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Blues legend Clifford Antone dies
Cause of death hasn't been determined.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Clifford Antone, whose namesake Austin club has been a national landmark for the blues for more than 30 years, was found dead this afternoon in his Town Lake condominium, Austin police said. He was 56.

Police spokeswoman Laura Albrecht said officers responded to a call at an apartment at the Towers of Town Lake on Interstate 35 around 1:15 p.m. They found Antone dead shortly after they arrived, Albrecht said.

"It appears to be nonsuspicious," she said.

The cause of death has not been determined pending results of an autopsy.

The Port Arthur native opened the club (originally at Sixth and Brazos streets) essentially to showcase the bluesmakers he adored. He celebrated 30 years of acts at the club last summer.

Since 2003, when founder Antone was serving time for a 1999 conviction on drug and money-laundering charges, the club has been managed and booked by Direct Events, an Austin production company. But that didn't stop Antone from introducing acts and holding forth at the club.

Antone was 25 when he founded the club.

"My friends and I in Port Arthur just wanted to hear the blues," he said last year. "We figured the only way we could hear it is if we bring it to us. It was like that movie 'Field of Dreams.' "

He said that "between '75 and '85, I don't think there's any question we were the best blues club in the world."

The club became what sociologist Ray Oldenburg famously called a "great good place," where fans, local musicians and the legends both worshipped and could mingle.

"Stevie Vaughan and Albert King got to meet," Antone said. "These crucial relationships were built here. You know, Muddy (Waters) gets the Thunderbirds a tour after he plays with them, that sort of thing. I think we changed the course of blues history."

Guitarist Eve Monsees, who also works at Antone's Record store on Guadalupe Street, recalled Antone as "always sharing stories about some of the blues greats who'd played the club."

She said that Antone called her and Gary Clark Jr. to the stage at his club when they were both 15 years old.

"It was something I'll always remember."
Published in Austin American-Statesman on May 23, 2006.
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May 26, 2017
I still remember sitting in your office on guadalupe with Luther Guitar Junior Johnson on a night we had freezing rain in Texas... and only 5 people showed up for the show. Luther was awesome, Cliffford was very nice and talked for hours about the Blues, his life, funny stories... Thanks so much.
Grego Anderson -
Grego Anderson
August 30, 2014
Just here thinking of you & missing you wanted to burn a candle for Stevie Ray's day of departure...was just thinking earlier if Yaw'll had music in Heaven & if Stevie was playing the Blues girl Lauren is w/ Yaw'll & Pinetop too...Yaw'll b good or @ least good @ it:-) I see your smile Clifford here & think of my B-Day being the clubs Anniversary & our Friends trying to hook us up back in the day:-) Fond Memories lots of them ...:-) Hug my Babygirl today for me plz. Clifford ...see you again ???love you:-) xoxo Always...
Pamala Robinson
June 20, 2013
Hello Clifford, wherever you are!! Here I sit watching my "Antone's- Home of the Blues" DVD for about the 20th time and it's still HOT! It takes me back to a better time. I didn't really become an Antone's and Blues fan until the club moved to Guadalupe. I was already accustomed to hanging out in that building eating Shakey's Pizza during '74 and '75 so when Clifford brought the Blues there, I was just coming home. Thanks Clifford for all the memories and there certainly wasn't enough of them. What a guy.
Steven Hearn
June 29, 2010
You never left, Clifford.
You only disappeared.
The life in you will always live on...just as the music will.
Your town loves you for the heart you gave.
For now we play a sad chord.
Soon, we will sing the blues.....
February 12, 2010
Hey Mr. Antone, the lady says she knows something. Thanks for it all. Big respect until forever & thanks.
April 4, 2008
Clifford, it's been a little while since You've been gone but I just wanted to say how great it was having your family as our neighbors in Port Arthur for so many years! Growing up together was fun. Thanks for the memories we shared, for all those precious years! You all were the best! You are so missed, Clifford, but you will keep on living in our hearts for always! Blessings and love sweet friend! June Randall Kyte
June Randall Kyte
June 15, 2007
We will miss you Clifford, I was 14 when you opened Antones in Austin. I didnt know what the blues was but I do now. :) Thanks for doing your best to the bluesmen who needed a place to call home! God bless you and your family.
Dave Rhodes
May 11, 2007
I never met you, but I feel I knew you because you were a man with a big heart!I have lived in Texas for a few years and I wish that I took the time to come and see, what a great place you created for all the musicians,in Austin!
You will always be in my heart
as my own brother!
Your fan.
February 7, 2007
Passion! - that's the word for Clifford Antone. I visited Antones a couple of times and there was NO other place like it......may his spirit remain there forever....
Cheryl Jackson
January 31, 2007
Well what can i say ?!

