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Michelle McNamara

Michelle McNamara (Gregg DeGuire / FilmMagic / Getty Images)
Michelle McNamara (Gregg DeGuire / FilmMagic / Getty Images)

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August 26, 2020 "Today I watched the complete HBO documentary & I'm so, so, sorry for your & Alice's loss. I was very impressed & proud of Michelle's dedication & devotion to finding that evil person & getting justice for the victims & their families.
My husband of 25 years passed away on November 22nd 2015, then my best friend of 30 years passed away on June 13th 2017. But the biggest heart break was when my 17 year old Grandson Tyson, got killed on a dirt bike Sept 7th 2019. This Labor Day will be one year since he has been gone. As you can imagine, as we inch closer to this date the harder it has been. It was my son, Tyson's father that encouraged me to watch the documentary. He knows how I am about getting to the bottom line of things , how determined I am to find the truth & also I am into ancestry.
But what he could have never known was that two things that I heard you say resonated with me & gave me a since of peace. I had never heard someone say, what I have been saying all year. It wasn't Christmas that hurt me so bad, it was New Year's Day. We WEREN'T bringing him into the New Year with us & we never would again. The other thing you said was keep talking about it, if you don't you will explode. I have 5 other Grandchildren & 3 Great Grandsons, all biologically mine. I have for this year tried not to show my heart break around them & just support their loss. But it is my huge loss as well.
I don't know if you will ever read this, but it has done a world of good for me to even write it. Thank you ever so much. ❤ Patty" - Patty Rich (Folsom, CA)
April 25, 2018 "Michelle, YOU are the reason the Golden State Killer was caught today. I'm so sorry you weren't here to see him brought to justice." - Margaretabeling Tabeling (Baltimore, MD)
May 02, 2017 "Please accept my condolences for your loss. One can never be prepared for the empty void that's left when a loved one dies. Our Creator promises to give you the strength to live each day without. He says "I have heard your prayers, I have seen your tears" . I will heal you. 2 Kings 20:5. -" - Linda (FL)
July 14, 2016 "I just found out about this. I love Patton. And my heart is heavy with sadness for him and the family and their daughter. God Bless" - Karen Warnecke (Prairie Village, KS)
May 22, 2016 "Mr Oawalt, you and Alice now have your own Guardian Angel in Heaven. May God bless both of you and give you strength and courage during this most difficult time." - Maria (Boyle, PA)
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Obituary for Michelle McNamara
Michelle McNamara, a crime writer and the wife of comedian Patton Oswalt, died April 21, 2016, according to multiple news sources. She was 46. ...
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