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Robert Bly

Robert Bly (Per Breiehagen/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images)
Robert Bly (Per Breiehagen/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images)

Guest Book Highlights

November 26, 2021 "My condolences."
November 26, 2021 "Thanks for being you Robert and sharing your journey!" - Glen Michael (Niagara Falls, ON)
November 24, 2021 "May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived."
November 24, 2021 "Did not know if him....but glad to have discovered his works! Will cherish them!"
November 24, 2021 "Iron John a fairy tale? That is very light. The story, and Bly’s book, touch the very bedrock of human experience.
In 1993, I dreamed the story of an old man emerging from the rock at the bottom of a lake. It was frightening as dreams can be. Most of the elements of this 5000 year old story of the wild man, or rust man, were in my dream. Iron John, who I had never heard of, appeared in my dreams periodically over the following decade.
Once I told the dream to a Jungian Analyst while in therapy. Typical of an Jungian, (which Bly associated with but did not refer himself as), my Analyst simply asked me if I had read Bly’s book. I said I hadn’t.

About three months later, I saw the book at the bookstore and bought a the copy. The “fairy tale” and my dream were amazingly similar. I can assure you my mother never read this story to me and would have thought it unchristian. It is also a complex story, nothing that would interest a child.

Robert Bly’s writings about the disconnect between fathers and sons played out tragically in my life. The grief men in our culture carry with them, which Bly encouraged to share with each other in the 1990’s men movement, is very real. It’s a harsh reality.

I met Robert Bly at a conference at Pacifica around 2009. That night I dreamed I saw him in the library, and he said, “Follow me.”
My life is inexplicably intertwined with the story of Iron John. Robert Bly touched my soul with his book. I just wanted his family to know.
" - Robert Speers (Boise, ID)
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Obituary for Robert Bly
Robert Bly was a poet and writer best known for his 1990 book “Iron John: A Book About Men” and the mythopoetic men’s movement he helped launch. ...
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