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Sargent Shriver

Sargent Shriver (AP Photo)
Sargent Shriver (AP Photo)

Guest Book Highlights

January 19, 2017 "Fair winds and following seas sailor.

Thank you for your service to this nation." - Harry Simpson (Buckeye, AZ)
August 20, 2014 "As a young boy growing up in the greater Hammond Indiana area, I became aware of Sargent SHriver and the many good works he sponsored and created.
Now, as a victim of AD myself my heart is wrenched and torn to know that a a man so great could be the victim of such a horrible disease.

"Sarge, you were a guiding light to me and I will never forget you and there is no branch of the AD disease tree that can make forget you and all you achieved in your life.

"Please when you get thi,s and Terrance knows you will, help me to find you in heaven, so at least once more, you can show me the way.

Many thanks for all you have done. "Peace & Love. Terrance" - Terrance Murphy (Indianapolis, IN)
January 11, 2012 "sorry for the loss of SARGENT SHRIVER my prayers are with the family" - THERESA PRIESTLEY (TEMPE, AZ)
January 31, 2011 "My father (John Coyle) who passed on Jan. 1, 2011 would always say that he was the sarge in charge. He appreciated your dedication that you gave to the Peace Corp. If you see my father up there in heaven can you tell him that you were the original sarge in charge. May you rest in peace." - James Coyle (Euclid, OH)
January 30, 2011 " I read the entire obituary and found it to have many interesting facts. Mr. Shriver lead a full life and a long life. The entire family worked hard in the service for people. God expects all of us to look out for our fellow man. One day all mankind will come to realise this and show love and not war. Rest in peace," - lindsey (IL)
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Obituary for Sargent Shriver
BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — R. Sargent Shriver, the Kennedy in-law whose career included directing the Peace Corps, fighting the War on Poverty and, less...
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