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Hubert "Hub" Schlafly

Hubert "Hub" Schlafly (AP Photo)
Hubert "Hub" Schlafly (AP Photo)

Guest Book Highlights

December 09, 2013 "Uncle Hub
We Martins were blessed to have you visit us in Chase Mills, NY, every Christmas and other holidays of my child hood. Always sharing the latest technology in the form of toys and video games ! Your devotion to Aunt Lee and our Lord were wonderful examples I will always remember. Sharon [email protected]"
December 31, 2012 "I know that much time has passed since Hub died but I want to record that he was a very exceptional man. He was kind to all, unselfish to a fault, had a very deep faith in God and was an outstanding electrical engineer with world changing inventions as the father of sattelite television and the teleprompter. I was honored and blessed to know him as a friend.

Professor Arnold F. Stancell"
May 14, 2011 "In loving memory" - Jorge Galeano (Norwalk, CT)
May 04, 2011 "Dearest "Uncle Hub,
You are the last of this generation of
McNeill's & Schlafly's ...
(& may it be known that it is doubtful that The Lord can possibly create Men
like You, Dad or "Uncle Hoob" anymore)

Truly one-of-a-kind,(or Two, including dear Aunt Lee,) for adopting me as one of your very own. God bless you both!

I will miss you more than words can express ...

Until I see you both, when my day comes

With all my love,
Trish McNeill from Alaska

In heaven each Soul shall retain
a special affection for those
to whom It was united on Earth.

Glorified Souls preserve intelligence
and have all the memories of their Earthly life.

They are marvelously active,
They know what happens here below,
They love us as of old.

God will no more permit separation
in Eternal Life of those He has joined
than He permits it here below.
Amen" - Trish McNeill (via St.Louis/ Homer, AK)
May 02, 2011 "To the family of Hubert "Hub" Schlafly, you have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved one. Our heavenly Father is with you, and He will revive your spirit and crush heart-Isaiah 57:15. (Erma L. Davis, Park Forest, IL."
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Obituary for Hubert "Hub" Schlafly
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Hubert "Hub" Schlafly, a key member of the team that invented the teleprompter and rescued decades' worth of soap opera...
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