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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Many people want to leave a legacy...a desire to live beyond yourself with a focus on making a difference in the lives of others and giving back. A person's conduct leaves behind ripples of influence on the world. Legacy is not bound by time or age, rather by determination, values, courage and genuine care for others. Luke, you have left a legacy of which to be proud. Your family and friends love you unconditionally. Your kindness did not go unnoticed and was felt by all who knew you. Your polite, respectful and caring nature was evident in all your interactions. Your smile and attitude were both remarkable. Luke, your legacy will live on in the hearts of all the people you touched.
Stephanie consider yourself hugged from all of us that knew how you and Luke loved each other. What a blessing to have a son so handsome, smart and best of all, kind. Kind regards from both of us, Shannon & Kevin
As Mother's Day approaches, Lukie is hard at work preparing his annual, unforgettably loving tribute to his Mumsy. Unfortunately, this year he has to deliver it through me, his Dad.
But first, I digress. As an old-school, unwoke parent, I tried to teach Luke to study like me, drive like me, use a chainsaw, and catch a football (he was a MUCH better athlete!) just like I did. Being Luke, he adapted to and mastered every lesson, even when I had no clue how to teach him. As Luke matured into a fine young man, I realized that he had all the skills that actually make the world a better place, and sadly not from my teaching. He (like his great-uncle, Lawrence Urban) has always been the kind of guy who would pick someone up, rather than try to shine at someone's expense. He is the kindest, most compassionate, caring and loving person (after uncle Lawrence) that you could meet, and that we should all aspire to become!
Back to Lukie's Mother's Day gift. This year, our Dear Son, with Uncle Lawrence standing proudly at his side in Heaven, has taught me to try to be the man that would make HIM proud! Thank you, my Son. Rest in Peace.
I, don't know what to say. I tried to call you a few months back wanting to catch up, completely unaware this happened. I'm speechless. Luke, you were such a good person and I'm so sad we lost touch over the years. May you forever Rest In Peace Luke.

There has never been a time when I hugged you and you haven't hugged me back and said I love you mom. Until this morning; when I held your hand in mine, and hugged you for the last time ever. You couldn't hug me back or say I love you mom. This morning was the last time I will ever hold your hand, while seeing your face and run my momma hands through your soft hair.
My sweet loving son who was so protective of people and animals, but who wasn't strong enough to protect himself. I miss you so much, I love you my sweet, kind boy. I miss my son. Rest in peace my sweet boy, we have the messages, photos and Christmas shopping info you left. We know!
We love you! You can rest at peace now.
I did not know this young man but it would have been a pleasure to meet such a kind loving person. I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. And loss to the animal world.
Luke, there are no words to express the loss I feel in hearing of your passing. You were the kindest soul and despite everything you always had a smile to share. You looked out for me in many ways and were someone I could always count on. Our trips to East Side Mario's and the MicMac arcade are memories I'll cherish forever. Ill never forget how embarrassed you used to get when your mom was driving us around. I was just talking about you on Saturday, unaware of what had happened. I'm so glad we stayed in touch. Rest peacefully. Xo
Luke and I shared classes in the MHA program together. I always noticed Luke when he walked into a room. He had such a presence about him and when he spoke it was thoughtful meaningful and intelligent.
I have a memory of Luke that has actually always been with me even after school finished and it's funny because I was in the MHA program only part time and didn't really hang out with too many students. However one day during a lunch break at school I had a final dress fitting for my upcoming wedding and the tailor had said I had gained weight and must have been eating too much ice cream. I came back to school feeling a bit low on myself and feeling bad. I ran into a group of students for our program sitting eating lunch. Luke was in the group and I proceeded to tell my story about my dress fitting. Luke chimed in and I remember very clearly him saying how rude and not right that was of the woman at the tailors and that he thought I was a pretty girl. I know this is such a small story but his comments were felt deep by me and I left feeling so much better. I can only imagine how many stories like this others have of Luke and how many lives he has impacted for the better. His soul is filled with so much light and I know his light carries on for eternity.
To Luke's friends and family, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I knew Luke as a fellow classmate, he was one of those individuals that made a refreshing impression the moment I met him and knew he was a person I would always remember. His sense of humor was as infectious as his genuine spirit was remarkable. So many moments sharing stories and laughs made so many things great about being around him.
My deepest sympathies to Luke's family and friends.A beautiful soul beautiful man inside and out .I work with Luke for a short time but I will never forget his smile and his smiling eyes.
What a pleasure to have know you Luke .

Nancy , Victoria BC
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