You did good mate, thanks for keeping the blues alive. Just like the blues you will never be forgotten ever. LouBluz ( Mary Ganly ) S.A AUSTRALIA. ( EARTH )
Mary Ganly
October 22, 2006
I just love this guy's music, its great.
dixon bainbridge
October 11, 2006
what you did for american blues can NEVER be topped. austin has lost a great patron of the blues. i can just picture you above "riffin" w/ muddy, wolf & albert.
dennis rosenfeld
October 7, 2006
I have been a lover of the Blues for many years. Tonight I had great pleasure seeing Antone's Home of the Blues video.. such a wonderful experience.. I am so pleased to know that those great musicians had a true friend who rcognised their greatness with such humility and compassion..
Graeme Wilkins
October 1, 2006
My daughter Kimberly took me to Antone's years ago as my birthday surprise. Of course, Antone just came right over to welcome us to his House of Blues and to radiate his passion for music. Ezra Charles and the Works played "Week-end in Austin" just for me there. Every performer played just for me there. You got up-close and personal blues every night at Antone's because that was just the way Antone willed it to be. Camella
September 22, 2006
From another white boy who loves the in peace
Jerry Y
August 24, 2006
I was around in the beginning and I remember. Oh how I remember . . .
We will miss you but you will remain forever in our hearts. The music will go on as we all want it to.
Kay Rosenkranz
August 5, 2006
Wow..I just got to see Mr Antone on his dvd..and now he's gone..what a great soul, a touching and glowing person even on screen. He will be missed by all musicians, but definitely by all those who have heard his voice or that of a guitar stinging in the reverb of life. As a credit on Clapton's/Cream's "Badge",,co-writer George Harrison was credited as "L'angelo Misterioso" (which is Italian for - "Mysterious Angel")-- I think that would be apropos for Clifford..a man I never met, yet through his love of people, the blues, and what makes us all cherish here in America: the freedom of our soul to cry & smile openly..he made you appreciate life! Thankyou Clifford Antone!
tom bernetic
July 27, 2006
MY heart feel sad to know that the world has lost a wonderful soul &
great mind.I want to thank you for
everything.Will miss you.
Mel Brown
July 21, 2006
Clifford, no words can describe how much you are missed. Your contributions to us all - musicians and music lovers, your students, friends and family - are immeasurable. I'll carry you in my heart and feel your presence always. Love forever.
Suzi Miller
July 14, 2006
Hello Clifford.. this is your neighbor on Lakeshore Drive in Port Arthur Tx.. I remember you as a young boy.. you were so adorable.. I used to call you "Clifodio Antonio, with affection. Your family was always so close and when my sister, June and I would visit, your mom was always in the kitchen cooking up something special and asking us to eat. My family will always remember your family fondly.. your Mom, Dad, Susan, Janelle and you, Clifford. We will always love you, hon...See ya later, gator!
Betty (Randall) Toomey
June 28, 2006
I was lucky to visit Austin last March '06 and a must was a visit to Antones's.(Tyrone Vaughan was headlining!) Not only was Clifford a legend, he built a club (with a culture) and gave it his name. His legacy will long be remembered.
Frazer Whitehead
June 25, 2006
Music was made for him. He was made for music. Friends and strangers felt his kindness. We are all better off having been in his presence. The music will keep going, but for now he is with us in spirit. Keep that spririt alive! Celebrate his life and understand his love.
Rebecca Upchurch
June 23, 2006
June 23, 2006
"Therefore, you should pray like this:
Our Father in heaven,
Your name be honored as holy.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And do not bring us into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power
and the glory forever. Amen."
(Lord Jesus Christ)
Andriy Samarets
June 21, 2006
See you on the other side
Garth Watson
June 20, 2006
I will never forget all the great times that I had at Antone's. Clifford was an amazing man who would always make a point to come say hello. The Austin music scene will never be the same without him. All I can say is thank you and you will be missed.
Lindsay Mason
June 16, 2006
You will live in the hearts and minds of everyone that loves the blues. It is an honor and pleasure to have met you and your family at Antones. I was lucky to have lived in Austin for 11 years before moving to Reno. During the 11 years I spent many hours a week at Antones near UT and downtown on 5th. You always had a smile and greeted me every time we passed on the floor.
Thank you for "Keeping the Blues Alive"
Jim Cox
June 16, 2006
