that day. We will never forget.
Michael Watson
September 9, 2011
Today at the U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy, we ran the "Remembrance Run" in honor of all who paid the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11. I signed up to run the 5Km and the name Robert John Fangman was given to me to pin on my shirt. I ran not knowing who you were but knowing that I was running for a hero. I had to know who you were and now that I have read of you, it seems like I've know you for ever. May my prayers be of comfort to your family.
Evanghelia Henderson
September 5, 2011
I have been sharing my wonderful memories of you with my 9 year old son. I miss you and think of you often. I can't believe it has been 10 years. My love is always with you.
Rebecca Watson
May 5, 2011
i loved always flying united airlines robert ya are a great man and i will never forget ya lord bless you and ya will have a special place in my hear always i salute you lieutent jensen usmc
john jensen
September 13, 2010
Your light perpetually burns in the hearts of all whom you touched. You are missed and honored in many ways.
Love you and will always wish you were still here!!
Terri Frakes
September 12, 2010
Hey Uncle Bobby.. 9 years and it still hurts just as bad, especially watching all this stuff on tv the last few days doesnt make it better. Just thinking about you and missing your laugh! <3
September 12, 2010
9 years. I have a candle burning for you tonight, remembering your laugh and smile.
Anna Gonzalez
September 11, 2010
I worked with Robert a few months before this happened. We had such a fun day!!! He cracked me up!!! I had always hoped to work with him again.
Lisa Bias
September 11, 2010
I still remember the day I met you and you asked me all those questions about becoming a flight attendant. You are missed!!
September 11, 2010
To the family of Robert John Fangman:
Robert gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our heroes of September 11 be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you.
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers
May 4, 2010
Everyone who gave thier lives on 9/11 are my heroes. I watched a story about your flight and your story touched me. Your mother impressed me and I wished I could reach through the TVand give her a hug. God bless you Robert. Sleep well and thank you for your sacrifice. To your Mom I would say, thank you for the gift of your son. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!
Tami Caruso
September 20, 2009
Eight years have passed since that tragic day you were lost to us here on earth...but I feel your spirit and know you are always with us in our heart. So, in your honor, I choose to have what I call a "Bob" day in remembrance. Rich and I went to Smith Mountain Lake, had a great waterfront view from our balcony, good music, waterfront dining eating some mexican food(not as hot as you would like...your level of "hot" always amazed me...some adult beverages and a late night soak in the hot tub gazing at the stars, having a drink,listening to music. A perfect Bob day in my opinion.
Love ya, always will miss ya,always with me.
September 19, 2009
I forgot one thing to add from what I have written, I find it so unfair that when you got accepted as a flight attendant, you could only enjoy it for a year and not for the rest of your life. I hope that you find peace and fly with happiness. Love ya brother.
Kyle Kelly
September 12, 2009
Robert, whenever I see your photo it automatically makes me want to become your best friend. You must have had such a good soul because of all the happiness you gave not only to yourself but for others who needed it. If you were here physically on this
Earth, you would feel like such a brother to me..making you Robert John Kelly Fangman. I hope you have found your peace and I hope that I get to see you when my time comes. God bless.
Kyle Kelly
September 11, 2009
on this day of remembering...........RIP my brother. may GOD Have accepted you with open arms. i'm formerly from Claymont.
patrick rohrer
June 6, 2009
June 1969 "Before First Haircut"
Bobby, Bob, Rob, Robert,

I miss so many things about you. Like what color your hair would be when you would come home to visit. Watching our favorite TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond" and laughing like crazy (I still watch it). Hot tub conversations, you calling me on the 800 number to let me know what pool you were sitting at and what you were drinking. Playing pinball all nite long trying to beat Greg's high score(which I finally did a couple years ago at 3 am). Only took 7 years!! How your lips would get so red after drinking alot of red wine !! I miss everything about you. My life has not been the same since that day and it never will be. We're having the Martin Family Reunion in a couple of weeks and I am sure many glasses of wine will be consumed in your honor and memory and your spirit will definitely be there. I love you with all my heart!

