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1961 - 2012 Obituary Condolences Gallery
Jon "Eric" Engelman Obituary
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July 19, 2018

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July 19, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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December 18, 2015
Hello brother. Found this beautiful photo of you and me and Willie, you looked so healthy and happy. Just so alive. I on the other hand, look like I could have used some sleep. No bother though, I lived through parenthood, now living being a grandparent. Which you are again, by the way. Erica had another baby, a boy. Well, I just send Love to the stars, also yeah, the New Star Wars movie came out. It's just things like this that tug on my heart. I love and miss you my dear brother. I just wish I knew what to do with the paralyzing moments that still grab me and shake me to my core. I went and helped Aunt Annie, she had a heart valve replaced and a pacemaker put in. it was scary for her but she did great, she is such a trooper. Eric, I am still just so sorry that I wasn't a better sister to you. when you dropped off the radar, I just thought that was what you wanted. I just did not know how sick you were. I am glad we had that time at the end, you were still so optimistic and happy and engaged, making future plans. I am just really sorry I was so involved in my own life and problems, I did not "check in" often enough. maybe that is why I write to you here. when I see you face, now, I only hope that you knew how much you were loved. Well, dear, I hope you are shining... and hanging out with Dad and Aunt Linda and Aunt Barbara and Eileen and Grandma and Aunt Irene and Felicia and Grandpa and Dean. I hope your spirit is happy. I love you eternally.
September 30, 2015
Good morning my absent yet present brother. The ache of August is over. The blood full moon eclipse the other night was wonderful to see but of course I don'thave to tell you... heaven must have had a great viewing party. Also there is news of water on Mars, but you said that all along. Austronaut Kelly is past his six months in space going for a year long record, the longest of any human so far. Your world seems so far away, and yet all I have to do is see an image of your face, to bring our worlds closer, at least in my mind. Baby Johnny Rockefeller came into the world on Aug 27th, born to Willie and Kathleen, which brings me so much you are an Uncle again. Also I hear you will be a grandpa again. Lisa and April and Mom are all well, I'm sure Moms prayers are much more consistent than mine. I send you on your travels this morning with a prayer of Love and still so much heartache. I lost a dear friend Eddie Gallaher, just two days ago, he was an amazing man and a wonderful poet, so if you see him in the ranks please welcome him and show him the ropes. or stars. I love you my brother.
March 19, 2015
Well, my dear brother, you would get a kick out of the hilarity with your Facebook account. Again they send the suggestions that i share stuff with you and invite you to like things. So here I am, calling you in from your trip playing with the Mars rover to ask you to like something. I did again, send them another request to acknowledge, that you have gone ahead... we will see if another year goes by, and we will all have a laugh. what else can we do? Oh yes and you are going to be an uncle again, Willie and Kathleen got married and it was a beautiful ceremony, they had a lovely memorial table with yours and Dads photos along with Kathleen's Mom and others who have gone ahead. So Willie and Kathleen are going to have a BOY!Baby is due in August. Its all so special, of course i wish you were here. We bought a house in Long Beach and it is awesome. so quiet, we hear birds now instead of traffic. Well brother, tomorrow is spring, and an eclipse and a super moon, so i suppose you will be out among the stardust checking out things we can never even imagine. I hope you are happy...send me a hummingbird and i will smile and blow it a kiss. I miss you so much, my brother. my heart is still broken, i just can imagine how it will ever mend. Tell God hello, and mention that the Presbyterian Church now says they will not be mean to Gay people, which I think is very Christian. I Think thats what Jesus would do. I love you brother, always and forever. i found this photo of you and April so I thought id put it here...Did i tell you we scattered your ashes in the creek? It was so beautiful, it was Mom, April, Chris, Hunter and you. i kept some for Erica, and I still have to get them to her. I just can't stand sending them in the mail...but i promise i will get them to her soon. I know I'm dragging my heels. ok. time to go. I love you again. be good, and if you can't be good, then be careful. Your little sis, Michelle
April 3, 2013
Eric. I miss you s so so so much. I snet your facebook account into memorialize. I couldn't stand getting suggestions that I need to contact you. Boy how I would love to contact you. You have another granddaughter now, her name is Bella. she is so beautiful. please tell the stars hello for me. Chris and I are moving to would love it in Long Beach. So sunny and warm. You left too soon my beautiful brother. too soon. too soon.