I am a retired Austin police officer. I was assigned to the first walking beat in 20 years on E6th St in 1975. This is where I first met Clifford. Clifford was always the politest and kindest gentleman I knew. He would never allow my partner or me to pay for the best subs in town and always gave us special treatment when we visited his club during off duty hours. Never did Clifford ask for anything in return or special treatment when the occasional patrol officer would ticket his car for being parked a little too close to the fire plug at the corner of 6th and Brazos. He would just take the ticket and have the car moved.
I would run into Clifford now and then over the years and he has always remembered me which always made me feel good considering the numbers of much more important people he knew. I recall one special meeting with Clifford. My wife, stepson, and i were sitting at the Food Court in Highland Mall when Clifford came walking by. I called out to him so my wife and stepson could meet this wonderful man. He had just come from a sports card tradeshow. We talked for about ten minutes but just before he departed Clifford reached into one of the bags he was carrying. He pulled out an encased Troy Aikman rookie card and handed it to my stepson saying, "here you go, buddy". My 10 year old stepson has never forgotten who that card came from but he will never realize just who that person was.
I will really miss Clifford, a person who never judged others.
Rodney Bryant
June 16, 2006
there will never be another clifford antone...what a guy...
kate harris morris
June 15, 2006
You made everyone feel the blues, not just hear it. You will be missed.
Paul Guerra
June 14, 2006
Clifford we gonna miss you
You were a true blues brother.
Ron Prince
June 14, 2006
Clifford we gonna miss you
Ron Prince
June 13, 2006
I just want to thank you for the dance. I had more great times at your club than I deserve or can remember. So, I guess it's thanks for the many, many dances, but the sweetest one was that one with you.
Christine Merki
June 13, 2006
Clifford, you were a huge love spot light that shined on Austin TX and lit the Blues World as a hole. Your loss is immeasurable. You gave us such fantastic music and love. I can remember so many nights in various locations of your club that always lifted my spirits and soothed my soul. Thanks for letting me in the club when it was a sold out night. When you were in prison, I wrote you a letter to see how you were doing and you wrote back the most positive/loving letter that you actually lifted My spirit. We will all miss you! God Bless and tell SRV hello for me. Love, JB
JB Kuhn
June 9, 2006
I had a lot of good times with this man and enjoyed every minute that I spent around him. The Angels will be singing the Blues with him now. Say hello to Dr."J" for me. You will be missed.
Erich Hardcastle
June 6, 2006
You have passed over that great divide the transends from absolute life to absolute spirit. Now you are truly free, now you are truly beautiful and now you call enternity home. What you accomplished in life and in the lives of so many will continue to grow and continuely manifest more. You are missed, you are loved and you are honored. Thank you and bless you.
Bonnie Green
June 6, 2006
Aaron Hampton
June 6, 2006
Thank you for building the live music capitol of the world.
Chad Forester
June 6, 2006
You ARE de MAN, Mr. A.
A gift to us all from the music and entertainment gods.
May God bless you the way you have blessed us all with your insight, fortitude and best of all MUSIC choices for the masses.
I know of no one in the music business that doesn't know the name "Clifford Antone", They say as long as the memory remains, the spirit does not die.So, You will surely be with us until the ends of time.
Rob Stephenson
June 5, 2006
I remember those long nights at Jojo's on Shoal Creek + Anderson after hours in the Fall of 1979. I was new to town + hanging around with the local waitresses and you were some guy who owned a blues club in this big old warehouse across the street. You drank a lot of coffee and I just drank alot period, but you were always friendly to everyone and covinced me I should check out your club. My first show was Tanya Tucker, not exactly the blues but a good show none the less. I remember thinking, whoa, is this club big or what. It seemed like such a strange place to put a club. I have been a regular customer ever since. Oh and I've seen a lifetimes worth of really good blues there since then ... and a lot of other good music too.
You being gone has left a big gaping hole in the kosmic energy pattern that is Austin. Thank you for all the great memories.
Sandy Dickey
June 5, 2006
Clifford, you were everything. Thank you for everything. Austin is, because of you. Your gigantic, warm, welcoming smile when you saw a familiar face, making them feel like the center of the universe, when all along it was you. It was you, Clifford. It was you. We love you so much.
