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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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I met Terry many years ago, but we lost contact and I'd often thought I should drop by the store to say hello. He was a wonderful man with a very unique personality. I am so sorry to hear of his passing.
It was a privedge to have known the big man even in a limited way over the last 40 years. Totally consistent in character which was reflected in the consistency of his business and the incredible longevity of his staff - only a powerful love can keep something together for so long. RIP.
I've Known Terry since the 60's. Always worried I might draw his name to fight in martial arts. I only saw Terry occasionally over the years, but always very friendly. I went up island to help negotiate on his Super Seven as I knew David Saville-Peck well and really enjoyed the adventure of bringing those two together on that deal. I was so very sorry to hear about Terry and unfortunately will be unable to get to his memorial. If there is ever anything I can do, please feel free to contact me.
Dennis Jones
My thoughts of times when you started Sound Hounds and Cheryl and I worked together, they were the good old days when we had youth and before we knew it - life is over. I haven't seen you for many years but the other day we were speaking of you and Cheryl and today I read of your passing. I hope you had a wonderful life with a very special girl. My thoughts go out to you Cheryl at this sad time but always remember the good times you had for so many years. May your God bless you.
Having just learned about this loss, It is with great sadness that we lost a wonderous soul , from both my family and my emplyees and myself , we wish the CRabbe family and Sound HOunds our sincerest condolences. Luc Morin , Stereo Passion International ,
The King Is Dead
Long Live The Queen

Upon hearing of the passing of my lifelong friend and mentor Terry Crabbe I find myself experiencing an onslaught of thoughts and emotions, many of which were unexpected. I learned something of myself as I pondered the 40 plus years I have known Terry.
Through those feelings has come a need to sum up in words what I believe to be the threads, the strands that connect us all. We are the people he left behind who share the bond of knowing and understanding why Terry was a rare and special man.
A certain and obvious quality resided within him , of course those who he drew near knew it well, but for those he encountered along the path, they also had the opportunity to recognize he was unlike anyone else as he carried with him an aura of command and control that insured you would never forget him. With few words needed his presence alone was enough to tell you what you needed to know. I first got to know Terry when I was just a teenager and have come to understand over the years that it was Terry who quietly in his way taught me what it was to be a man. Respect, honor loyalty, and do what you say you are going to do were all a part of the education Terry gave me.
The threads that connect us are that we all one way or the other had the opportunity to see, to feel, to recognize and to understand the education he gave us. We all learned from him, we are all a little wiser and perhaps a little better at how we live our lives simply because we knew him.
The sense of loss that we today are coping with is matched only by thoughts of how large he lived his life. The strength and the power are gone from him now but we can still feel it as that strength, his strength now lies within us.
For those who came to know Terry it quickly became obvious that he had another quality, a quality that we all hope to have in some measure in our lives. Passion!! Terry did not want to leave this life, his life wherein his passion and the love he had for his family never wavered. It was this passion that fed him, energized him and gave him what he needed. Whether you speak of his passion for his family, for business, music or fast cars Terry was all in all the time. It is that passion that made him, and made any who witnessed it take notice. It drove him, it gave him the power to master anything that interested him.
Terry has left behind a giant hole, both in his industry where he earned over a lifetime a national reputation, for having built the best two channel store in the country, where the legend of Terry Crabbe and Sound Hounds will live on.
But he has left an even bigger hole in our hearts as we all try to reckon with the loss of a great and special man.
I dare not think of how I will feel when I look for him and he is not there.
Peter Smith
Always with me
My enduring memory of Terry will be of a courageous man. Not only in recent years when his health challenges became onerous, but from the early years of the business. He, and the staff whom he attracted, had the courage to develop and maintain a high-integrity audio business. It must be the envy of so many so-called competitors, who have come and gone. I have always felt that that his success was product of his love for audio and his and respect for the customers, many of whom became friends. I would like to count myself among them.

Always humble and approachable despite his knowledge, and quietly present, I expect he has has left an enduring imprint upon audiophile community.

Tears as I write this; I will miss him. Barry Curran
a gentle giant,, RIP

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