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Alvin Toffler

Alvin Toffler (Ulf Andersen/ Contributor / Getty Images)
Alvin Toffler (Ulf Andersen/ Contributor / Getty Images)

Guest Book Highlights

September 20, 2017 "I read Future Shock in high school, we even studied this book. Our class was called Future Change. Mr Toffler came to Minot ND to speak about his book, I was excited beyond words but too scared to ask a question. He started me and others in my group thinking. we found it hard to believe what he said could happen yet it did. much later in life i lived in redlands californina and my neighbor was Mr Toffler's niece. What a small world and yet so large. Not only did he influence his life, but so did his niece. RIP" - Joyce Friesen (Inman, KS)
September 02, 2016 "To family,
I send my condolences. May God give you peace as you cope with your loss." - MA
July 04, 2016 "Unreacting

The nature of a human being is to simply react, to throw back at others the medicine they mete out to you.

This is what Rava, the Babylonian Jewish sage, would advise: Ignore the urge to return bad with bad, hurt with hurt, scorn with scorn
and the heavenly court will ignore your scorning, your hurting, your acts that were less than good.

The Lord shadows man. Go beyond your nature with others and He will do the same with you."
July 04, 2016 "Our condolences to you Heidi and the Toffler family. His insights and depth of understanding of our changing world have profoundly changed all our lives for the better. The school we created in his memory made his ideas live and grow in Brentwood, Long Island where the Maslow-Toffler School of Futuristic Education is alive and well in the hearts and minds of our community as it is on the web. We are eternally grateful for his role in our lives and cherish his influence on several generations of our posterity. Rest in peace. John M. Sherin, M-T Co-Founder"
July 04, 2016 "Take care of each other. I was in college in Atlanta when I learned of Mr. Toffler and Future Shock. He and his book had a lasting influence on society. We thank him." - Danielle (Elmore, AL)
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Obituary for Alvin Toffler
Alvin Toffler, a writer whose million-selling book "Future Shock" in 1970 explored modern technologies and the digital revolution, died June 27,...
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