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Richard A. Williams Obituary
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July 19, 2018

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July 19, 2018

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 Memories & Condolences
This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of David, Cristy, Andrew, and Tyler Williams.
January 8, 2008
Today is Rick's 33rd birthday. I say is, because I don't like using the phrase "would have been". I remember how birthdays for us were a time for us to always joke on each other. He was born a wopping 4 months before me, but he always said I was a youngin. I would always give him a hard time those few months of the year that he was the higher age that he was older than me. And of course, we had our fair share of funny cards that Dave and I gave him through the years. I miss our goofy banter with one another. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK! WE LOVE YOU!
January 24, 2007
It’s been 2 years since Rick has been gone but the memory of his love for others, his intelligence, his smile, his humor, or simply Rick’s style has been kept warm in our hearts; surfacing time to time only to bring a smile (a giggle) these last two years.

I do have a short but sweet story I would like to share with you about Rick its one of many. I meet Rick and Lee (a friend and roommate of Rick’s at the time, also a sweet person) when Rick came looking for an apartment I was working as an assist manager at The Pointe Apartments in Gautier, Ms. One of the things our office was known for was helping people especially our older residents when they need the help. Rick and Lee lived in the apartment above an elderly woman name Ms.Sypes. She is a head strong woman but her body wasn’t capable of doing what it used to when she was younger. Determined she gets to the office needing a package wrapped. Personally, I think she just wanted to come in to talk :), like a lot of our residents use to. She was telling us that her back has been so bad she hasn’t been getting around very well with out taking a break. And that Rick took her garbage out every morning for the past week. She said she was blessed with an Angel. She didn’t even have to ask he just took it upon himself to help her. Later that afternoon Rick walks in tall, strong, sun glasses on of course, and smiles as usual (cat eating a mouse grin; enough to roll your eyes and say whatever ;), which I normally did). I told him what she had said; he tells me that he cleans her windshield whenever he cleans his car to. Then tells me to shhhhh he didn’t want anyone to know he’s a nice guy. I told him whatever he just wanted the 7 digit, ;-) we would giggle.
I know this story probably is trivial and even boring to some but to Ms. Sypes and many other people he has helped. Rick was heaven sent. ?

I hope this story might have brought a similar thought with you or maybe a different situation you had with Rick that caused a smile or giggle today. May it always stay with you….May God Bless you and keep you …
January 23, 2007
Still missing you, still loving you and still remembering you each and everyday...I find it hard to believe it has been two years since your passing...I always take comfort in knowing you are smiling down on me.
November 25, 2006
So many times I have thought to leave a message. I have visited this page more times than I can count and yet, it is still just so painful to put thoughts into black and white. I miss Rick as much today as the last time I saw his smiling face. There is still not a day that passes in which some memory of my "shorty" is not relived. I have recently moved back home to the Gulf Coast and have seen several people that ask me about Rick. I smile at the mention of his name. It is a blessing to know so many people haven't forgotten, as i truly don't know how anyone who knew Rick could. A friend told me a story of his father who passed away not quite a year ago. He said his father knowing he was very old and in poor health, would always say "I shall live another 40 years" his time drew small and death was calling he explained that although he was dying he would live another 40 years because surely someone who has known him will be alive in 40 years and by doing so he would continue to live through them. My mind drifted immediately to Rick and to my cousin John who passed away at the age of 29. These men were the biggest rocks in my life. I just want to say I miss Rick and I still pray for his entire family. May God Bless you all.