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Wayne Huizenga

Wayne Huizenga (Bettmann / Getty Images)
Wayne Huizenga (Bettmann / Getty Images)

Guest Book Highlights

October 01, 2019 "Last year i was helping a friend buy a nissan car and the dealership had been purchased by autonation... it instantly reminded me of 17 years ago when i was fortunate to meet Mr H
We received the reservation for the sunday blockbuster awards in los angeles ( 2001) and when i looked at the name of the passenger i was surpriced and exited and scared.... i knew who he was and how he was worth millions !!!! I always got nervous when a high profile client was going to be in my limousines.
That reservation stated suv Hummer limousine and 3 passengers to be in vehicle.
I spend sunday morning detailing the interior and making sure it would be like being inside a private jet, i also purchased corona beer, a plate , and limes... but i went an extra mile by purchasing a plate with special snacks from gelsons market.....
There were no body guards and he did not stay at the fancy penninsula hotel or the four seasons or the beverly wilshire..he stayed at the mondrian (nice hotel on sunset blvd)
I called his assistant when i pulled up... i had a 5 second greeting for the passengers at the hotel... and after the award show another 3 or 4 seconds.
He said thank you and goodnight...
A few weeks later we received a letter from his personal assistant... stating that MR H was impressed with your service and send me a gift certificate to the local steak house.
I have always remembered him from going out of his way for a minute and taking the time to confirm the type of service i provide and provided to my clients.

I am still in the business in los angeles and continue to take care of high end clients etc etc.
But even with our regular clients, i have always treated them and provided the same exact service i provide for everyone.

I read all the comments for Mr H and i am not surpriced just because the time he send me a letter :)
God bless" - A R (Newport Beach, CA)
September 20, 2018 "Wayne was a great boss to me at Blockbuster Entertainment." - Steve DeBarre (Sunrise, FL)
June 28, 2018 "Marla and I are thankful to God to have had your friendship and support as you now are with the LORD

Rev Dr Joseph and Marla Mooibroek,
Shiloah Ministries Incorporated
509 Riviera drive
McKinney, TX 75070

We would be honored to name the New Kitchen at Zana Presbyterian Christian School, Uganda in honor of your support and recognition of your family (in process)" - Jospeh & Marla Mooibroek (McKinney, TX)
May 03, 2018 "Accept my condolences on the loss Wayne Huizenga - worked for Waste Management in the early years.
He always remembered me and that meant a lot. A very good man.
Tom Maurer" - tina and tom Maurer (Casa Grande, AZ)
April 28, 2018 "Prayers to the Family and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. H

They say you never know what a person is like until you work for them. I was not in upper management or for that I was not in any management I was an old Retired Police Officer that was allowed to be a security Guard at the most beautiful place on this earth the Floridian club in Palm city. Never was I ever treated better than by the management. My boss was Dennis my job was to insure the Golf course was secure and to insure Marti was given the answers to her questions. We were treated like Family.

A little story that now is safe to tell. I always felt that when MS's H asked you a question she knew the answer. At that time The Floridian Yacht and Country Club was a private club. No money passed hands at the refreshment Carts. They were just positioned at different locations on the course. Marti asked if I ever treated myself to a coke at the cart, and it was ok. So I knew that she knew, and I replied I sometimes have a cold beer not any cokes. She was ok with that because she was told the truth. And to my knowledge she never told my boss.

The public has no real ideal how much Wayne and Marti did for Charity they were the real deal. As we mourn their deaths let us give thanks to God they lived for this world is a better place because they did.

David Johnson
Stuart Florida
[email protected]" - Dave Johnson (Stuart, FL)
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MIAMI (AP) — H. Wayne Huizenga, a college dropout who built a business empire that included Blockbuster Entertainment, AutoNation and three...
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