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1943 - 2017 Obituary Condolences
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August 16, 2018

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August 16, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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September 22, 2017
Our hearts go out to you at this time and in the days ahead.
September 16, 2017
Blessings for Ross and his family during this challenging time. I am a neighbor who just heard of Sandy's passing today. This is a time beyond words. I'm holding you close.
September 15, 2017
September 13, 2017
No words can ever adequately address the pain felt when losing a Loved One & the importance of the role they played in your life. Mom was an extremely empathetic, independent, & forgiving woman. Many a night's she spent worrying about her children, her husband, her Church, & her friends hoping to come up with a way to ease their pain or overcome whatever obstacle was set before them. She would literally give you the shirt off her back if the need called for it.

Her empathy was so great that I honestly believe she felt more pain at times than the individual she was trying to help & she would often sacrifice her own happiness just to make them happy or ease their pain. She wanted to do it all & make the world a better place for anyone going through troubled times. More often than not she quietly shouldered these burdens only to confide in those around her that she knew would help the person in need or at the very least would lend in impartial ear.

She Loved & protected her family with all her might. She effortlessly smoothed over conflicts within the family while ensuring everyone was happy & taken care. She ensured everyone had the opportunities & means to have a chance to succeed at whatever endeavor they pursued.
Most importantly she was always there to listen & provide feedback on whatever challenge we encountered. She was a very good listener & would always give us words of wisdom in return. She Loved us all more than we loved ourselves & nothing the world could ever throw at us would matter as long as we had the adoration & Love of Mama.

Mom certainly had all the qualities of an Angel & was by no means a pushover. Her listening skills & ability to read people made her adept at reading people & seeing through individuals with ulterior motives or less than honest intentions. These qualities spared the more naïve of us in the family from falling prey to these individuals.

There was certainly a fair share of individuals that took advantage of her generosity throughout her life but she would just dismiss it, forgive them & move on accept when it directly affected her family.
If you ever wanted to see her fearless side it would certainly come out if someone was to mess with Dad or her children. She had no qualms letting you know how she felt & would do everything in her power to protect her family. The most amazing quality that she possessed though, was her ability to forgive. Almost as instant as she would confront the trespasser she would forgive. Fearless enough to look the Devil in the eye & cast him out, but Faithful enough to Forgive their sins. That was my Mom.

I can certainly attest to the greater qualities Mama possessed with the following story.

There once was a young boy who came from a troubled family.
All problems the young boy faced at an early age, which troubled him deeply, & forced him to be the adult in the family at an early age.
His only wish was to fix & heal the problems & to have a happy family.
He just wanted everybody to get along, be happy & mostly to genuinely love one another.

Being so young he didn't have the strength or means to control the situation & his efforts to confront the issues fell on deaf ears. He rode away on his bicycle broken, defeated, & determined that he was going to make it in this world without them.
He did not know where to go or what to do. He was so used to hiding the troubles at home he didn't even know how to talk about it. So he kept riding until he ended up at the home of a someone he knew from school. He was emotionally exhausted, hot & thirsty & needed a break.

Once he was in the house, his usual attempts to hide his troubles failed. It was apparent there was a problem & the Mother came to talk to him & seemed to know exactly how to get him to let it out. She comforted him, made him feel safe & told him it's all going to be ok. She welcomed him to stay as long as he needed, gave him food, water, & the one thing he needed most of all which was Love.

Time went on & the boy went off to work. But he never left. The Love of the Mother, the Father & the whole family gave him always brought him back. This was his family, this was his home. The family he had always wished for & the Mother that he had often prayed for when he was a child. A Blessing at the very moment he needed it most.

I can attest to the greater qualities of my Mother & the whole family with this story because the Mother in this story is my Mama Sandy.

This single act of kindness changed my life forever. I could never be gracious enough to Mom for her actions at that time. She was truly an Angel in my life & the whole family was an answer to my prayers at that young age. Without hesitation, not even knowing who I was or where I came from she welcomed me into her home & invited me to her table to eat. Mom & Dad Fed me, clothed me & got me through high school. My Brothers & sister & the entire family gave me the Love I needed to continue on & face the challenges of life and treated me like family instead of being the stranger that I was.

If this does not illustrate the pure qualities in a person that God expects us to strive for I don't know what does. Mom lead this charge within the family & this was indicative of the kind of woman she was. She helped me to overcome the challenges I faced & I will always be thankful to her for this gesture.

She gave until she was tired & could give no more.
I've always bottled up my problems & she always saw through that & encouraged me to talk it out. In this way she was like having a Mom & a best friend.
She was the heart of the family & the hub that kept it all together.

I will miss her.

It hurts deeply to see her go but I know she wants us all to rejoice & be happy.
My only regret is that she really did not like to receive the same help she so generously gave, & I only wish we could have done more to keep her here longer, but Gods will is not for us to control.
She was certainly a rock in my life & I know she was the same for many others.
Many tears will fall but I know she is at peace now, with the same strong women that were part of her life, her Daddy & most importantly God.

I will certainly Love her & will miss her forever. She was one of a kind.
She was a strong woman that was beautiful inside & out.
Rejoice & Celebrate the wonderful life & legacy she leaves behind.
Once you've shed your tears, put a smile back on your face because she wouldn't want it any other way. Cherish the memories she gave us & forge ahead.
Rest in Peace Mom. I will miss our talks.
God Bless all who grieve her loss.