June 5, 2006
Clifford was nothing but a great man in my eyes. We shared lots of laughs and late night breakfasts at Katz's over the years. He will be greatly missed, but always remembered.
Angie Rojas
June 4, 2006
Congratultions on your success in Austin, Texas........from creating the Austin to the LIve MuSic Capital of the World from Austin Local......We love you Clifford.
Vicki Trusselli
June 4, 2006
Sometime in 1977, while my friends were all at the disco bars, I was hired by Christy as a bartender at Antones on Sixth and Brazos and worked for three years at three clubs with Clifford, Susan, Janelle, Christy, Janey, Earl, Angela, Sugar and many others. Memory sensory overload!!!! I could not help but think at Austin tribute, where were all these people back then? Well Clifford I think all your work and sacrifice paid off, you learned em the blues. But beyond the blues, Clifford was about love and class and man do we need a little more Clifford in every one of us, please! Bless you and yours. We are truly honored to have known you.
John Kalvelage
June 4, 2006
May Susan and Clifford's Family, rest in the arms of love and comfort, of our LORD, we pray. Thank you for all the memories. The 3 Locations I and friends visited. 'Lil Charlie & The Eager Beaver Boys, Truck, Stevie Ray V, Jimmie Lee V., Roy Buchanan, Angela, Lou Ann, Marsha, Miss LaVelle, Otis Rush, The Iceman-Master of the Telecaster, Albert King "the pipe", T-Bird's, Omar, W.C., etc. I'm glad I got to speak to Clifford a few times recently, and about his faith. I saw an Entry from his Cousin in Tucson, is that you R? Howdy if so. Enjoyed the memorial last night at the Palmer Center. Especially Ruthie's opener. Set the tone.Divine. I'm afraid it's another step in the "homogenization" of Austin with Clifford's passing. Here's to a "Saint of the Blues" in heaven.
Bruce Burton
June 4, 2006
CJ Thanks for making me feel welcome at your club. You personally showed me around.
True Texas Hospitlaity!
Thanks, Sonny
Sonny Ritchie
June 4, 2006
I would not have seen so many great musicians if it wasn't for you. I have so many memories over so many yrs. Thank you and your spirit will live forever here in Austin.
Mark Weiler
June 4, 2006
To my best friend Susan and our little "sista" Janelle.
Over the last weeks I've read and listened to the many tributes of love and affection for Cliff. I thought I knew something of his life and passions but it turns out to be only a shadow of his already larger than life image.
I'm amazed,humbled and uplifted by the outpouring of love and respect by so many voices.Too few of us can lay claim to such love and respect.
What a gift you have given us Clifford. A gift that multplies in your seemingly untimely passing. Your Big Heart will continue to give to give to give and has given to me the immeasurable gift to be more.
I love you Sue and Janelle and we will carry on not only Cliff's good
work but our own.
In the simple word of my friend Katie "he was a great man and he did good work on earth"
June 3, 2006
Since Clifford Antone died last Tuesday afternoon, everyone has been talking about his influence in the music community. He was, no doubt, a major player, launching many famous musicians' careers. Antone's used to be right down the street from my house, and my son, Jake, was only 2 when he became a regular there with me. Sugar Bear would babysit Jake on the tailgate of his pick-up out in the parking lot when he got too tired to dance with me anymore, so that I could stay and enjoy the music later into the night. Clifford and Sugar Bear are why we continued to go to Antone's when it moved to 5th and Lavaca. I always felt welcome and safe there, with or without Jake. So, when I think about Clifford Antone, I think about the kind heart and soul of this man who not only gave me and my son opportunity after opportunity to have a good time listening and dancing to great music, and very recently helped raise money for my hip replacement surgery, but who always made me feel like I was the most important person in the room whenever I got to hug his neck.
JanaBanana Spangler
June 3, 2006
Dear Clifford,
I have never lived in Austin, but have been a regular visitor for the past 30 years. Thanks for all your hard work, entertaining me, and providing wonderful memories, which will last a lifetime!
Dana Burnett
June 3, 2006
I will always remember lunch at Virginia's. Thanks for your generosity and all the wonderful music you shared!
Tim Ader
June 3, 2006
I've been attending shows at Antone's since age 14 and saw greats such as Stevie, Albert, PineTop and Maceo just to scratch the surface.
But the most importantly, you gave my son Jacob the opportunity to play at Antone's; a dream he had since a small child. To me, that was the greatest show of all.

