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July 19, 2018

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July 19, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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May 07, 2018
I can't believe it's been 2yrs. My soul is screaming in pain still like you were just taken from me yesterday. Omg when does the pain go away??? When does it get easier to live without you??? I've collected every feather I find,& feed the cardinal every morning in hopes that its true & that its really you. I just miss you so much. I miss your smile, your laugh, the sound of voice, the touch of your hand, feeling safe wrapped in your arms, all the goofy things you used to say & do, I miss seeing you stick your tongue out at me like a 2yr old, lol, I just miss you! I still keep hoping I'll wake from this nitemare & you'll still be here with me. Please help me get through this my love. I'm dead inside, with a hole in my heart, I feel so alone. I would give anything to be together again. I don't know why I'm stuck here living without you but until we meet again, I'll always love you Big Sexy.
April 24, 2018
Happy Anniversary My Love. I miss you so much. Im so lost & broken. I still don't know how to live life without you. I'm in such a dark place. I rarely leave my house, I don't talk to anyone anymore, I've cut everyone out my life. They just don't understand & im sick of people telling me I need to get over you. I just don't know how to do that. I don't want to get over you. I just want us together again. How am I supposed to live when the other half of me is gone? Im empty inside, my heart & soul died with you. Its almost 2yrs and I still hurt as much as I did the day you were taken from me. I never thought I'd be spending our anniversaries alone. I love you Big Sexy
September 18, 2017
May 12, 2017
The 5th made a year that you got called home. It still feels like yesterday that this nightmare started for me. I just cant accept this. I still look for you everywhere. Sometimes I see red birds and butterflies. I even found a tiny white feather. all this is suppose to mean that your love one is present. but I just don't feel it. Just about everyone has seen you in a dream or two. Not me and I do need to see you. I cant believe out of all the people you know not one has a video of you. Sometimes when I am sitting in my recliner watching tv or just thinking something catches my eye like movement down the hallway. when I look no one is there. Is that you? Are you watching over us? Please help me through this. I want to know in my heart that you are at peace. I love you so much Corey and I miss you.
February 14, 2017
Happy Valentines Day my Love, I miss you so much Corey. I remember last year we were eating beignets, walking around downtown, having fun & you played hookie from work so we could spend the night together, we were so happy. This is so hard without you. I hate the holidays now, im so alone. I would give anything to have you back home with me. They say your in a better place but there is no better place than for us to be together and happy again. I hope you liked your balloons, and your note that i sent up to you. My heart is so broken, my life is so empty, everything's changed, everything is so different without you. I've never felt this kind of pain before, I don't know how to move on and live a life without you. Our love was so rare and special, we were supposed to grow old together but we robbed of our life but i will wait for you. I'll be waiting for the day that we're together again and then no one will be able to separate us ever again.
I Love You Big Sexy
January 12, 2017
Hey baby, Been missing you bunches. the holidays were very different this year without you. kids had a blast but for all us grown ups, not so much. Just glad its all over with. I think of you all the time. Every morning when I wake up to every night when I close my eyes. I have never known grief to be this hurtful and empty before. The loss of you is so different. I feel I will never be ok or happy again. They tell me you in a better place but the selfishness in me wants you back here with all of us. I cant stop looking for your truck in the neighborhood or when I see a Stone truck I look for you in it. I pass your cross everyday to tell you hey and I LOVE you. Even now this horrific day doesn't feel real. Two nights ago I kept staring at my side door picturing you walking in saying "Whats up Nanny" I want you back Corey I want you back.
January 09, 2017
I can't believe it's been 8mths already still feels like yesterday. I miss you so much my love. I finally have some good news thou, i got a job. I know, lol, Me! Actually working!! But it's time for me to learn how to stand on my own 2 feet. I tell myself everyday, what would Corey do? You would keep fighting and do everything you could to make me proud and im gonna make you proud! I will not let everything you did for me & my kids be in vain! I LOVE YOU BIG SEXY!
December 15, 2016
Its been a min since ive wrote to you but these holidays are killing me without you. Im living in this darkness, my world is so empty, im lost without you. Im struggling to keep it together, i just dont know what to do anymore. Im trying so hard to stay strong for you but how do i do that when i feel so weak. I miss you so much Corey. I love you always, until we meet again my heart will stay broken without you.
November 05, 2016
I can't believe it's been 6mths already my love. It feels like just yesterday you were stolen away from me. Words can't express the love I have for you still, the hurt that I feel everyday that your gone, but they say that true love never dies so I know that your up there in heaven waiting for me, waiting for us to be together again. I wore my ring for the first time today & it brought me to tears, happiness & sadness all at one time. It's just been so hard to even open my jewelry box & look at any of it without breaking down but for some reason today I felt like it was time. I'm glad I did too b/c I felt like you were with me all day, it's almost like I could feel your arms around me again. I miss you so much. I'm going to see a psychic/medium Tuesday so I can talk to you one more time. I just need to know your ok, that your at peace now. God I Love you so much Corey. My heart aches for you everyday, all day. I know I'll never get over you, they'll never be another you my love, but I'm hoping to get some kind of peace of mind or some closure from this. I'm living in such a dark place without you. Idk how to move on with my life without you in it. So I guess we'll wait & see what Tuesday brings. Talk to you soon,I hope, I Love you Corey
November 02, 2016
Happy Birthday my Love, I miss you so much. I've been listening to your VM over & over again just to hear the sound of your voice, I miss your laugh, your smile, all the goofy things you use to say & do, I just miss you, all of you, everything about you! I would give anything to have you back here with me, I'm waiting for the day that We're together again. I hope your having a big birthday party & celebrating with all our friends that are up there in heaven with you. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK COREY & Thank you for a the little signs you keep sending to let me know that your still by my side, there the only thing helping me through this & don't you worry I know what I gotta do now. I Love you Happy Birthday Big Sexy

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