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1932 - 2014 Obituary Condolences
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May 26, 2018

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May 26, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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May 23, 2016
Todd, I miss Bob so much - for all he and Claudia did for our big extended family and for all he meant to us who love him. Thank you so much for reminding me again of how much he meant to the whole city of Thousand Oaks. He was truly a man for all seasons.
May 22, 2016
This last Friday I was in Thousand Oaks and happened to notice the sign in Bobs old Office that he passed away . If you were born and raised in TO you would know this great man , from his Liquor Store back in the day , Storage Lot or his days being involved in the Conejo Valley Days Parade ! Bob had the spirit of Thousand Oaks , something you no longer see in the Conejo Valley Days or the Parade . From a young kid to my adult years I will always remember the spirit this great man brought to the Conejo Valley . RIP Bob and Thank you for all of the dedication to this great City.
April 20, 2015
Bob, It has been a year since you left us. A year in which all of your family have had to face the almost unbearable reality of living life without you. You brought so much joy to every family gathering. There is still joy when we get together but it just isn't the same without you.
We know how much you love Claudia and how much she loves and misses you. We know you are with her in spirit. The great, infinite love you shared will never die and we feel the warmth of that love whenever we are with Claudia.
Thank you for being such an important, wonderful, happy force in our lives. We love you.
April 14, 2015
Dear Bob,

Well my friend it's been a year. I wonder if you know how much you are you missed? Your family, especially Claudia, misses you. She can't help but listen for your footsteps coming home in the evening or wishing she could beat you in another game of cards to see who would make the bed that morning. Then again it would be odd if she didn't miss you after 60 years of marriage. Your children miss you. I think that is because you were also a friend (and playmate?) to them. Matt once told me that it seems like everyone in town knew you. He said when someone starts a sentence with I know your Dad that he knew the next words out of their mouths were going to be something positive. What an amazing tribute. That doesn't explain about the rest of us that still miss you and still think of you so often. We had mutual friends that we loved and lost over the years. I think of them all occasionally. Like when CVD comes around I can't help but think of MaryAnn Keeler and Barbara Claxton. When anyone mentions old Thousand Oaks I think of Dr. Brisbane, Jungleland, and the bowling alley. The bowling alley reminds me of Joann Russell generously coaching the kids. When I see pictures of our Mexico fishing trips I think about Art Wehrman. All of those are happy memories that I enjoy - but only occasionally. It's different with you. The sound of rain, a song about rain, a good comeback, a play on words, fishing, dinner at Red Lobster, 4th of July fireworks, goofy desk toys like those balls that would bang back and forth for no good reason, and laughter especially laughter. All those things and 100's more remind me of you. The things that remind me of you are good things, but then again, that makes sense too because laughter is a good thing and you brought so much of that to our lives. In the 40+ years I knew you, you could and always did make us laugh but there was never a time that I knew you to make us laugh at anyone else's expense.

I find it's a different kind of world without you in it. It's mostly little things but they sure add up. Laughter sounds a little hollow, playing hearts or going out to dinner doesn't sound like as much fun, going to the chili cook-off sure isn't the same, when I hear a good joke - its not as important to remember it because your not here to share it with.

When I think about how much you are missed and missed by so many, I can't help but pause in awe. Most of us wonder who, if anyone, will remember us when we are gone. Just by being you (that's Bob with one o) you impacted so many lives and left us with so many positive memories to share. You were so many things honorable, loving, kind, loyal, generous and truly brilliantly intelligent but the thing you will be most remembered for is that you could always make us laugh, chuckle or giggle. A wonderful legacy.

I Wish I could still go by the storage office for a shoulder to lean on and get a dose of humor now and then. Know that we miss you every bit as much today as we did a year ago and maybe even more because now we know no one can fill the void you left.

A loving friend