Thanks, Clifford. You will always be remembered fondly by this mom.
rebecca kanady gonzales
June 3, 2006
I have so many memories of fun times we shared.You are the man. I will miss you so much.
My love to Susan also.
Von Hefley
June 3, 2006
It was heaven here with you, and it feels like you are still beside us. Thanks
Sandi Steinfeld
June 3, 2006
A cousin, an advisor, a teacher, an
employer, someone to hang out with, a good listener, a positive influence but most important, a FRIEND. Cliff I'll miss you.
June 3, 2006
Dear Cliffy ~

So many things I'd like to thank you for... your amazing kindness, generosity, encouragement and enthusiasm... your smile, warmth and those beautiful blue eyes.

Before I met you, I never realized WHY I loved those old Rolling Stones songs so much... it was the blues sound that was what I liked about them. "Love in Vain" was always one of my favorite songs, but I didn't even know who Robert Johnson was.

Thank you for Sam Cooke, Irma Thomas, Harry Choates and of course, Slim Harpo... Thank you for breakfasts with 'crispy bacon' at Kerbey Lane... Thank you for the fantastic opportunity to see Hubert play 'Killing Floor' live and in person... Thank you for all my special memories...

I thought it was amazing how you'd always take the time to acknowledge passersby on the street, or pose for a photo with fans, loved children, and encouraged young people to work hard and educate themselves...

My tribute to you is to never stop learning, like you loved learning... and to radiate love to others, like you did.

Thank you for making me feel special and beautiful... you changed my life forever and I'll think about you every day... and love you.

You were loved and will be missed by so many... Goodbye, my sweet, dear friend.

Nothin' ~ nothin' can ever change this love I have for you...
June 2, 2006
I did not personally know you, but by word of mouth I felt that you gave so much more than people know. It seems to me that you were happiest when you helped
Heaven is jumping now that one of many who made their mark in the world in Austin, Tx. has joined the band in Heaven. You will be missed by more people than you could ever know; you left us with knowledge of the blues,love,happiness,tears.
See you in Heaven.
Shed a tear for me and you, grieve as you must. Remember the laughter, the quiet moments, the unforgetable years. We will meet again.
Sharon Guzman
June 2, 2006
I loved your club from the moment it opened. So many good times. What a guy you were.
Flo Cannon
June 2, 2006
Mr. Antone was a man who has made an impact all around the world and who will be remembered as a blues legend of his own right. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Anne Gulledge
June 2, 2006
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Clifford when he was in New Orleans with the movie about himself and his club. A greater statesman of the blues I have never known. His love of blues music and the artists who make that music was deep and true.
Dennis 'Big D' Schaibly
June 1, 2006
Clifford, I’ll miss you always! Thanks so much to you and Susan for having a place where me and my family could always count on, where we could not just SEE a great bunch of musicians, but got to know them too. Y’all taught me so much, and gave me so many wonderful and dear friends and memories, and made the world a better place with your dedication to and passion for the blues and its people. I’ll never forget seeing Clifford that last time at the Record Show. The CDs he recommended to me have been in constant rotation ever since.
With much love and sincerest condolences
"Guitar" Carol Grisso & The Grisso Family
June 1, 2006
My heart-felt sympathy to the family. I didn't know you personally but saw you many times at the Broken Spoke--you always smiled and said hello to me. You will be dearly missed.
Ora Richardson
June 1, 2006
My condolences to Susan and all the Antone family. Reminiscing: Remember the Alamo...Dr. John...T-Birds...Stevie Ray Vaughn...Angela Strehli...the Waco Boys...Port Arthur...CLIFFORD MAY YOU REST IN PEACE...HEAVEN IS SINGING THE BLUES!
Johnny G
June 1, 2006
Libery Hall, 1976.... So many beautiful people traveled in darkness, now traveling in the light. Keep Shining brightly dear one. You are now embraced with pure love and light. travel easy....
Christie Widerstrom
June 1, 2006
I visited Antone's for the first time when I moved to Austin in June of '94. Being a life-long blues lover, Antone's was on top of my list of places to visit. I didn't get a chance after many visits to know Clifford personally, but I will miss him just the same. Thanks for the great memories.
Gilbert Medina
June 1, 2006
As I Sit here in such sorrow,missing my brother and reading these beautiful notes to Cliff, he has made such an impact on so many people, I want to say thank you for your love,Susan and I have lost a Brother and my children Georgette and Jamal have lost The greatest Uncle who loved them more than anything- We have all lost a beautiful Soul, I know he will live on forever in so many ways,
We Love You Clifford Jamal-
You Shine On!
Janelle Antone-Raad
June 1, 2006
I know you had a lot of people to tap on the shoulder when you left so maybe this is wishful thinking but I was in the band van on Autobahn 1 singing a Percy Sledge tune and thinking about you because you always liked when I sang you those songs...and the phone rang and I heard the news...I'm so sorry I wasn't in the country to pay my respects...It was so disorienting...I thought I was done crying but apparently I'm not. Oh, man. You had so many blues buddies waiting on the other side I'm sure you are having a blast and running a spectacular blues show, playing some bass...I'm at a loss for words now but I know you'll be looking after your family and loved ones from where you are. I love you.

