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John Bradbury

John Bradbury (Getty Images / Rhythm Magazine / Joby Sessions)
John Bradbury (Getty Images / Rhythm Magazine / Joby Sessions)

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October 27, 2018 "i went to southfields school with him he was the most hansome and the most popular boy in our year if not the whole school i used to follow him home from schoolhe never knew i had a crush on him along with every other girl rip john Debbie coventry" - Debbie (coventry)
June 15, 2017 "I was fortunate enough to meet Brad when The Specials toured the West Coast in 2013. I met him in the lobby of their hotel in San Diego, CA. He was extremely nice and friendly, and signed all my Specials albums for me. He even took a few photos and asked my opinion of the band's set list that night. I was thrilled. We spoke about his passion for soul music, Stax Records and things like that. I came away from that meeting totally thrilled. Here was someone who I had admired from afar for 30+ years, and who exceeded my expectations when I finally met him. His drumming was also excellent in the shows I saw, but what I will remember is his enthusiam for life and for his music. He was so full of life, and so very, very cool.

I had the chance to see them again in DC later that year. I had purchased the 9 CD Stax/Volt Box Set from a second hand store to give to Brad when I saw him again, because he had spoken so fondly about old 60's soul music when I saw him in California. Once again, I caught up with him at the hotel as the band was preparing to leave for Philly. I gave the box set to Brad, and he was genuinely touched. He seemed so happy to get it. He said "I didn't even know this existed!" The band was ready to leave and he got my email address and asked if I was going to the show in Philly that night. I said I was. He asked if I needed anything, like tickets or whatnot. I said I had tickets and I would see them there. For some reason, it may have been because the Trayvon Martin verdict was about to be released, I turned the car around and drove back to North Carolina, thinking I would see them again. Well, I never had that opportunity as Roddy Radiation left the band shortly thereafter and then Brad passed away at the end of 2015. I remember being devastated, and feeling so very sorry for his family. He was so happy and full of life. Even now, I feel sadness and disappointment. Best to you and your family, Brad. You were one of a kind and I was you peace. Rick Johnson [email protected]" - Rick Johnson (Winston-Salem, NC)
May 07, 2017 "A memory - We used to sit together in geography class at binley park school - he was very popular and a true gent even then ! I think my sister fancied him!
I played football he the drums we could hear him practicing in the neighborhood at week ends!!
God bless"
January 08, 2016 "The Soul journey Once upon a depth in time, where souls and hearts in rings of peace entwine. A flashing spark of light divine, brought mind and bodies into line, Somewhere in once upon a depth in time. Once upon a journey's start, with mind and body and heart combined a whispered word of wisdom chimed, go on go on, yourself you'll find you are now a child of your journey's time till end, just a couple more new bends Once upon a midway stop when all must make a crossroad swap you find your journey has no end, you just look onward to another bend, but as all things it will end, time to meet your celestial friends Once upon your journey's stop, don't look back that's a far gone crop, from this illusion is but a hop, Forget the tyrannies hates and wars time to find your journey's course, no more borders, waits or bars, yes,yes your journey back to the stars" - Ray Moore (Hereford)
March 27, 2016 "Nearly 50 jumping around the front room watching the 30th anniversary gig just like the first time I saw and heard that ska beat as 13 year old kid thanks I've lived my life to John's beat ever since" - Micky lock (London)
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John "Brad" Bradbury, the multi-instrumentalist drummer for the British ska group The Specials, has died. He was 62. The band members announced...
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