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Chloe Elizabeth and Aubrey Kate Berry

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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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So very saddened by all of this. Praying daily for you Sarah and family
With deepest condolences and compassion towards Sarah (& to every cherished) family member, friend, peer, & loved one, who are experiencing the unimaginable right now, and are left with the loss of two precious, and irreplaceable little girls- Chloe & Aubrey
Words mean very little in offering to your condolences, and in this time of most delicate and fragileness, it probably means very little. Your girls have touched the hearts of many, and we are all here for you, in any way shape or form that you need us to be.. Thank you for sharing with us the community the ability to show you support & concern. Thank you for the chance to get to know (even if at this) your daughter's story, share our grief, express our sympathy. You have allowed a community of people to unite and together heal from such a reeling loss. Your girls will be remembered fondly, and you have brought to them a voice in which they can no longer use.
Mama Bear- your strength is unwavering, and you should be incredibly proud of yourself- and those two little girls!

Chloe & Aubrey- sweet darlings, You are MOST deservant of all the beautiful, magical, wonderful, surroundings that you will find upon your journey. Your lives, and impact on those who knew you and cared about you- meant so much to the world. Your possibilities were endless, and your place in the world, no doubt was undeniably important. You both shared then, and still now, the everlasting connection between two sisters. Rest your sweet beautiful little eyes and dream sweet dreams ...May infinite love, warmth & guidance harness you, eternally - and may you be led by the surrounding of those who you loved most, and - all of your most beloved, happy, precious, and treasured of memories be with you always. Where all your possible love, laughter, curiosity, & most of all the fire within you - can be free to learn, grow, & find that in which makes you the very most happy - and the very wisdom you would have one day otherwise acquired. Beautiful souls caught in time - as though little angels in a place made of imagination and neverending beauty

You matter, both matter- so much. And with the loss of your sweet, little hearts - beheld the loss, of a piece that within us all, formed. A piece, that which like frozen in time, will stay suspended & wounded, unable to fully ever heal or erase.
No amount of words, sympathy, understanding or anguish felt for and with you all, can change or determine those impacted. Nor will it change, fix or mend, even momentarily, the depth in which you both will be missed.... But I hope that if in anything, each and every bit of sorrow and love, and tear shed from within those who care - will find it's way to you in comfort and consolance.
If love, and lots of it, is the one thing that continuously does right in the universe, then, when times get their most absolutely unbearable - remember the love within these two girls, a love that was true and pure and completely unconditional. Uncapacitated in it's amount - is neverending - and limitless. This love that sparked the hearts of so many, is and always will be. Love is forever, and outlast the time of life itself. It is everywhere all at once, existing around us. May we all find comfort in the memories, and may our broken pieces help to mend yours...
Sending all my condolences & thoughts

From the bottom of my heart, xox
I am so very sorry for your pain.
Dear Sarah, I knew Chloe briefly from Sparks and the school. My daughter was drawn to her bright light. Not a moment has passed that I haven't had the three of you on my mind and heart, and prayers throughout the day for you. It may seem that life goes on around you, but you and your girls are never forgotten. I know they are with God, and with you. I pray your eyes will begin to see the 'ever after' that is all around us and closer to us than we realize. They are right by your side, in a new way.
Dearest Sarah,
I'm terribly sorry for the loss of your precious Chloe and Aubrey. Although I never met them I remember how lovingly you spoke of them during our runs on Sundays. I remember when you first told me their names and I thought how absolutely lovely they were.

There isn't a day that goes by over the last few weeks that I don't think about you. I hope soon that you find comfort and love knowing the many ways your girls brought joy and love to everyone around them.

I send you love and light through this very difficult time.
Love- JT Bechard
Dearest Sarah:
Sending you Love, Strength and Prayers in this time of your horrific Loss of your Angelic babies. Like many, this has crushed my heart as well and Please know, that God will Comfort you and heal you in time. He has your Beautiful little Sapphires in his arms and they are Safe and watching over their Mama, just on the other side with the Angels, so do not despair, they are near. May Chloe and Aubrey RIP and come to you in your dreams. Lots of Love...thankyou for allowing the Public to Attend the Service, it brought some Comfort to many of us, I am sure. You and your babies are in my thoughts and heart every single day. Take care of you.
Dear Sarah...saddened to hear of your losses. My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family.
I cannot begin to imagine your strength. Prayers for blessings for you most of all but also for the countless people touched by these two beautiful souls.
Dear Sarah, I was so very blessed to be in Chloe's kindergarten class at Willows. I looked forward to her wonderful hugs every morning. She was such an kind and sweet and such a great help to me, always so compassionate, kind and smiling. My heart is broken and please let me know if there is anything I can do. Much love from Miss Laura (Laura Turpin)
Sarah, I'm so sad for what has happened to your beautiful girls, you, your family and everyone who has been impacted by this senseless tragedy. May you find peace one day, hold on to hope that time will heal and know your babies are always with you. Sending you love and support in this difficult time.
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