Debbie Fangman
September 14, 2008

RIP!!! I miss your good heart and advise you gave me during my marriage. I will miss you brother, and may GOD keep your family safe.

Peace be with you,

June Lopez
July 13, 2008
Celebrating a life well lived. We will cherish the memories forever.
alicia O'Brien
July 8, 2008
To The Fangman Family:
your sons was a constant joy to me. He is missed so much! He was an amazing servant, always willing to help a friend. My families prayers are always with you!
Rebecca Watson
July 6, 2008
May those who gave their all never be forgotten.
Claymont Class of '86
Terry Anne (Whitenight) Elmore
July 6, 2008
I graduated from Claymont High School with Bob and he was the sweetest person you could ever meet! He was friends with everyone and always made you smile/laugh! Unfortunately, we only bumped into each other occaisionally after high school - but when we did, it was like we never lost touch. I think of him and his family every year. I lost my brother 12 years ago and you always feel the loss, sometimes worse than others! Bob is definitely loved & missed!
Angie (Dempsey) Creppon
July 6, 2008
Our loss is Heavens gain. If anyone can make Heavan a better place,... It's Bob.
Bill Wilson
July 6, 2008
I also went to high school with Bob and remember that he was always smiling and happy - and it is so refreshing that he chose a career path that made him happy - we all can learn a lesson from Bob - so sorry for his and our loss
Paige Tomaszewicz
July 5, 2008
I went to school with Bob in Claymont, DE and we graduated from CHS in 1986. Bob was always the guy that made us laugh and laugh some more.
Angie DeTulleo
April 20, 2008
I remember Rob from when we both worked at Verizon Wireless. He was great. On 9/11 all of the all-news stations were constantly updating the casualty lists. Standing at the Hoboken, NJ riverfront I watched the crash and the collapse of the towers. Listening to a radio, I truly lost it when I heard Rob's name. I always knew he had a ticket to heaven, I never thought it would be punched so soon.
God Bless Rob.--Bill Jones
Bill Jones
December 12, 2007
Dear Fangman Family:

I never had the pleasure of meeting Robert, but I feel I know something about the person he is. I say this because I had the pleasure of working for his brother Marty at Ford Graphics in San Francisco, California.

Marty showed me nothing but kindness, courtesy and patience, and taught me a great deal about business AND life, and I carry his lessons with me today. I am sure others would say the same - and more - about Robert's affect on them.

I am sorry to hear of this news, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.


