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Edwin O. Guthman

Edwin Guthman Photo (AP News)
Edwin Guthman Photo (AP News)

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October 07, 2009 "Dear Ed: Am so late to write this, but you had talked w/ me on the phone as editor of Philly Inquirer before you published my OP-Ed on Ernie Pyle in early yrs of the Reagan adm. That was my first to have talked w/ a Pulitzer winner & I was wife also passed away earlier & I could imagine how you first felt as widower as I am now... I love you thru my Jewish-born Lord Jesus, and my love and sympathy to ur family left behind... You have inspired me more than one could imagine...Ars Inion"
September 10, 2008 "Ed--do we really need you now! Where have all the great reporters gone? There will never be another generation like yours and my fathers ever again in this country. Like you with your children--my dad taught my brother and I to always be on time--give 100% at your job--your word is always your bond--to treat others with the respect & dignity we all deserve. Attendence wise we were no equal to you--for you never missed a day in 60 years! Because of you--my dad--Jack & Bobby--and so many countless others--your generation defined this country and made us--for good and sometimes for bad--the greatest country in the world! My generation pales in comparison. Thank you--what a great life...RIP my friend...." - Chuck Garbett (Atlanta, GA)
September 05, 2008 "Jesus Loves Me!!!" - Thomas Widgeon (Eastville, VA)
September 04, 2008 "I am sorry you left us when we really need you, Ed!

I hope you will do OK in Heaven, not much investigative reporting up there but you should have a good time talking to the great ones who went before.

Say Hello to my old city editor, Bill Warren, for me and some of the rest of the Old School NEWSPAPER PEOPLE!
God bless!" - Anonymous (Austin, TX)
September 04, 2008 "Mr. Guthman though i never met hims seems to have been a very honorable man, One that wanted Truth. He wanted the public to know the true story such as the nixon scandel, and so on. that is truly wonderful. He lived a good life and I loke forward to meeting him one day soon in the promised paradise where he will hear Jesus voice and come back to life.(John 5:28-9, Psalms 37:9-29)" - sarah (CA)
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Obituary for Edwin O. Guthman
LOS ANGELES (AP) – Edwin O. Guthman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who was on the infamous "enemies list" prepared by aides of President...
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