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Terry Goodkind

Terry Goodkind (Wikimedia Commons/Alienus)
Terry Goodkind (Wikimedia Commons/Alienus)

Guest Book Highlights

February 24, 2021 "So sad to hear of his passing. I enjoyed al of his books, reading his sword of truth series twice. I was just looking for his next book..." - D (Oshawa, ON)
February 20, 2021 "I didn't realize that Terry had passed until tonight (02/20/21) when I was surfing for his next novel. Now, I'm sitting here in my bed with tears running down my face. I loved his books and read his Sword of Truth series several times, taking them into my heart and making them part of my life. He will be greatly missed. " - Marla Sanford (JACKSON, MI)
February 04, 2021 "Terry Goodkind became my favorite author when I was gifted "Pillars of Creation". I read it not realizing it was part of a large and amazing series until I was done with the book. I went back and started from the beginning and never looked back. He brought me into his amazing world and I've read it over and over again. You're amazing imagination will be missed. You're family will be in my thoughts. " - Katie Smith (Spokane, WA)
February 04, 2021 "Mr. Goodkind inspired my love of reading when I was gifted a Wizards First Rule at 14, I have followed and read his Sword of Truth books ever since. It saddens me that such an epic author has left us. RIP Mr. Goodkind." - John Darnell (Diana, TX)
February 03, 2021 "I really enjoy reading his stories they took me away from this world for a little while i was surprise and sorry to hear of his passing he could really write a page turner book great aruther Judy Newman"
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Terry Goodkind was an author known for his best-selling fantasy series ‘Sword of Truth.’ We invite you to share condolences for Terry Goodkind...
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