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De'Aundre Stephon "Dre" Robertson-Armstrong

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July 22, 2018

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July 22, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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June 14, 2018
Hi my sweet angel...... I know it's been a while since Mommy's been here and so much has transpired since. I was going through videos of you and your siblings reminiscing about those days when I had all of you here together. It breaks my heart because I have so many mixed emotions and still so many questions but I know that God carried you home for the best of reasons...... No more pain and no more suffering. I still cry and have my moments but I get through by watching your sister grow and although you and she are polar opposites she still speaks of you quite often and to everyone, we watch videos I've recorded of you all, we still have "Kodie" hanging over the bed and watching us, and I still haven't gotten rid of your clothes because she won't let me and I just can't pull myself to. I know I have to but it's very hard. Well let's change the subject..... I'm about to start a new job on the 25th, you sister had her tonsils and adenoids removed like you did those two times and now she can't remember certain people. They say it'll wear off soon as long as I don't give her the pain meds here at home. She remembers you if she doesn't remember anyone, though, which is a good thing in my book. Grandma hasn't changed! She's still grandma. She had surgery on her hand a few weeks ago so was quite limited to certain things but her being her she still did all that she wasn't supposed to. Lol! But I know you see all this. It would just be so much better if you were here. You'd be entering your 11th grade year and preparing for college by taking college courses, probably working, driving, going to dances, football or basketball games for school, and watching over your sister because she'll be at the same school as you. This year was your sweet 16th so I know that party would've been epic (you know how we do) and you would've loved it. Then again.... You probably had a very epic party up there with all your favorite singers, actors, foods and drinks. (I could never top that! Lol!)
Dre, there's not a day that goes by that I don't look at your make shift memorial on your dresser and wish that you were still with us. I am at ease knowing that you are no longer in pain, enjoying yourself and getting to know your family that has gone on before and after you. I want you to continue to rest in love and kiss your MawMaw Elsie and PawPaw Wallace for me and tell them I love and miss them just like I love and miss you, too. I'll be writing again soon my baby...... Mommy loves you, Dre-Dre.
January 12, 2018
Hey Dre!! I may be late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's been quite a year and still this on is just starting. Your sister (as you know) turned 14 a few days ago. She's growing more and more daily but she's not the same lil kid you may remember. She's changed a lot since you've been gone. If you can just visit and have her to do better. Things have been so crazy but I know you see what's been going on. We miss you daily and as time goes by I still have those "what ifs" and "what would you be doing if you were still here" days. I cry but I know you're having so much fun learning about all your past family members and meeting them, cooking with everyone and listening to the best music not to mention the kids and babies you're having fun with. Dre just if you can.... Ask God to protect and bless us. It's been hard and we need to see a silver lining somewhere. I try not to be depressed but I just miss you so much and I know things wouldn't seem as divided between myself and your sister and brother if you were still here. A piece of my heart is missing.... You completed my circle. I don't feel comfortable even taking a "family" picture because you're no longer here but I kmow God had other plans and there was a reason He visited you that night and the reason He carried you home. I just wanted to drop you a line because you fell on my mind while I was up cleaning the kitchen and watchin one of your favorite shows "Wild n' Out". I'm going to continue to send you messages to heaven because you're always on my mind. I miss and love you, my "fluffy" prince Tell MawMaw Elsie and PawPaw Wallace and everyone else I love and miss them, too. Until next time.....#KeepRestingEasyMyAngel
December 11, 2017
Hi my sweet boy "Dre"- it's been 2 long years without you and the sting of your departure and tears are still fresh, we miss you so very much. Your sweet face and personality to match is all anyone could wish for in a son, brother, cousin and grandson! We thank God for giving you to us if only for a little while. I love you "Dre" and I pray you continue to help watch over us all. Enjoy Heaven, we miss you dearly. Merry Christmas Dearheart.
December 09, 2017
Hey Buddy!! Mommy here........Again. I know you're probably tired of me but Idc!! Guess what!? I got your book online for another year!! I plan on doing this until my eyes close forever. I know you're having so much fun up there finding all your ancestors and getting to know your great-grandparents from my side and your dad's side, also listening to all the great concerts with Micheal Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Luther Vandross and a host of others, also cooking with the greats like New Orleans' own Frank Davis, Justin Wilson and playing with all those babies that are also gone too soon like you. I also know you met Teedie Cherlynn up there now, handing out with Rev, Uncle Johnnie, your cousins and uncles. Dre we miss you but you were needed there...... God knew that your time was done and you served your purpose here. I can't wait til I can hug you again and hold you in my arms and kiss all over your sweet lil loving face. Well.... Mommy loves and misses you. Kiss MawMaw Elsie and Pawpaw Wallace for me and tell them I miss them.... #MournTilIJoinYou

