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Steven Nagel

Steven Nagel (Associated Press)
Steven Nagel (Associated Press)

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January 08, 2015 "Linda, I am so sad to hear about Steve's death. I remember the first time I drove into Canton and saw the "100th astronaut" sign - I could have never imagined that I would soon be welcomed into that very astronaut's family, if only for a few years. I was so in awe of both of you, but what I remember most was that neither of you felt or acted like the extraordinary jobs you had made you any better or different than anyone else. I still laugh about the time we came home and heard a message on the answering machine from Steve - "Well, Linda had a good space walk today..." - as if it was any day at the office. I have thought about you, Steve, and the girls often over the years, but tonight an extra prayer goes out for all of you." - Dawn Mahtar (Milwaukee, WI)
December 17, 2014 "I wouldn't walk across the street for an autograph of any celeb, but when I (by happenstance and too lengthy to explain) saw Steve standing on the tarmac at The El Paso, Tx airport I almost ran to shake his hand. That was shortly after the big "explosion" over Texas and I merely wanted to express my sympathy for the loss of his friends. The most cordial gentleman with his time and invited me to sit in his jet, which was near where he was addressing a group on Boy Scouts. I will always cherish the beautiful 8 X 10 autographed picture I received from him one week later. LONG LIVE THE BRAVE MEN OF HIS PROFESSION!!

Fred Wright, Wynnewood, Okla" - Fred Wright (Wynnewood, OK)
December 08, 2014 "I met Steven fleetingly at 35,000ft on a commercial flight from the USA to London around 1991. We sat next to each other and exchanged small talk and eventually slept on the flight. The next morning at breakfast he asked me what my occupation was and I told him that I worked in IT for newspapers. I then asked him the same question and he told me he was an Astronaut. Steven was on his way (if I remember correctly) to The Gambia where he was checking a Shuttle emergency landing site. He was incredibly modest about his achievements and I was enthralled by what he told me. During the conversation he asked me if I had any children and I said I had a young daughter. He asked for my address so that he could send her photographs of the Shuttle from Houston when he returned. We wrote the address on a napkin as it was the only piece of paper we could find. In time the pictures arrived, including a signed photograph of Steven. We still have them and I still recount to people "the time I met an Astronaut".
May I offer my belated condolences for someone who so unexpectedly made an impression on my life." - Paul Chalklin (Tonbridge, England)
November 06, 2014 "Linda, please accept my belated but hearfelt condolences! I've had Steve's name on a "sticky" on my desk ever since I got the gut-wrenching news of his death so y'all have been on my mind daily. Of all of the astronauts I trained in Photo/TV, two stood out with the incredible combinations of intelligence, humility, humor, & and Steve. When y'all got married, I knew that was a match made in heaven and what your were both destined for. I hope these past few months have brought much healing to you and the girls and that the incredible legacy Steve left in his wake will sustain and comfort you as you go about life in a manner that I know is most pleasing to Steve. Hugs from back in Texas. -Bill Bowers" - Bill Bowers (Houston, TX)
October 10, 2014 "So many beautiful tributes to Steve, I cannot add anything but they are all true. As you would know, there was a huge void at our recent 50th high school class reunion. I am sorry that I was unable to attend the fly-in (as I had to return to my home out of state). My husband and I would occasionally run into Steve at U of IL Engineering functions. It was always a treat to catchup with Steve. One of the Very Best, R.I.P. and God bless you all." - Christina Martin Tomasic (FL)
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Obituary for Steven Nagel
HOUSTON (AP) - Steven R. Nagel, a former astronaut who flew on four space shuttle flights, has died after a long illness. He was 67. NASA said...
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