All the strength and peace in the world to you. If there is anything I can do...well, you know. I'm sending good thoughts your way every day.
Erin Jaimes
June 1, 2006
I came to Austin to get an education. I graduated BA (Blues Attendee) from Antone's. Melodies and memories are still playing in my head 30 years later.
If that kind of emotion is still felt from knowing Clifford his mission was accomplished.
Play the Blues!
P. Hendrix, Whitney, Tx
Phil Hendrix
June 1, 2006
To the man who make the music happen in Austin. I never personally met you, but I felt like I knew you. You brought many musicians to life. Made their dreams come true and brought life into the hearts of others to enjoy and cherish the music which may have never been without you. So we honor you in life and your passing. You will always be missed and never forgotten. David Gooch
David Gooch
May 31, 2006
I am signing on behalf of my brother Larry Tarkington, who often journeyed to Texas from Omaha, Nebraska just to go to Antone's. (Larry doesn't have computer access, so I am doing this for him.) I called Larry on Sunday to tell him the news and he was saddened. I feel the same because--as a result of my brother's appreciation of the blues and his love for Antone's--I too have finally come to appreciate this distincly American art form. My brother also sends his condolences to Susan, whom he met last year at the club.
Mardelle Susman
May 31, 2006
'Professor Bubba', my last aka for you. You graciously responded without a flinch! Whether it was weeks or months, we took up laughing right where we left off last.
You cherished the memories as much as the rest of us.

Bubba, my heart is broken. Life without you is something I nor the many others who loved you could have prepared for.
Our 'daughter' Lyndsay will miss her 'Big Daddy' and her bass player for her 'future' band!

Susan and Janelle, many a night I could feel Cliff's goosebumps as he was admiring one of his idols on stage, but more than that, I could feel his love for his family when ever he talked about you. He would always get this marvelous twinkle in his eye. He was so VERY PROUD of both of you, and so very proud to be an uncle to Little G and Jamal.

How very fortunate I was to have CJ as a friend, a brother, a teacher of music and life.

On Sunday when Pinetop, Jimmie, Derek, Kim and Hubie were playing, I looked up into the heavens and I saw Cliff, bass in hand, playing along, with a HUGE smile on his face looking down upon us, as if to tell us 'everything is good'.

Cliff, the angels and Doug have been waiting for you. Now you are our angel.
God Bless You Cliff.
We will always love you and cherish every minute we got to spend with you. I hope to be fortunate enough to meet up with you again.....
Cheryl Myers & Lyndsay Myers-Steiner-'Antone'
"If you can't dig the blues, you have a hole in your soul"..Jimmie Rodgers
Cheryl Myers
May 30, 2006
As a pre-Katrina New Orleans refugee, I liked to stop by Mr. Antone's club and I wouldn't be so homesick to hear my kind of music played in there.

He was a very kind man to bring the wonderful art of the Blues to Austin!

I hope he is surrounded by the best of the best Blues artists who will so soulfully be singing now.

"Free at last, free at last, Thank God, we are free at last!"