John J. Burger
John Burger
September 12, 2007
6 years ago Robert died, and I hope that he rest in peace. God bless him and his family.
Camilo González
September 12, 2007
What a smile, what eyes, an angel left this world to go on to the next. I wish I new Bobby, but I look forward to meeting him when we're all "home" together. God Bless the Fangman family.
September 11, 2007
I only met Bobby once, when he was about 12. My ex-husband (Glenn) and I used to hang out with Bobby's brother Michael, and I also knew Marty & Debbie & Terri, years ago. I'm so sorry for your loss. God bless all of the Fangman family.
Becky Davis-Raff
July 25, 2007
Dear Terri, IMy son Don Jr was killed,riding his bicycle into a fallen highline in Dallas Tex in 1971.Donnie was 11 years old. After all these years I came to learn you never"get over the pain of loss,but you do learn how to live with it",as there is no other option. My heartfelt condolences.Ita a slow death for the rest of the family. Sincerely Donald F. Fangman MD
Donald Fangman
June 15, 2007
In memory....
P Tabbernor
March 10, 2007
this is me
Even thought I did'nt know robert my Dad died when I was only 9 years old in the aircraft I cnat explain the amount of sadness I feel I gretaly feel suicidal Im 16
Charlie stuart
December 24, 2006
At Family Fangmann
I do not know it, only by coincidence this side found. My name
is Thomas Fangmann. I live in Germany. And where this Happening
was old my daughter is a half year. I would like to only say in
Germany to this day am again and again reminded also here.
Which happened I is never forgotten. In thoughts to their son.
Faithfully Thomas Fangmann
Thomas Fangmann
November 11, 2006
To the Fangman family:
I'm so sorry for the Robert loss. I know that he did what he liked. Now he is in peace. After five years of his death, we know the heroe that Robert was. God bless him and to all of you.
Camilo Gonzalez
November 11, 2006
To the Fangman family:
I'm so sorry for the Robert loss. I know that he did what he liked. Now he is in peace. After five years of his death, we know the heroe that Robert was.
Camilo Gonzalez
November 2, 2006
To the Fangman family. I express my sympathy to you all on the loss of your precious son, Robert. May the Lord bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand. Robert did not deserve to die.
Linda Poplaski
October 31, 2006
As I cross-stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vain. We will always remember. God Bless.
October 13, 2006
My sincere condolences to the Fangman family, I did not know Robert personally but from what I read he sounds like an awesome person(present tense as I know he is still very much with you)he is the type of person I would value as a friend. I know this condolence is late in coming but as a New Yorker and one who was there on that day I wanted you to know that my prayers are with your family and always have been. Take care, remember he never really left you.
Ken M
September 22, 2006
To the family of Robert Fangman,My deepest sympathy to all of you.Terri I just read your letter to your brother.It brought tears to my eyes.Iam so sorry for your pain.Your brother will always be with you.YOu have a special angle watching over you.God Bless you Terri.I will always say specail prayer for you.Take care.
Dawn Sproules
September 11, 2006
Today, it has been five years you have been gone. I keep thinking, with each year, it will get easier. It does not. As each day, week, month and year passes my heart remains heavy with your absence. I miss your smile, laugh, sense of humour, cooking skills, passion for life, open mind, generous heart and peaceful soul. I miss your classic, slightly late arrivals, and the breath of fresh air you brought to each occasion. I miss sharing wine and conversation with you late into the night. I so badly want to hug you and tell you I love you one more time. I keep praying to see you again in my dreams. Life will never be the same without you in the flesh, but we have to do with the presence of your spirit.

I will carry you happily in my heart and soul forever, knowing your love for life and people is something to continue to strive for in your honour.

As always, I love you.

Your sister,
Terri Frakes
August 12, 2006
John Fangman
September 11, 2005
My sister went to grade school with Robert. At Holy Rosary in Claymont Delaware. On this anniversary of the attacks, I hope the Fangman family knows that the entire parish are here for them... And that Robert is very missed.
June 19, 2005
Dear Fangmann Family,
I was very sadden by the lose of your Son. MY prayers go out to you. My grandfather and grandmother told me about the Fangmann history and also wanted to contact you. I hope someday we can meet. Nothing can change want has happened, but he and your family will alway be in our prayers.
Steven Fangmann
August 28, 2004
My heart broke the day I saw Roberts name on the page honoring those who lost their lives. To his sister and my dear friend Deb, and all who loved him, know that each day, you are in my heart.
Keith Hofer
August 18, 2004
July 22, 2004
To the Fangman Family,
Rob died doing what he loved to do - flying and meeting people. Rest assured that he is at a better place with his heavenly Father. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