Loves Always,

November 24, 2017
I started out typing this a few days ago but I think you erased everything to keep me from being all sad and depressed but I'm ok with renewing this for as long as my eyes are opened and until I meet you again someday. I miss you more than words could ever say, my Dre. I always wonder what type of kid you'd be right now. Would you still like Transformers? Would you still like Mindcraft and playing video games?! Would you still want to be a chef with a dentist office next door?! LOL! You were always my thinker and my helper especially in the kitchen. Here we are another holiday and my little helper is watching from heaven instead on next to me in the kitchen as he's always been. But I know that you are in a better place and free enjoying the babies that are there and hanging with all your great-grandparents and your grandparents (my mom and dad) and since all the best singers are there I know you're enjoying watching Michael Jackson and Prince perform. We miss you here, Dre, but God knew what was best.....We love and miss you so much, Dre....#MournTilWeJoinYou
July 25, 2017
Hi, Dre-Dre...... It's mommy. I'm sure you know that....... I'm also sure that you know that I think about you daily. I wonder what you'd be doing in high school, would you have a girlfriend, would you still want to be a chef, would you still love video games? I can't imagine how much fun you're having right now helping God with all the other little cherub angels that are coming back to be in heaven before they go to other mommies and daddies. I saw a video just now pf a beautiful child named Lundyn that was called back home just like you were and fighting that nasty disease. Oh Dre I know you've run into her already and have shown her around to all the cotton candy and ice cream you all could eat. Lol.....You always loved ice cream. I miss your little laugh, your little crooked smiled, and the way you loved to watch us cook in the kitchen and was always ready to learn new things. Dre you were definitely one in a million and I was so proud and honored to have you as a child in my life for 13 years........ I only wish I could've held on to you for longer. We loved you but God loved you much more. I miss you my angel...... #AlwaysAndForeverMyFluffyPrince

We love and miss you, baby boy.....
March 05, 2017
On a daily basis I try to hold back my tears for my constant thoughts of you, my Dre. I wish I could trade places with you because you had your whole life ahead of you. God saw fit to heal you by calling you home to be with the other angels that have gone on before you so you can play with them and watch them be as smart as you were. I know you're having so much fun up there with MawMaw Elsie and PawPaw Wallace and many other family that have already been there waiting for you with open arms. I was so proud to be able to have you in my life for 13 years, my baby, and I wish God would've left you with me for many more. Can't change his plan, though and I would never question His works. What we saw as a possibility God saw otherwise. He does that from time to time. Continue to watch over us all and know that we love and miss you so much. #SeeYouWhenWeGetThereSuperChef

Love Always My Angel,

February 10, 2017
Happy Wonderful, Blessed Birthday My Dre!!!!!!!!!! I talked to your dad yesterday on your Sweet Blessed day and we laughed and cried about you - Honoring the wonderful life God Blessed us with which was yours. We Thank God he gave us you even if it was only for a little while. We love you and miss you terribly. Rest in peace Prince Dre.
February 09, 2017
My dear sweet Godbrother,
I miss you so much and wish that I could say goodbye before you went home to God,I was sad to find out that you passed on 2 days before my birthday and they decided to tell me later on. I cried uncontrollably hearing that you left us all but was also happy that you were finally called home. You will be truly missed by us all, hopefully,you're having fun in heaven with the other and tell them that we love them.
Rest in peace our loving angel.
-Your Godsister,
Jasmine a.k.a "Minnie"
February 09, 2017
Each year that goes by it doesn't get any easier for us........This is your 15th birthday and I can't surprise you like I normally would, nor hug or kiss on you before sending you to school.......I miss you so much, Dre. I hope you are having lots of fun in heaven and celebrating with all of your family and all the new friends I know you've made. We love and miss you, Dre Dre! My super chef junior.....Keep resting easy....

Love Always.....

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