Rock on, Brother Antone!
May 30, 2006
I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Vine Street Bar & Grill in Hollywood, CA. You bought myself and my friends some drinks and we all had a great conversation. I remember your kindness. May you rest in peace. God bless.
Lauren Abbitt
May 30, 2006
May 30, 2006
Many years have pasted since since we were kids. Your Mother, Aunt Georgette and your Dad, Uncle Jamille were so good to us and so much fun to be around. I remember going to the liqour store and how sweet Uncle Jamille was. I heard your name mentioned so many times through the years and know you did great in your ventures by helping others and bringing lots of joy and hope to many people. Susan and Janelle, my prayers are with you. My dad was George Ashy from Beaumont.
Bernadette Walton (Ashy)
May 30, 2006
Susan and Janelle ... I know you will miss him terribly. He was truly a kind and generous soul.
Clifford , I still wish I had taken that grocery sack in Gloria's driveway! Please give Gloria and Will a big hug from me when you see them.
Janis O'Kelley
May 30, 2006
I was so sad to hear of your passing. It was my 56th birthday. You were always such a gentleman and just a big teddy bear. I never heard you say a bad word about anyone, nor did I hear anyone say anything but wonderful things about you. I'll always remember you---our '68 reunions won't be the same without sweet Clifford there.
Pat Trahan-Knox
May 30, 2006
Too early for an era to be gone. Thanks for everything your brother and you did for me during the more than ten years that Antone's was my second home. I still have the book you gave me when I returned to my native country after my years in Texas.
Just got the word from one of my friends in Austin this morning. It is so hard to believe that Cliff is gone. Being brought up on the blues, I hope that there is plenty of great blues for him whereever he now is.
Inga Grunden
May 29, 2006
On behalf of our family, Clifford's family, thank you all so much for your very very kind words and thoughts. Clifford would love your notes!

We will miss him with all of our hearts. It is amazing to have the love and support of so many people. Clifford would be so honored to know how much and how many care about him.
Thank you all so much. Please always come hear the BLUES! Cliff would love that!
- Susan
Susan Antone
May 29, 2006
So very sorry to read of your passing,Knew you as a very young man in Port Arthur, worked for your Dad and Mom who I loved very much they were like a second family to me,my prayers are with Susan and Janelle, God speed to you. Margie (Merriman)Hogan Houston, Tx
margie hogan
May 29, 2006
I shook your hand one night at the door after an ACL shoot. You didn't know me but I felt like I've always known you. I've been going to your club for years. You did wonderful things for Austin music and we will always miss you.
Marcus Riker
May 29, 2006
May you rest in peace Clifford and my thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones. Back in the
late 70s, my friend, Darelle, said we were going to
Antones to hear Albert King sing the blues...well,
I went kicking and screaming the whole way cause I didn't know what the "blues" was and I had never heard of Albert King...well, we met Sugar Bear (still a friend) and got down to the blues and even got a tour of Albert King's tour bus. What a great time...almost 30 years later I love the blues and Antones has so many wonderful memories. Getting a hug from Clifford was the icing on the cake of a great night of music. I went to Antones last night and kept thinking I saw you. I will miss you so.
Debbie Haber
Debbie Haber
May 29, 2006
Cliff-You are a legend in the blues industry and have made soo many wonderful accomplishments. You will be so missed by everyone-especially Karen and Von. It was customary, when I came to Austin to visit Antone's. I'll cherish the memory of the dinner I had with you Karen and Von in May 1991 at Cracker Barrel.Love,Vicki
Vicki Moore
May 29, 2006
My wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Antone's on March 7, 2006, during our first, but not last, trip to Texas. We were able to see Double Trouble in concert with Malford Milligan and Friends. The show was one of many highlights of our trip and it was great to see and feel your presence during the show.

Thank you for your significant contribution to the genre of Blues music and for your willingness to give budding artists a helping hand.

May God Bless Clifford Antone, the City of Austin and the State of Texas!
Don Halbert
May 28, 2006
One of my most prized posessions is the certificate of the first class you taught on the history of Blues / rock and roll. It was when we were room mates in bastrop. I remember getting the certificate with the wardens signature and I took it back and said I want Antones signature the hell with the wardern. I love you man.
George Eisenhoffer
May 28, 2006
May 28, 2006
Thanks, Clifford, for living your dream, and bringing Clifton Chenier, Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, Albert King, Bobby Bland, and so many more for us & the world to enjoy. Not to mention the local greats and the house band - it just doesn't get any better than that. We were regulars in the good old days on Sixth Street, sometimes several nights a week, and have continued to enjoy the club throughout the years. Sending loving thoughts and prayers to Susan, Janelle, Christy, & Sugarbear, and to all your friends and family.
I remember Stevie said something like "death is not when you're gone, you just change". So, you will be dearly missed, but your gracious enthusiasm, love and respect for blues & blues musicians is still alive in our hearts and souls, as we still get out and support live music when we can.
Darelle Robbins
May 28, 2006
Visits to Austin won't be the same without you. You will be missed by all of those whose lives you touched.
Nancy McCluskey
May 28, 2006
I can't believe you're gone! How much real, gritty blues pleasure you gave us all by opening your club and promoting the Blues guys you and we all loved. I don't know how many miles I've danced to the real thing on your dance floor--that's what real bliss is! Buddy Guy bringing in the New Year so many times, how fortunate we were to experience this music. We had the time of our lives. Your legacy is just as great as Stevie Ray or Paul Ray, 'cause your the guy who made it happen and made the Austin music scene happen. God Bless you! I will miss you greatly...
Ava Lynn Hardesty
May 28, 2006
I shook your hand at the end of the John Mayall concert at the Paramount a few months ago. You said "how you doing brother?" Guess you remembered me from when I was a regular at Antones. Even if you didn't you made me feel like you did. Little did I know that was the last time I was going to shake your hand again...