God bless you
Cecilia Azu
September 11, 2003
September 11, 2003
My prayers are with Rob's family
Becky Fangman
September 11, 2003
Dear Fangman Family,
My heart and prayers go out to you. I remember meeting Robert years ago when I attended Padua Academy with Carol. I remember him as Carol's cute little brother! We will always remember Robert and the other brave heroes from 9/11!
Angela Kelly
Angela (Gallo) Kelly
September 11, 2003
Robert and I were in the same Flight Attendant Training class for United Airlines, and he certainly was a breath of fresh air to be around! Robert had the most kind spirit and warm heart, it only seems like yesterday that he and I were watching the New Year's fireworks out of his room at the training center. I think about him often and pray for God to embrace his family. My thoughts and prayers are with Robert and his family and I know I echo the thoughts of anyone who ever came in contact with him, that he has certainly left footprints on our hearts.
Renae Judd
June 28, 2003
I really wanted to say my heart goes out to the Fangman family. I work for an airline in Canada called Westjet Airlines. Peace and love for everyone who knew John Fangman. All my love, Erin Hurst XOX
Erin Hurst
February 27, 2003
May God hold you in the palm of His hand, and comfort all those who mourn you.
Michael Iezzi
December 22, 2002
My brother-in-law Joey, a United pilot, struck up a conversation with Robert on a plane headed to Dallas only a few days before everything happened. Robert said he was visiting family and would be around for that weekend and maybe he could "hang out" with Joey and meet us since we are flight attendants with American.
Unfortunately, we never got to meet him as he had to fly back to Boston for work...please know that he is in our thoughts and prayers constantly and we wish his family only love and support. Tim Johnson and Javier Raices
Tim Johnson
November 18, 2002
I well remember the day my eyes fell onto the NYTimes article about Robert. For the first time, I began to smile when reading about the lives of those that perished that awful day. I never forgot his courage and resolve as I embarked on pursuing my dream of learning to fly some months later. And when I made my first solo flight on October 22, 2002, I carried the well-worn article about him in my pocket so that he could once again soar in the sky he loved so much. Thanks, Robert, for passing on your dream to me. And thank you, Mrs. Fangman, for bravely allowing his story to be told in the NYTimes. He will never be forgotten.
Stephen Harrison
September 12, 2002
My heart goes out to the Fangman Family. I had the pleasure of growing up knowing Bobby for he was my Grandmother's next door nieghbor. I will always remember him as the funny, caring, and sensitive man that he was. Everyone who met him could not help but love him. He was so free spirited, and had a mind of his own.
Myself and my family miss Bobby greatly and will never forget him.
Rest in Peace Robert Fangman. You are in good hands now. We love you and God Bless!
Angel Handlin
Angel Handlin
September 12, 2002
May God bless Robert Fangman and his family and friends, during this time of remembrance and forever. Robert, the story of your love of life and your happy character and warm smile inspire me and form the best counterpoint to the venom and hatred that motivated these cowardly acts of terrorism that took so many innocent and special lives. May we all tap into your obvious strength and zest for life as we go forward with our own, and may you and your family know that you'll never be forgotten...even by those of us who never had the privilege of knowing you. God bless you.
John Ullyot
September 11, 2002
We promise to honor your memory by continuing to fly.. You are missed among our ranks. We know you are watching over us as we continue your legacy of flying. You are a hero in your flying partners hearts..
September 10, 2002
I am sorry that I never got to know you well, but I will never forget the day you came to the regional headquarters of Verizon Wireless and announced your intentions to become a flight attendant for United, a dream that you never stopped pursuing even when it seemed impossible. I will always remember the sound of your voice and how proud you were to be hired at United. I will always admire the courage that you had to leave what was familiar and comfortable and pursue your dreams.
Victoria Uhniat
September 10, 2002
As we come upon the 1st Anniversary of September 11, I would like to acknowledge my deepest sympathy to the Fangman family. Delaware misses your son and will always keep him and your family in our prayers. God Bless you all!
Michelle Hess
September 10, 2002
September 5, 2002
June 12, 2002
On June 6, 2002, 1 mile was walked to honor the life of Robert and all the family, friends and loved ones he left behind. may you find some comfort in knowing that you do not grieve alone.

Robert, May you rest in peace and enjoy the fine wines and dancing with the best. You will never be forgotten.
Kathy Swaringen
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