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Ned Vizzini

Ned Vizzini (Wikimedia/Masterorb)
Ned Vizzini (Wikimedia/Masterorb)

Guest Book Highlights

June 11, 2018 "May he live on forever in the hearts of those touched by his work"
May 21, 2018 "& he said, "Why did you do it, Ebo?"
& Ebo, with the leaves from the happy tree plant growing from his skin said, "I thought it would make me happy.""
April 15, 2018 "Reading your novels has helped me with my depression and anxiety. I was hoping one day to thank you for everything you have done to help me. I hope your wife and son are happy and safe, although I know there lives will not be the same without you. I hope you know the lasting impact your novels have had on others and everything you have done to help them with the same things you dealt with. I also hope people continue to find your novels and help them to get through the difficulties they are facing in life. Finally, I hope your novels and your scripts live on and carry your legacy to the next generations and that society remembers your work and what it has done to benefit me and so many others." - Grace T
October 16, 2017 "I probably wouldn't be alive if I hadn't read "It's Kind of a Funny Story". I was hoping to meet you one day to thank you for indirectly saving me, but perhaps in another life. I hope you found your peace, you will be so dearly missed." - June
April 05, 2017 "March 24, 2017
My Sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Ned Vizzini for your loss. May you look forward to the future, as it is filled with hope from God, that one day those who have fallen asleep in death, will hear his voice and rise up. John 5:25 -" - Rossy (Lagos)
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Obituary for Ned Vizzini
NEW YORK (AP) — Ned Vizzini, a popular young adult author and television writer who wrote candidly and humorously about his struggles with...
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