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Joseph Siravo

Joseph Siravo (Jim Spellman/WireImage)
Joseph Siravo (Jim Spellman/WireImage)

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January 01, 2022 "Wow, I was just looking up old high school classmates when I came upon this, which greatly saddened me. I was a high school classmate and fellow mask and wigger (high school drama club at St. John's High School in DC), though many knew 'Joey' better than I. I recall Joe on stage particularly as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof (after which I joined the M&W), and Tony in West Side Story. He had it all - real stage presence, acting, singing, dancing, thus always landing the lead role, and on top of that, always came across as a very nice and genuine person in real life, at odds with his sometimes fierce persona on stage. Me, I had no aspirations beyond dancing and singing in several of the plays. Unlike many, Joe knew what he wanted back then, and I was happy he went for it; I'm glad he realized his dream, that he had a successful career, and most of all that he had a loving family. To them, my deepest sympathy at losing such a fine person - father, brother, grandfather. David Stewart (former high school classmate and drama clubber)" - David Stewart
July 01, 2021 "Last night I had a dream that I ran into a friend from long ago. Joseph Siravo, a kind, loving, and generous man.
Some people come into our life and we connect deeply & briefly and then we go our separate ways. I believe I met him when I was a director's assistant and he was auditioning. We also kept bumping into each other because he lived very near where I was working on the upper west side
About 6 months ago I also started thinking what happened to Joseph? And because he was an actor and I was just this person whose life fell apart, I didn't make a very strong effort to tell him how important our brief friendship was. I found him on Facebook and a photo of him with his grandson... And I was happy for him, especially because when I met him his daughter was very young and they had just adopted a kitten. I was working in a pet food store and so I helped him with picking out all of the beginning cat supplies. His love for his daughter was so full and he beamed as he spoke of her.
At some point he helped me with some auditions and he cooked dinner for me as a thankyou for the help with the kitten.
He lived on the top floor of a building and had this amazing amazing roof all to himself. I seem to remember he had grown his own tomatoes and perhaps even basil which were a part of our dinner.
But the most vivid memory of all of this was a framed photograph on his wall of the town that his ancestors came from in Italy. He was so connected to the generations before him. At the time I didn't have any knowledge of genealogy. I longed for learning about my ancestors,

Well you're probably wondering where this is going, and so when I tried to find him on Facebook and this morning to make a real attempt to connect and tell him how deeply he helped me those many years ago....
I discovered that he passed away in April...

Hopefully, this will reach his daughter ... My deepest heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
You a very lucky woman to have had such love from a father.
May your father rest in peace.
" - Erin Johnston (WI)
June 09, 2021 "I will miss you Joe. The times we had in Toronto were incredibly fun. You were always generous with your knowledge and kind to all. Our last sushi meal on Broadway will stay in my memory forever. Being friends with you you made me a better person. Your love and support of your daughter inspired me to have one myself. Rest my friend. I hope I see you down the road. " - Al Sapienza (New York, NY)
May 14, 2021 "My prayers go out to the family and I am so sorry for your loss. May God heal your loss as He is still healing me with my loss.
My husband Joseph Anthony Siravo passed from cancer in Feb 2012. We were married 32 years. We knew about your loved one from my husband's family in Providence RI. My husband's cousins who live in RI mentioned to us the actor your loved one. My Joe and I researched everything about him to see if we were related. We found that Joe wasn't but We were blown away. How often does that happen not being related with the same name. This is a unique coincidence.
Again I am so sorry for your loss and I send you all my love and prayers.

God bless...... Shirley Siravo
" - Shirley Siravo (Loxahatchee, FL)
April 20, 2021 "Joe was a gifted and thoughtful down to earth gentleman. During the Jersey Boys tour here in Sacramento, California, my wife Karen and I had the opportunity of hosting Joe as a guest in our home. He made us feel like we were long lost friends. For dinner one night Joe made us a delicious soup that he prepared using his own hand cranked vegetable mill that he carried with him. We shared many stories, but his were always more interesting. He told us one about the time he was passing by the Giants Football Stadium and notice they were replacing the artificial turf. He asked if he could have some and permission was granted. Now if my memory serves me he had an apartment on the roof of a building, so with some help from friends, they were able to bring the turf up to the roof and laid it out making his backyard lawn. After the tour moved on we kept in touch via email. A prime example of his thoughtfulness was when the tsunami struck Japan. Joe contacted us concerned that we might have family there. We shared our lives for such a short time, but Joe will always have a special place in our hearts. Our sincere condolences to the Siravo family.

Gary and Karen" - Gary and Karen Yamamoto
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Joseph Siravo was an actor known for roles including Giovanni “Johnny Boy” Soprano on HBO’s “The Sopranos.” We invite you to share condolences...
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