You always made people feel special and we are all going to miss you "brother".
Rod Maestas
May 28, 2006
Many fond memories of the smokey Antone's on Guadalupe Street during the early 80's. Clifford Antone often did the warm-up on stage before the main act came out to play. He was fabulous!
Leslie Morrill
May 28, 2006
The day after the Austin City Limits Music Festival 2004 was over, I found myself at Antone’s anticipating Charlie Robison’s new cd release featured that evening. I had been to Antone’s once before, I believe in 1997, to see Coco Taylor with a blues-loving harmonica-playing writer friend who was in town visiting and insisted we go.

While I did not report my attendance at the ’97 show to Clifford, I did find myself unburdening my regret for having missed out on working a number of years five blocks from the Guadalupe location and having never seen the Fabulous Thunderbirds among many other blues artists populating the club at that time. Not skipping a beat, Clifford insisted I come down the next Saturday as Jimmie Vaughan would be one of the musicians on stage with James Cotton for a Hubert Sumlin benefit. I did and stood right in front of the stage drinking it all in.

I have been back to the club a few times since then and saw Clifford larger than life at the Neighbors in Need hurricane relief benefit at the Erwin Center last year.

It still has not sunk in that he’s gone. Really, he’s not, he’s still here in our hearts and souls and minds every time a blues note is plucked, picked, or bent in Austin or anywhere else, for that matter.

I am so glad I got to be a teeny, tiny part of the Antone’s legacy, glad I got to tell Clifford in person. Otherwise would have been the real regret.
Cindee Segal
May 28, 2006
Cliff?...You've meant so much to me and my family for years. You and Susan. You were like a son to pop and an older brother who lived in another state, to me. You will be missed by many. Say hi to Pop, Mom, Muddy, Albert, and Stevie for me. I know they are happy to see you again and have organized things for YOU, this time. Love you, brother~

Jimmy D. Lane
May 28, 2006
We were very fortunate and had the pleasure of meeting you on several occasions, enjoyed and will cherish all our conversations. You will truly be missed........Thank you for all you do for Austin, you will always be remembered!!!
Susie & Alex Duarte Jr
May 28, 2006
Clifford, you probably never knew it, but you were Austin's own Jimmy Stewart of "It's a Wonderful Life." Our city, and the lives of so many within it, would not be the same, would not be so rich, without you. You are now with those blues greats for whom your heart beat. Enjoy that heavenly jam - I am sure they had a spot right by the stage reserved for you.
Daniel Anderson
May 28, 2006
I first met Clifford when I moved to Austin in 1977 at the club on 6th street. In the many years and meetings since then, the one I remember most is from just about a year ago when my daughter was selling Girl Scout cookies. When she pitched the sale to him, he asked which boxes of cookies were the hardest to sell. She told him and he bought every one of those boxes. It was her first lesson in The Blues...Thanks Clifford and God Speed.
Len Hause
May 28, 2006
All the magic ther ever was or will be in Austin just couldnot be without this great giant of a blues man!I just know he is up ther hugging on the people he loved so much. Lord treat him right he earned it! Until we meet again your music will fill my ears and my heart!
john daly
May 27, 2006
Thank you Clifford for making sure our daughter, Liz, was safe while she attended college here and we were back home over 150 miles away. We are so happy we got to meet you and all the kind things she said about you were true. I truly believe you were our daughter's guardian angel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Although we only went to your club once or twice your kind deeds were always in our thoughts. I know the great city of Austin and your beloved friends and family will keep the blues forever alive. It's just because we all have a huge hole in our hearts because you are no longer with us in person but your spirit and memories of you always will be. We know you'll keep the blues going in Heaven until all of us who loved you can join you. God Be With You,
Your friends,
Robert and Rose
Robert and Rose Cykala
May 27, 2006
Texas will miss you, blues will miss you. Another legend another chapter a fond memory larger than life. Little Wing .
Michael Hurst
May 27, 2006
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