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Robert Quinn

Robert H. Quinn (Associated Press photo)
Robert H. Quinn (Associated Press photo)

Guest Book Highlights

March 01, 2021 "Today is March 1st and on that date I often think of Bob Quinn. After leaving Massachusetts for Florida and now Texas, I was saddened to learn (after Googling him) that the larger than life Bob Quinn passed away 7 years ago.
I worked for the president of the UMass system when Bob Quinn was chairman of the Board of Trustees. I used to enjoy watching him run these meetings.
When the Boston campus named the library after him, I had the pleasure of creating the program to the event and chronicling Bob’s great career. Claudina graciously invited me to their stately home in Milton, to talk to me and show me memorabilia of his history in Massachusetts politics.
What about March 1, you ask? Well, as part of this fun assignment I called Bob to arrange an appointment with him in his office. “Come in like a lamb on March 1st,” he told me." - Joyce (Kacoyanis) Smiley
April 20, 2018 "Bob Quinn was a giant and well-loved by everyone. Bob will be sorely missed. My wife Melanie unfortunately did not have the chance to meet him as we were married on December 7, 2013.I consider his partner Jim Morris and his wife Mary Joyce great friends.Warmest personal regards, Chris Christopher Lewis Wellcome, Chairman The Wellcome Trust Foundation Boston / London Post Office Box 100Reading, MA 01867P" - Christopher B Wellcome (Andover, MA)
June 10, 2017 "Condolensces to Andrea and family. I have just been reading of the loss of your father- 3 years later. Remembering you and your visit to Roscommon." - Mairead Quinn (Roscommon Ireland.)
January 11, 2016 "We. Bob, Myself and others, were attending our weekly lunch at Doyle's in J.P. and Bob was recounting some of his experienced when he was AG. I said to him: "Bob, unless you write those down, they will be lost when you go! "I can't. Not yet anyway! When can you" "When the Statue of Limitations runs out."" - Neil Savage (West Roxbury, MA)
February 24, 2014 "To the Quinn Family: I am late in hearing the news of Bob's death and I wish to express my condolescenes. I think that the last time I spoke to Bob was about 1980. At that time he had an office on Beacon Street. We sat and talked of Dorchester and he related to me a story of his youth. When he was just a toddler his sister and my mother [Margaret (Ramsey) Walsh] would take him to Upham's corner to the drug store and sit him on a stool at the ice cream counter. Needly to say my family always spoke high of him. God Bless, Richard Walsh" - Richard Walsh (Plympton)
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Obituary for Robert Quinn
BOSTON (AP) — Former Massachusetts attorney general and state House Speaker Robert Quinn has died. Hannah Downing, manager of Quinn's Boston law...
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