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Bill McBride

Bill McBride (Associated Press Photo)
Bill McBride (Associated Press Photo)

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January 14, 2013 "Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you."
January 10, 2013 "I am a fellow "McBride" and am in shock about Bill's death. He sounds like my father in some ways. There are a lot of similarities it's eeire. Florida and the USA are loosing a upstanding US Citizen with Bill McBride." - Kathryn McBride (Sarasota, FL)
January 08, 2013 "Alex,we are deeply sorry to hear about Bill. He was such a grand person . He will be missed by all. Our condolences to you and you family." - Jack and Mary Alice Wilder (Oviedo, FL)
January 05, 2013 "Our deepest sympathies to Alex, Bert and Lexi. We were shocked and saddened to hear the news and will always remember Bill with fondness and admiration. From the beginning of our lives in Tampa when you welcomed us and brought Kim there to lead the United Way, through our years at the Chamber to the pig roast as we left town. Your friendship and counsel were always appreciated and cherished. Bill was bigger than life and left bigger than life footprints and we were fortunate to know him." - Kim and Donna Scheeler (Richmond, VA)
January 01, 2013 "Alex and family- I was devastated to just learn about Bill's death. We started in the United States Marine Corps together in November 1969 in the same platoon at OCS and then in the same Platoon at the Marine Corps Basic School where Bill won the top honor in our 250 Marine class as the honor man and winner of the Leadership award. We went to Vietnam together and served in combat and then on Okinawa and then as roommates when we got back to the States when we were stationed at Quantico. Bill was one of the finest Marines I ever served with and I say that having spent 35 years in the uniform of the Marines. General Tom Draude said it earlier that Bill embodied all the of the highest characteristics of service to our country in wartime. I look forward to sending you and the family some additional insights into his service before you all came to know him. I know he considered his family his highest calling and was so proud of all of you and i feel truly blessed to have talked to Bill on the phone several weeks ago and caught up on all the going ons. Semper Fi, Bill Arnold L. Punaro, Major General, United States Marine Corps, ret." - Arnold Punaro (McLean,, VA)
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MIAMI (AP) - Bill McBride, the Florida Democrat who defeated Janet Reno for the party's gubernatorial nomination in 2002 but lost to Republican Gov....
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