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Dr. James "Red" Duke

Dr. James Duke (Courtesy of The Houston Chronicle)
Dr. James Duke (Courtesy of The Houston Chronicle)

Guest Book Highlights

August 28, 2019 "To an Icon who accomplished so much in one lifetime, whos vision created a system thats saved and will continue to save many lives. He lived life to the fullest. There will never be another like him. He inspired me to be a Trauma Nurse when I attended one of his seminars. Everyone he taught or heard him taught changed others lives also. It is like a huge widening all encompassing circle of miracles. I was so lucky to have known him. My best friends were in a horrible accident outside of Houston. They were hit head on by a drunken driver. They had to be cut out of the car. Paramedics performed CPR at the scene. We in Trauma know when you are in small towns these type of extensive injuries are fatal. I was at the Herman ER awaiting their arrival. Their condition was precarious. The Dr.s were amazed at the steps that had been taken in a community hospital near a Brenham to stabilize them. It just happened that the Dr. on duty that weekend did his residency under Dr.Red Duke. He spent many a night just sitting in their room. They went on to live many years and a life of service. " - Doris Snipp (The Woodlands, TX)
January 27, 2019 "Dr. Duke was one of the greatest human beings God ever made. An absolutely outstanding Patriot, humanitarian and a loving and caring soul. He was aTexan through and through with a heart and mind just as big. He never forgot the little guy not sit back on his laurels. May this brilliant example of what a physician and professor of medicine always be held in highest esteem and remembrance. Dearest Doctor, Rest in Peace." - Damien Baken (Middletown, CT)
November 29, 2017 "Dr. James "Red" Duke was one of the Great Men of his time. Very nice and cordial to those he was treating." - Bobby Johnson (Tyler, TX)
August 25, 2016 "GOD REST in HEAVEN!" - Eugenia Ramirez (Dallas, TX)
April 22, 2016 "--Just want family of Dr. Red Duke know that Kerr County Texas Aggies answered
"Here!" at Roll Call, last night at annual
Aggie Muster, when Dr. Duke's name was
called. They lighted candles for many
Aggies who "followed the band" in the
past year, and Dr. Duke's candle was the
last to be lighted, and shone brightest." - John E. Gumert '57 (Ingram, TX)
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Obituary for Dr. James "Red" Duke
HOUSTON (AP) – Dr. James “Red” Duke, a trauma surgeon who attended to Texas Gov. John Connally on the day of the Kennedy assassination, has died in...
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