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John Thomas (Poppy) Peace Obituary
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July 19, 2018

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July 19, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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April 11, 2014
Oh Poppy. I miss you so much sometimes I can't bear it. There are days when I want to lay in bed all day and not get up. It has been five long, dreadful, lonely years without you. You missed my high school graduation, prom, me starting college, moving out of Mom's house. Obviously you being gone took a toll on everyone. It's just not the same. You're not asking me how school was. We're not getting up at the crack of dawn, you with a cup of coffee and me being so happy to get to spend those extra minutes with you. I'd never trade those for anything. No more long walks through the neighborhood, motorcycle rides because it's so pretty out. You taught me how to use a weed eater. You were my hero. Even though everything you were going through was hard, you always asked about me when I came to see you. I wish I would have stayed the night on your last night here. I was just so upset. I couldn't. It was so hard just visiting that day. I knew you were hurting. I knew you weren't gonna last much longer. I love you so much. I wish I could still hear your voice. I wish I could feel you wrap your arms around me in a great big hug. What I would give to see you smile, hear a joke from you, or hear you laugh again. I miss you Poppy. I miss you so much. Take care of Scott up there too. I'll see you again. I love you.
July 4, 2010
Hi my darling angel: I know you wondered where in this world I have been. I have been sick off and on for months and had surgery 3 weeks ago when they found a large tumor in the upper right leg. It was quite something but thank God it was not malignant. I thought this would totally put me the rest of the way under if it was. I had already made my mind up if it was malignant that I would not have any treatments. Period. I have enough of of cancer and all the treatments that don't work and I thought it through on my own and came to the conclusion that I wouldn't go through all of it and when I did that, I felt much better. Then a couple of days later they called and said it was benign. I have our great grandson tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night and he is a delight. Maison is a delight and really does remember his Poppy. He doesn't understand why we can't go to visit you and I'm trying to get that across to him right now. But you would have been in second heaven to have had him spending the night and horse around and play with him. He is your type....very adventerous and as you know, not afraid of anything and he just turned 5. I have a lot of learning about things to do to keep little boys this age entertained. Been a long, long time since Greg was a little one. But as long as I keep him with movies and WI games, he is totally OK. Darling, I miss you more than I did when you left me. I just cannot get myself over the fact that you are gone and not coming home. I just cannot think clearly about what to do with the houses and what I CAN do with them since the market has gone to heck and back. So I'm going to try to meet with Everett this coming week and see what he suggests and then I want to get packed up and move back to Vegas. I have friends there and Zoe and Patsy and Wayne and others want me to come back there and I think that would be the best place for me. I know that you definitely wanted us to get out of here even when you were sick but that was just too much for me and I couldn't put you through it but you did make me promise that I would get out ASAP. So, I've made the decision that if I go to Vegas that I will be totally on my own to make my own decisions and not have family trying to take time from their busy schedules to see to my needs. When I cannot take care of myself, then I'll check into an Assisted Living Facility and go from there. I look forward to this move except for the physical part of it and also the financial part of it. Approximately $20,000/ to move & that doesn't include shipping my convertible. I may sell it before I leave but with all the oil well gushing down here and people losing their jobs, etc. I doubt that anyone has the money to buy it and hopefully it might sell quicker in Vegas. Whatever, I'll take care of that when the time comes as I've tried to do with everything else that has happened since you left me. I LOVE YOU DESPERATELY, DEARLY AND ALWAYS JOHN. I ALWAYS WILL AND ALWAYS HAVE. I wish all the time to see you soon. God has the answers and I don't so whenever He say it's time, I'll gladly go to see you. DON'T EVER FORGET HOW VERY, VERY MUCH I LOVE YOU MY DARLING HUSBAND AND WILL FOREVER, AND FOREVER. I will write you later and let you know how the two day visit with our Great Grandson Maison went and he is already wanting me to call his Mom and tell her he wants to spend another night. Sound familiar???? tehe I love you precious. LOL
April 9, 2010
Hi sweetness: I don't know too much tonight except that I've had another rough day. I need to be lying down with ice to my back and taking my pain meds. That I will do as soon as I shut the computer down for the night. I just don't know how I will get through this going through all the stuff to put out for the garage sale. Heather & James are flying out from CA. on the 15th and will be here until the 19th and will be staying with me the entire time so they can help as needed. But, I have LOADS of people that are coming to help me with the getting ready for the sale and then spend the entire time with me during the sale, so hopefully I'll be able to hold out. I have several invitations to go out 'during the week' of my b'day week and hopefully I'll get to do some of that but having Heather and James might enterfer with that a little. OH Well!!! We will make it OK. Everyone love you and has talked a lot about you this week but they are all saying to me, Wayna, it's time for you to get out and start doing 'something.' Just anything besides staying in bed all day for the past year has done a job on your body and you need to get back to the gym and start doing some very light exercising. So, hopefully I can within the next week after the company leaves. I really want to but they will really have to go light on me. You wouldn't know me honey. You know how strong I was but laying in bed for a year has really taken me down to my knees. I will do what I can and keep you uptodate. I renewed the Guest Book for another year hoping that some people would check in and write a note now and then. I love you so very much John and always will. Your loving and devoted wife forever and ever, Wayna
April 8, 2010
Hi my precious loved one: Honey, I'm so sorry that I have not gotten to the cemetery on the 6th nor the 7th. I fell off a ladder and landed on the ground on my side and it has hurt my back very bad. I am totally in bed with pain meds and ice for now except to get up & make the kids something to eat and me a little cereal or something to drink and then get another cold pack and back to bed. I am prayerfully hoping that I will get much improved by Sunday so that I can get to the cemetery first & then on to baby Maison's 5th b'day party at the beach, where we always have such fun with bar'b'que's and flying kites, etc. That is my prayer honey. I have cried my heart and soul out for days now and I'm soooo upset and just feel like nothing will ever be ok again. Then on Monday, my birthday, a couple of the girls here on our street have invited me out for my b'day to have lunch on Washington St. downtown. Then Tuesday night, Helen is picking me up for another b'day celebration and then Wednesday Chrissie and Drew are taking me to lunch and then coming to the house and help get some things down from the attic & storage shed for the big garage sale on the 17th. Greg is planning on coming over on this Sat. to help get some things out into the garage for the sale. And, he is bringing some of his things over and put them in my sale. I just pray that my back will hold up for all of the celebrating and the garage sale...then, I'm making my plan to move away. We are scheduled to have the worst hurricane season that we have had this year since Katrina and I sure do not want to be here but probably will because I'm so late in getting everything done to go somewhere else. Darling angel, I received a lot of cards in sympathy for my loss of you this week and loads and loads of phone calls. I was surprised at so many good friends of ours remembered exactly the date. But we all miss you sooooo very much my angel and love you dearly. Greg and his family went to the cemetery on the 7th and that was nice because they knew I wasn't able to even get dressed and I appreciated that they went anyway. Honey, J.T. is worse now and has been in MD Anderson since 4/3/10 and hasn't returned home yet. Helen said she would try to locate one of his son's and get a report about what is happening. I saw where Rox wrote you a little note and that was so nice and sweet of her. She is such a sweetheart and I really do love her. I pray baby McKenna will be born safely with no problems for she nor Rox. Darling, I will close as I don't feel up to sitting for very long and I will try to write you tomorrow nite. Please watch over me as I go through this life trying to make decisions for myself and I pray for you every single day and nite. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER MY BABY, ALWAYS, WAYNA J. PEACE